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Brand New Mega Man Game Is Coming


Capcom announced today at its World of Capcom panel at PAX East that the company is developing a brand new Mega Man game. Capcom community manager Brett Elston announced that the game is coming, but says that it’s too early to share details yet. Capcom also said that two more classic Mega Man games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Mega Man 4 will be arriving April 25th and Mega Man 5 on May 16th.

73 thoughts on “Brand New Mega Man Game Is Coming”

        1. We do not have Mega Man 6 even on Wii Ware (in which we have 1 to 5 and 9-10)… :( But I hope Capcom and Nintendo make it available eventually on either 3DS eShop or on Wii Ware (or both).

  1. GASP! I wonder if this is going to be a new series in the franchise or another installment of an old one. I may be in the minority, but I would love a Megaman Battle Network game. It could be rebooted on the Wii U! What do you guys think?

    1. I would love that! A brand new game in the roots of Battle Network a Star Force! Or maybe a sequel or reboot.

  2. It would be incredibly stupid if they didn’t make this for the 3DS…

    Although being a Wii U exclusive would help us alot…

  3. Ganonseviltwinbrother

    Mega man is getting his new game I have a feeling he’s finally gonna be in smash bros
    I also wonder if they are gonna keep sonic

      1. Pretty Much This^ Even Snake belongs in Super Smash now. I do hope Megaman makes it in, he would be one of my favs!!

      2. Not necessarily. There will be roughly the same number of players plus a few extras. Ike should be taken out and replaced with Roy, Chrome, Lucina. King Dedede needs to go, Rob needs to go, Snake needs to go.

        1. I remember seeing somewhere that Sakurai said everyone from Brawl is going to be in the new one. So Ike’s in (and should still be in). Chrom might get in as another FE representative. Dedede’s staying (Hal’s choice), ROB’s still going to be there and Snake’s still going to be in.

          1. Ganonseviltwinbrother

            I hope the add another sonic character hopefully knuckles or shadow.
            Ill be disappointed if they get rid of Ike the game needs more powerhouses. I don’t care for snake that much. I hope they add at least two characters from the metroid series. Seriously? Just samus? They can do a lot more with the fighting system without having it break. And costumes!! There’s so many different choices instead of different colored skins

  4. im praying for megaman x 9 or a new series. capcom all i ask please put in effort in this not like that game not to be spoke of.. but like a resident evil or street fighter effort.

  5. Virus (Make Mega Man X Custom Robo!)

    I know I’ve been asking for this for a while, but these two worlds would come together seamlessly! Custom Robo on the GCN was great, but I feel like they could’ve went bigger.
    With Wii U, they can hopefully make gameplay more like it looked in the CR trailer.

    Mega Man X Custom Robo- It honestly makes too much sense!
    *Searches YouTube for Custom Robo opening movie*

  6. I’m feeling that this Megaman is not X9, nor even Legends series. I’m feeling is something new, they’ve been trying to make some new style of game since all those cancellations. I think it will come to all consoles; but is not something THAT great we’ve been waiting… just a thought.

  7. Damn wth too early? There hasnt been anything since mega man 10 and if they really release this game it better not look like the nes titles. Im tired of those sprites already.

  8. As long its not a First Person Shooter MegaMan game… I be happy *finger crossed for a proper MegaMan X 2D game Hand Drawn style like X to X6*

  9. That is really good price. UK customers must be convinced that no good games are coming to Wii U. Nintendo should have made enhancements to Wiimote and Nunchuck and Wii sensor and made a new Wii U Sports with online multiplayer. Wii U Fit better have an online trainer that tracks your progress.

  10. If they didn’t cancel that Mega Man “anniversary” game on the IOS, then I have faith that they won’t cancel this sequel. I would be even happier if they talked to Namco Banai/Sakurai about including him in Super Smash Bros. 4.

    1. If High Commander Sakurai decides to include Mega Man in one of our holy games (SSBU), then I expect the Capcom Society to put their alliegance towards Nintendo first at all times…

  11. From capcom-unity!

    “Update: Capcom has clarified Elston’s comments, saying that a new Mega Man game has not been confirmed. The company is having “ongoing discussions about Mega Man,” but it “won’t announce anything until something is ready.””

  12. A new megaman game! It’ll feature Ryu and Dante. Megaman won’t be in it, but hey, you can still be Zero!

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  14. It’ll probably be something stupid anyways. Like one of those dumb Network Transmission or Battle Network spinoff games. Or the much harder (and much less interesting) Mega Man X.

  15. It would be cool if Capcom released a physical copy of Mega Man 9 and 10 on Wii U. Then I can finally add them to my collection of games. But I know I’m just dreaming.

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