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WayForward Developing DuckTales Remastered For Wii U eShop (Trailer)

WayForward Technologies, the developer behind Shantae, is working on DuckTales Remastered for the Wii U eShop. Capcom announced the news today during a Penny Arcade Expo panel. Mega Man and Resident Evil producer Kenji Inafune is an artist on DuckTales Remastered. The game is also coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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74 thoughts on “WayForward Developing DuckTales Remastered For Wii U eShop (Trailer)”

  1. Watching that trailer almost made me wanna tear up from all that nostalgia, and Wayforward is making it?! So much want.

    I hope this opens the door for Wayforward to do more retro games, I would absolutely love to see a remaster of The Lion King from SEGA Genesis.

    1. The Megadrive has about 50 games BEGGING for remakes.

      Echo the dolphin , Alladin , Castle of illusion , Desert strike , Jungle strike , Micro machines , The lion king , Robocop vs terminator and just so much more.

      The SNES was the console with all of the masterpiece 10/10 games , but the Megadrive was just a breeding ground for great games. It had more great games than the SNES but not as many masterpieces like Super metroid…

      1. Super nes was and still is best console ever,down to the fact they had so many amazing games.I grow up on pong first then arcade machines then nes so the fact was not my first console am not bias.

      2. Medadrive yer had some good games but clearly super nes had brilliant third party support as well of cause as truly brilliant first party titles.

    1. Capcom have sensed that the Wii U is the NES-SNES of our time. Plus the don’t want Ubisoft to out gun them on games :).

      1. true i see the wii u as the snes of are gen give it time. just like the 3ds it show it’s potential in time. but one thing i hate is all the inpatient when it come to nintendo. but let it be sony or microsoft let’s be patient they doing there best. fanboys at best.

      2. You can tell Capcom loves Nintendo. They respect and appreciate all of the cooperation they have achieved over 3 decades. Capcom will never turn their back on Nintendo.
        Even their support of the wii was fantastic…. Monster Hunter , Capcom vs tatsunoko , Okami , Zack and wiki and much more.

        Say what you want about Capcom , but they are one of my favorite companies in gaming , even if they do make a LOT of bad decisions.

  2. What’s weird is that DuckTales was famous for it’s downward bouncing attack on enemies using McScrooge’s cane.

    Yacht Club Games, an indie company made by ex-WayForward emplyoyees recently announced Shovel Knight, a retro styled game in which you – guess what?- bounce on enemies/objects by using a shovel.

  3. Whaaaaat???? This is Awesome! I can’t believe they’re remaking DuckTales! I can’t wait for this. WayForward has really been impressing me lately.

  4. Game after game after game. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Need for Speed Most wanted PC ( buy that so criterion is forced to give us DLC which is coming no matter what ), Lego city under cover release and games start pouring. Am mad at Sony drones, Microsoft xbots and PC dilusionists ( not us PC gamers ) for making us stay broke now onwards. All these games. They only wanted us broke so as we cannot buy 3D Mario and Xenoblade 2; we have been saving for those gems for months now though lol. Also buying a PC upgrade for my MMOs ( that’s if the Wii U doesn’t get them in bucket loads ).

  5. “Mega Man and Resident Evil producer Kenji Inafune is an artist on DuckTales Remastered.”

    Not true. He worked on the ORIGINAL, not this one.

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  8. Such a random game to be remastering. I loved games like this though, and still enjoy playing classic Disney games. This looks great, I love the cartoon look to it. Can’t wait for this to come out!

  9. Sweetness. I’ve never played the original DuckTales game on the NES, but it did have some pretty amazing music. If it keeps that, I will sure as hell buy it just for the music. And Capcom… while you’re at it, why not give HD makeovers to a lot of your other classic Disney games? Those were absolutely amazing… Aladdin, Mickey’s Magical Quest, The Little Mermaid (heard it was good, as well… never played it), Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop. You know… back when Disney games were actually good and weren’t just about princesses and trying to become a Disney princess, yourself. Obviously, Kingdom Hearts is excluded, because Kingdom Hearts is an amazing Disney series.

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  12. But….is it only on eShop? Or will it be a physical retail copy too? Because if this is just on eShop, then this news was worthless to me.

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