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Pachter Says “The Handheld Market Sucks” And “Vita Is A Joke”


Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has attacked the handheld market in the latest edition of his show, Pach-Attack. Pachter admits that Nintendo owns the handheld market and that’s one of the reasons why Microsoft hasn’t released a handheld gaming device. Pachter also says that while the PlayStation Vita is a great piece of hardware he believes that the device is a bit of a joke as third-party developers just aren’t supporting the system.

“The reason is that the handheld market sucks, and to the extend there is a handheld market and Nintendo owns it.”

“The Vita is a joke. It’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful piece of hardware and nobody owns one. The reason nobody owns one is It’s too good, It does too much. Developers aren’t making games for it because the market is too small.”

“You’re not going to get a big install base with the Vita at this price, and even though It’s a really slick device, if there is not a lot of people who own it, you’re not going to get a lot of sotfware. And It’s a vicious cycle, if you don’t have software, you’re not going to buy the Vita. If you don’t have Vitas, you’re not going to get software. So, the Vita sucks, Sony has no prayer of making money on the Vita.”

“The handheld market is not as big as It used to be. With the 3DS I think Nintendo is probably going to continue to do ok, 15 million a year, that’s a nice market for handhelds. With the Vita on the market, they (Sony) are going to make 5 million a year, why do we need a third (handheld)? All that would happened is that demand of 20 million handhelds will get split three ways instead of two. Nobody makes money selling five millions units a year.”

190 thoughts on “Pachter Says “The Handheld Market Sucks” And “Vita Is A Joke””

    1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

      nah follks he’s rite man. handholds suck man i try both vita 3ds both shitte. and dont even git me started on tht iphone shit man. man pachter knows this stuff n shit man. video game indyustry fgoing down te drain man i square man. all these wankers going to cry man and i just tryna tekl the truth n shit man, come folks.

        1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

          ahhh man you being racistman. jus cause i have japanese have black man. i dont english man. i tryna learn n shit but every1’s beng racists too me man. why yu beingg anf iggnorent racists man, come in folks.

        2. We are nintendo gamers not racists, you ignorant moron. Inbred fools are not allowed on mynintendonews. Plus English is subjective, follow the rules and what’s spoken in America is not even English. The ignorance is strong in this one above me.

    2. Let’s post about Patcher, a guy who has nothing to do with well anything Nintendo, saying something he has said a bunch of times already. CONGRATS MY NINTENDO NEWS ON YOUR AMAZING JOURNALISM!

      1. MyNintendoNews. Clearly means news relevant to Nintendo. This article clearly speaks about Nintendo. You’re welcome for me clearing that up.

    3. all I got to say is patchers has no life and still talks about the same handheld for three years straight, god its like he’s a broken record player.

    1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

      i tryed that wii u man i rilly being seriouse ya hear. man i hate n shit ya hearman. bad online and graphix, framerate crashes, slow OS n shit man, no good exclusives ya ferl me man. alk these wankers making BS about how griet wii u is man it gives a headache ya know man, arrrrgh.

      1. my eyes, hurt
        now srly
        i have a WiiU. After update the OS has been loading at least 80% faster
        also, the exclusive titles, this i my answer:
        Haters gonna hate

        1. Hey man Tlk engleesh man. Shit’s unreedouble man. Don luyk ta be a gramma nazi man but pls use proupa engleesh man.

          1. You’re telling him to speak proper english dumb-ass? DO YOU SEE THE WAY YOU’RE TALKING!?! you sound like a 5 year old with down syndrome!

        2. “80% faster” comon men…..don’t talk trash like this, then haters and drones comes and fuck every fan because people like you

      2. giev it sum time man, i mean serious man, every console is shitte when theyr like 4 months old man. u want lotsa exclusive in 4 months of its life man what the fuck man. like serious man grafix are cool enough it has that project cars thing on it and its lookgood man ps4 wont be that godly man. os is fast now man try it man.

  1. Seriously Sickr and Alba, number of Patcher posts are getting a little ridiculous. At this point yall are like “GUYS! He said something bad about us AGAIN! Are you just gonna take that? Get angry!”

      1. Of course he has the right. He even has the right to post things that have nothing to do with Nintendo because it’s his website. But in my eyes these posts ruin the site’s credibility, but I guess my only options are to stop visiting the site or just put up with the weekly Patcher opinion post. This site might as well have an entire section dedicated to Patcher’s opinions

        1. Because no other site will post what pachter says. >-> Have you even been on any other sites? Articles like these are gold for people like Sickr.

          1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

            man all thesse greedy peoplel ma. tryna make money off inoceint people n shit. why you have to b so gredy man sickr, come on folks dont be iggnorent wankers ya hear. arrrgh man so mainy greedy peole in tis world man im gettinb sick of this shitte n shit man.

          2. Thats true. I just think sites for Nintendo fanbases should try not to report about this guy as much as they do. It’s just getting him attention, the bad part is that Patcher gets all cocky now that he has “haters” -____-

            1. The more people that hate Patcher = the more people listening to him. Everyone asks why he has a job. Well its because we listen to what he has to say.

    1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

      yeah man all thesse nnintendrones got angry problems n shit man. they git all mad over shitte liek this man. liek groen men crying over video games n shit, its pathetic ya hear. rest in pesses nintendrones, rest in pesses.

        1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

          man, last time i here yu going to try snorting crack man. dont do taht shitte man ya hear. man i got a brother who do crack noow he’s dead and shit. man stay clean folks drugs messs u up bad man ya know. arrrgh

  2. God I wish there was an Xbox handheld. Playing Halo on the go is a dream of mine. Especially the first 2. Patcher, try having some faith. You sound like an angry child about these 2 consoles. Just relax and have fun playing games.

      1. That Is the same as saying you can only play mario and zeld on nintendo handhelds. There’s something called 3rd party games. JUST LET E DEAM OK!!! XD

  3. lol. the real reason why the vita doesn’t sell is because the age group its marketed for has iphone games. psp was a success because they could get those hardcore games on the go, now they can get near-vita quality games on the iphone

      1. lol? is this a joke? most of the games on ios are on android too. and that wasn’t the point i was trying to make.

      2. Yeah, no. iOS has greater support on there from developers and has quality games. The only thing Android wins in, is emulation, even then, it’s pretty shit (Coming from the owner of both android and apple products)

  4. If you were making $50 off every vita sold net . You would be making a quater of a billion dollars a year. Kind of like how Nintendo did with the gamecube :) . I don’t think Sony is making $50 off every Vita sold though…. who knows. Pachter is a big mouth cunt who knows extremely little about the subject he apparently specializes in.

    1. And might I just add. Ya never know what will happen to Vita. Maybe as it becomes cheaper it will sell 5 million a year in Japan alone. Consoles don’t sell steady all the way through , they have sporadic ups and downs based on big software releases and price cuts etc.

      Metal gear solid vita , GTA vita , would sell a million units on their own probably.

      1. The Vita is very similar to the gamecube in many ways.
        -Both are way too underrated
        -Both don’t have as much games a their competition but still a lot of gems.
        -Both have great hardware (maybe gamecube not anymore but you get my point)
        -Both don’t have a lot of sales even though people get great value for the price.

        1. Yeah. The vita is a portable gamecube for 2013. No shame in that , admitedly the Gamecube is my favorite ever console , hence the gravatar.

          1. It was my first very own console. But some are really meant not to be successful. The gamecubehad everything from a great controller to great graphics. The only thing that gave it problems were the “a console must do everything” needs of people that time. By the way it is a lot better than the shittiy original XBOX and a little bit better than the PS2.

            Long story short: GAMECUBE RULEZ!!!

            1. Yep. I was too young to really apreciate SNES and Megadrive. And kinda the same with PS1 and N64. I was just the right age to become a proper gamer right when the Gamecube came out. It was my first proper , hardcore console. I did get a PS2 and an Xbox that gen. Both pailed in comparison to the Cube :)

    1. in fact, Pokemon is the main reason why Nintendo owns on handheld
      Sony doesnt have such a big franchise on the handheld that can compete with Pokemon

      1. Which I’m surprised Sony hasn’t done a price drop on the Vita by now knowing that once X and Y come out it’s basically game over for the Vita.

  5. it’s funny, if Pachter bashes Sony then everybody is silent…..even if it’s true, you should just ignore him, he even said himself most of the time he predicts something its false.

  6. 360ps3fake pc gamers

    the handheld market only sucks if you think app games and vita is a smart move forward for the future. nintendo is handheld gaming since game & watch. he hates nintendo because hes a mans man aka wants to love cock and balls.

  7. Patcher is right
    Though 3DS is owning, they haven’t started to do as they did some years ago
    I hope that with Luigis Mansion, the new Pokemon and new titles thats gonna change

    1. He just likes to make Nintendo fans squirm. The worst part is he gets “paid” to do so… He doesn’t deserve the money he makes.

    1. He’s a straight up flip flopper who doesn’t know shit about games. You could give his job to a 2 year old and that kid would do a lot better.

  8. Ok I always tried to ignore this guy and I really never made a comment to sgit he’s saying BUT CALLING THE Vita AND THE HANDHELD MARKET A JOKE AND TRASH TALKING THE WII U IS TOO MUCH !!!!!!!!! Something that is really popping up in my mind….if you think about the stuff he said in the past years you’ll most likely think the same way I do. THIS GUY TRASH TALK STUFF HE CAN’T AFFORD!!

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  10. 15 million a year for the 3DS? Wow his math is off. The 3DS has been out for two years now and in the first year the 3DS only sold 4.5 million. Now as of the end of 2012 the 3DS had an install base of 29.84 million. So, since I can do simple math, that means in less than the span of a year the 3DS sold 25.34 million.

    1. Oh, and guess I should throw in the 7.05 million for the 3DS XL as well. So yeah 32.39 million 3DS units in a year? Little more than 15 million there pachter boy.

      1. Oh! I know! He was just throwing around “small” numbers to make the 3DS’ success seem miniscule when in fact it is very impressive and a huge highlight for Nintendo as a company. He needs to grow up from his jealous little 5 year old mind.

    2. No . the 3DS had sold way more than 4.5M in its first 12 months (year) it was at about 12M+ globably. Sales skyrocketed with Ocarina 3D , starfox 3D , Mario kart 7 and 3D land.

    3. You’re a little wrong. In it’s first 12 months, roughly 15m were sold, and it has been about the same in the following 12 months. 15 million a year is very accurate.

  11. Like any child once they realize no one is paying attention to them anymore that have to cry louder. People have gotten used to his anti-Nintendo rubbish so now he is expanding to other companies. People just have to stop paying attention to this guy and eventually he will go away.

    1. You are right, yet I still got mad. -__- He loves to push other people’s buttons. I would love a game where they put Pachter in it so you can smash him up and DESTROY his face… really. I want someone to make that a game. “Pach- Attack!” Where you “Attack”.. “Pachter” :P

  12. This is my Prediction:
    I Recall a time when the Gameboy launched in 1989 and it was a real hit; It sold 1 million units in just a few weeks.
    Its main competition was the Sega GameGear which was Far superior graphically to the Gameboy(It had graphics close to the Sega Genisis). Many were Buying it, & It was giving the Gameboy a run for its money.
    But then something Amazing happened, Pokemon Red/Blue/Green were released & Gameboy Sales Skyrocketed, Making the GameGear Nonexistent.
    By the time PKM X&Y are released the same will happen to Vita.
    (I don’t want to see the Vita die but it looks like its heading that way). :/

    1. Actually, there were about 7 years from the launch of the Gameboy that it did well without Pokemon. It still lead the competition by a bit, and when Pokemon Red/Blue/Green were launched, it truly took off in 96. If I’m correct, Nintendo were a lot more successful with the GBC than with the original GB.

  13. Wow, just after we get the announcement that the Vita started selling better in Japan and that Sony will make more games for it Patcher goes ”that handheld is a joke”.
    This guy is a professional when it comes to delivering misinformation.

  14. yea i like how he sais vita is a joke, and thats true, but he still trashed talked nintendo pretty much, he basically said that the vita is wonderful and way better system than the 3ds, while not saying anything about the 3ds besides that its doing better. this is funny kinda i used to hate microsoft fanboys, but in the last month i found out that sony fanboys are the worst by far, it doesnt even compare. this has nothing to with patcher who is a joke no matter what he sais, he already knows that probably

    1. I love how when 3DS does amazing Pachter has to downplay the consoles brilliance by saying “well the handheld market sucks anyways.” H.E. I.S. A. J.O.K.E.

  15. “Vita is too good?” LOL and he says Nintendo fans are fanboys.
    The joke is Pachter. Oh and I like how he puts “occasionally right” on his Twitter account. He’s wrong 95% of the time but at least he acknowledges it.

  16. So let me get this straight……
    Pachter says the handheld market sucks.
    Then he goes on to say that the Vita is wonderful is because it’s too good and does too much?

    Pachter, you do realize you’re basically saying the hand-held market sucks because the Vita isn’t getting attention, right?
    You’re exposing yourself as someone who only cares about a market when you think Sony or Microsoft are doing better at it than Nintendo is.

    1. yup, he’s a sonycosoft fanboy, if those doesn’t compete then sucks, i like vita and 3ds but the thing with vita is the few games that it have and its been like that a whole year, that kinda sucks.

      1. I’m constantly having to delete games from my 32 GB Vita memory card because of all of the games the system is getting.

        There are a lot more than people like to give it credit for. They might not be “system sellers” per se, but they’re still great gems.

        1. are you talking about PSN, spider? cause if you are, there is eshop on nintendo too… those old games or eshop games isn’t like we are seeing on retail, even 3DS are not getting so many games, my spider web friend.

          1. I have a 3DS. The 3DS has tons of games, retail and digital download. I know. I was replying to this statement though:

            “… thing with vita is the few games that it have and its been like that a whole year, that kinda sucks.”

            There are regular retail releases for the Vita and a lot more releases as digital downloads.

  17. He is just mad Nintendo is kicking the Vita’s ass! Just roll over and die already Pachter. Your comments are missing two key factors that GOOD cooments have. 1) Intelligence 2) Facts. Go find some before you open your stinky, overused excuse for a “mouth” again… Your shit talk is really polluting my air space.

  18. I’m I the only Nintendo fan who likes and wants to own a Vita? So what if you hate the Vita and Sony, people have different taste in video games. Sony and Nintendo will always be my favorites.<3

    1. I won a Vita, it is a pretty good machine. The library is by no means close to the greatness of the 3ds one, but with PS+… Well, this month I got MGS collection for free so I do not complain.

  19. the reason that Microsoft dues not enter it, is they have windows 8 with a app/ game store, they have pc in general to sell game for laptops and slates that is their handheld market.
    the vita should have a focus on porting ps1 and ps2 games, along with porting games from things like ipad and android, it also should have just bin a android device with sony apps.
    Nintendo well always own the market cus they have the franchises and they have simple to use turn on and play game with out all the BS… is nice but on home systems or PC but not a simple handheld Nintendo also makes systems that are wallet friendly if the psvita was 170$ then it would sell more. but sony thinks their devices are for gamers 24+ and a handheld should start at ages 7+ their to cocky and don’t know what their doing they just figure if Nintendo can do it then so can they.

  20. if sony was ruling the hanheld market, he whouldn’t say this, the only reason he say it is because nintendo are rulling this market

  21. Mostly true, but Nintendo could drive the market bigger by adding more features to the 3DS, like Nintendo video chat and messages and voice chat and Miiverse. Also if the 3DS had as good an Internet browser as the Wii U, sales would grow.

  22. Also, Nintendo will sell more than 15 million a year. He is a stupid idiot, Nintendo is still selling millions of DSi and DSi XL.

  23. I am nintendo, but we need the Sony Vita to succeed. Forget us calling it the vitanic. Anything succeeding as a second handheld is a good thing smart phone games suck.

  24. Michael Pachter has got to be the most annoying person out there. Sure, the Vita’s lineup isn’t the best right now, but was the 3DS’s at this point in life? Not really. Sony can fix that, because as he said it is a fantastic system. The 3DS is about to get Pok­émon X and Y, which is an odd decision for a name, but in my opinion is probably the biggest handheld game for Nintendo. And with bigger titles coming out it’s bound to just keep selling and selling. Vita needs some more good titles, but that can do well if there’s the software for it and a price-cut. Sony needs to get on that quick. But this guy needs to get his mind out of his cell phone and realize where the actually good handheld games are, and they aren’t on anything that can make a phone call.

  25. Can you guys stop giving this guy attention? He obviously has no clue what he is talking about. Stop posting what he says here. Nothing he says is relevant.

    1. Clicks to the site are relevant. That is why people post Pachter articles. It’s a losing battle. You aren’t going to get people to stop. As long as they see a cheap and easy way to draw attention to their site, they are gonna post as many Pachter files at they can unfortunately.

  26. Sooo… they choose to release a watered down version of their older console in a region where they are struggling to get a good market share on their new console? Good strategy! More competition is a better way to increase sales than to concentrate on getting the games that will begin really selling the WiiU. Jeesh! I’m not sure why they came out with the mini one anyway. They make the handhelds bigger and the consoles smaller. I don’t get it, I guess.

  27. This guy sucks, and is a joke.
    “Vita is too good, it does too much”
    Pfffffffffff, hahahahaidiot xD

    1. IKR ? what is that even supposed to mean ? Too good ? as in all of it’s features except graphics can be done with a fucking smartphone ? The reason the Vita isn’t doing so well is because it doesn’t have industry confidence or a vibe. The Wiiu is kinda threatened by something similar. But as Nintendo fans , we know it will probably at least do OK with the launch of games like Mario kart and shit…

  28. At least he admitted that the Nintendo was owning the handheld market. I mean, c’mon, it’s the facts.

    1. I know what a load of shit. The ”handheld market” has been getting progressively better each generation. It’s never been shit and it’s a breeding ground for innovative and amazing games not found on consoles.

      1. Ever since the 3DS was announced I had this strong feeling that it’s gonna have so much potential, I guess I was right.

    1. Of course it’s doing fine! Pachter is just an idiot that likes to compare sales of handheld gaming systems to sales of phones/tablets which is like comparing apples to oranges. The 3DS is projected to outsell the DS which is the system that has currently sold the most units for a gaming system. If anything, the handheld market is getting better it’s just that it’s more expensive to game on big company handhelds rather than play games on phones and tablets which people own for other reasons than gaming. He obviously has never ran a video game company before so I take all his little rants with a grain of salt.

  29. “You know what my problem is? I love too much!”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Can’t you see it, Pachter? We’re alive!”

    “Vita, you’re scaring me…”

    “GOOD! Embrace the fear! Dance with me, Pachter; dance the dance of bribes!”

  30. He’s still bashing Nintendo and sucking Sony’s dick.

    “The reason is that the handheld market sucks, and to the extend there is a handheld market and Nintendo owns it.”
    [Translation] Nintendo is dominating handhelds and making money and doing well, but handhelds suck anyway bros.

    “The Vita is a joke. It’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful piece of hardware and nobody owns one. The reason nobody owns one is It’s too good, It does too much. Developers aren’t making games for it because the market is too small.”
    [Translation] The Vita is so awesome, people don’t even want one for fear of awesome overload. Most people would probably die if they tried to play one. Why don’t you stupid heads buy it!? WAAAH. Pussies…

    “And It’s a vicious cycle, if you don’t have software, you’re not going to buy the Vita. If you don’t have Vitas, you’re not going to get software.”
    [Translation] The Wii U is a failure. Not because sales are currently slow without first party support, but because no one likes those pussy children at Nintendo, I wanna pee on Mr. Iwata and the Wii U isn’t awesome sauce enough. DEVELOPERS HANG MANNEQUINS WITH MIYAMOTO’S FACE. It’s all Nintendo’s fault. The Vita? Oh yeah it’s a small market right now, duh. It’s too awesome for it’s own good. Like Jesus. Like a digital Jesus that I get paid to talk about. Developers don’t see money there because they’re pussies.

    1. PlayStation Vita is bad. Anything other than Nintendo is bad. NINTENDO FOREVER. NOW YOU’RE PLAYING WITH POWER!

  31. “The reason is that the handheld market sucks” and then “15 million a year, that’s a nice market for handhelds.” in the same statement. This guy is all over the place with his contradictions. I think his aggressive demeanor is what makes him seem like he’s wrong all the time, he says things in such a juvenile way, that it actually affects his credibility. Pachter, smarten up.

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  33. he is right that nintendo owns the handheld department and that the vita is a joke, not the hardware as it is a pretty cool device just that no one is paying much attention to it

    1. So if a Sony console is not dominating the market it is a fail. I learned something new about Nintendo and why it is holding its IPs. Unlike what Patcher thinks of Wii U, Nintendo has some serious surprising shit. After this E3 everyone will know why Wii U is hardly advertised and why Nintendo is hardly promoting it. They had to debut Wii U in not because of money but to get feedback and data from current Wii U owners. The Wii U is not all unveiled and PS4 may have fucked up unveiling everything. Nintendo brought and unveiled everything in parts and still have more unveiling to do. PS4 has to hold up to what they bragged about. Nintendo is standing back until back waiting.

      1. Unlike Sony Nintendo did not lay all their bags in one basket. Remember Retro has not came out with their plans and neither has Nintendo. How would Wii U be doomed when no one but Nintendo know what’s in the works? The Gamepad had never reached its limited capacity in what it can truly do. The Wii U can do more than we think. In other words people better buy these Wii Us while retailers lowered the price because as soon as this new experience of the new game play and true graphics are debuted a Wii U will be in so high demand you wish you could buy a $250 Wii U when you could.

      2. That seems like a theory that holds grounds. I can imagine when the bigger 1st party games comes, Nintendo is gonna “re-launch” the console with better marketing campaigns and all that stuff. Giving it a new try on making a name for the Wii U. Similar to the Nintendo 3DS.

  34. Wasn’t he saying before the Vita came out, that it was awesome and will kill the 3DS? He really needs to stick to what he says :\

  35. I honestly cannot believe this man’s idiocy. What’s even worse is that people still give him the time of day.

    Nintendo “owns” the handhld market? I thought the 3DS was destined to fail miserably? Talk about a 180!

    Oh, and the Vita is a “wonderful piece of hardware”, but it “sucks” because it is “too good”?

    The sooner Michael Pachter is institutionalised, the better.

  36. The Vita is doing badly because its TOO GOOD? Then says there are no games for it. The Vita would take off if we got some more JRPGs (only reason to own a PSP in the end.) had a decent price cut and they halved the prices of the memory cards.

    At this point I’m looking how the PSP was handled and how all of the titles like God of War and GTA were all ported to the PS2/3. I’m expecting the same to happen with the Vita’s exclusives

  37. I think it’s partly true what Pachter says. Be honest, how many of you guys actually use your 3DS or Vita when you’re “on the road”.

    People don’t have time for that, you only had time for that when you were a kid, and in the back of the car! Odds are, that if you’re in the back of a guy, as an adult, you would rather converse with the people around you, instead of isolating yourself with a screen – well even if that’s not the case, you wouldn’t pull your handheld out, because you’re a polite human being.

    Handhelds are mostly used in bed, on the crapper, or if you’re out travelling, and still you’re not gonna find the time to complete a huge game if you’re not at home. This is where the damn tablets win. They put emphasis on the online usage, which is way more appealing to the older teen and adult.

    What will all the tech out there, people will also put focus on other things instead of a handheld. Looking back at the old Gameboy era, heck even GameBoy Advance time, you didn’t have iPhones or HD TV’s, and these are things people want today, even children.

    I like the handhelds, but i don’t need one, i sold my 3DS and i never thought of buying a Vita, i just didn’t need them. It peeked at the DS, no doubt about, and i think it’s a shame that Nintendo uses so many ressources on the 3DS when games like Luigi’s Mansion and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (i know that’s a handheld franchise though) would really kick off Wii U sales!

  38. 99/100 I disagree with Patcher but this is that 1 time where I agree, I have no idea what Sony are trying to do but they should just let the Vita die instead of wasting more money on it which is a shame as it is a good device but it does do “too much” and the price is absurd.

  39. Everything shit and everything sucks. Except the Vita?? (wtf lol) And the guy who shovels all the verbal diarrhea that guys spouts on a weekly basis. Infact, that guy is the only guaranteed industry left in the current economic climate!!!

    Oh, and apparently he’s a stock market guy. How’s that going Pachter?

  40. The handheld gaming market sucks? Okay Pachter. You go sit down and play your Xbox 360 and pretend to analyze the game industry while I play games like Fire Emblem: Awakening, Resident Evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Virtue’s Last Reward, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Tales of the Abyss, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor: Overclocked, Star Fox 64 3D, and Ocarina of TIme 3D. Those are just the games that came out that are good. There is much more coming out later that will be just as good if not better. So I say let Pachter miss out on all these great games and let him sit home alone by himself playing his Xbox 360.

  41. ‘Getting real sick of hearing from this cynical asshole… And to all the commenters agreeing with him, go blow your money on some IOS games, then come running back because of how mediocre (at best) they are. The whole gaming industry is in a pickle, not just the handheld market, point your fingers in every direction, but one of, and ONLY one of, as it is quite a complicated situation, the main culprits are the dumb hipsters, adult females, and children who keep buying IOS and Android app “games”. That is a big problem that needs to be addressed – Both the 3DS and Vita are wonderful systems in their own light, after all, it is subjective – I’me perfectly content with the two the way they are, and am confident that they’ll only improve from here on out, just give them time. I love handheld and home console games alike, even some mobile Android/IOS games here and there (good titles from developers like Square Enix, and the occasional indie dev that strikes my fancy with some cute little software), but they should by no means replace console gaming, home or handheld, and people should stop playing the elitist between those two. I love Nintendo AND Sony. Microsoft can get on my nerves, but they have some cool exclusives and most of my friends don’t have PS3’s, so I own a 360 as well. I’m a proud 3DS owner and it is likely my most prized material possession, even more than my musical equipment, But Patcher, and all who agree with his ignorant ramblings that SOMEHOW continue to get posted here, can hop on this dick the wrong way and get impaled. /endrant

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  43. Stopped coming on this website because of news like this. Got on an old laptop with the bookmark still there, so clicked just to see if anything had changed. What did I find? Another Patcher article to keep me from every coming back again.

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