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Nintendo UK Releases Luigi’s Mansion 2 TV Advert

Nintendo UK has released a TV advert for Luigi’s Mansion 2, also known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which launches in the U.K. on March 28th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. The action-adventure game will cost around £35, and it will arrive at retail and Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Who’s ready to help Luigi capture ghosts with the new and improved Poltergust 5000?


    1. Maybe it is diferent in the UK, but people in the U.S don’t buy something based on “how good” the advertisement is. Comercials are more like “reminders” to buy something you already planned on buying months beforehand. Here, commercials are just meant to be clichés and funny. Not really anything persuasive. This commercial is completely fine for the UK, unless people really judge a game based in the commercial in the UK….

    1. WTF ? I consider that offensive and borderline racists… lol.

      Most Americans are kinnect loving CoD lovers….

      The UK knows a lot about games has many hardcore , knowledgeable gamers just like US does. Also a large amount of awesome developers have indeed come from the UK.

      1. yeah no. xbox 360 is best selling console in UK, k. you idiots are not like us jap japs hoo know good games. even america has better taste in games than most brits. the onlyie good brit development studio wac rare but they dead and gone, dead and gone cause of microsoft. r.i.p. (rest in pieces) british gaming market. pachter was rite it is a joke.

      2. I may have just contracted a disease from your grammar. Education standards aren’t high where you live huh?

      3. arrgh! you racist im japanese k! stoopid racist japan has great education you iggnorent kid. you need 2 go bac to school to lern about othir culthures okay. stoopid racist.

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      5. Why do you think everything is racist? Someone mentions one bad thing about a group of people and you call them racist. People like don’t even use that term anymore in the U.S… maybe it is just an British thing…

      1. Seriously? You’re siding with that arrogant retard? Regardless of him being a troll or not?

      2. *facepalm*

        My reply was to jamesmac. I was making a joke. Augghh! People on this website are so stupid.

  1. Saw £ 35 and got happy as a mug, then I realized it was pounds and not dollars. That all might pound sigh!

    1. aaa but alas they are!

      if people weren’t that stupid the consumers would know the difference between the Wii and WiiU by now!

  2. This generation, Wii U, PS4, Xbox720 and PSVita shall be looking at the 3DS like wow! That machine’s got game :).

  3. I will say something that you may not believe.
    I have the game and reached the old clock works mansion. The game is so great. The first boss in the first mansion ( gloomy manor ) is giant spider. The second boss in the second mansion (haunted towers) is a monster staircase. Now I’m in the old clock works mansion.

    circle pad = move
    (b) + circle pad = run
    (r) = vacuum
    (l) = blow
    (x) = look up
    (a) = strobulb flash
    (y) = dark-light device
    (b) = look down
    [start] = pause menu
    touch screen = map
    (r) + circle pad = catch ghosts

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