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Batman Arkham Origins To Be Shown At E3?


A rumour is circulating the internet which suggests that Rocksteady could be preparing to show off the next game in its immensely popular Batman series at this years E3 event. The game is reportedly titled Batman Arkham Origins and will appear on both next generation consoles and current gen. The game is said to take place in the 1950’s or the 1960’s and will feature members of the Justice League. Time Warner has already confirmed a new Batman Arkham game is due to be released later this year.

33 thoughts on “Batman Arkham Origins To Be Shown At E3?”

  1. Im glad there will be another game and that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City did so well, i love those games. But i just wish is wasnt going back in time, and i sure as heck wish other JL characters werent going to be in it. Batman is great alone.

  2. :3
    No, just no. Its a great game, but of the decade? Dont make me laugh.

      1. I know but Arkham City was a nomination for game of the decade, next to games like Shadow of the Colossus (which shouldve won), Half Life 2, and Wind Waker.

            1. Nope. I have played it front to back n it does derserve to be nominated but thankfully it didn’t win. Its not THAT good

    1. Arkham City didn’t really sell that well. But hey, neither did AC3 but it’s already confirmed that we’re getting AC4 so you never know.

    2. This one is definitely coming to the WiiU. Warner bros. are a giant publisher with old time respect and values. They also stated support for nintendo, in fact always have.

    1. The Wii U runs unreal engine 4 and unity engine 4 { Direct X11 equivalent resources }, this while using less 1/2 the electric consumption of last generation PS3 and xbox360; half the wattage consumption of the ps4 and xbox 720. Now tell me what is weak? Machines that require Gen-X to play Crysis 3, or one that just requires milk to stream that same lame game on it’s Gamepad? Make better use of your logic if you have any. It’s seems you are not even smarter than a troll.

  3. Just looked up ‘1950s batman’. -___-
    Hope they’re going for an old-time atmosphere and not ‘POW!’ ‘BAM!’ ‘ZOK!’

  4. I don’t really like Batman as a superhero, but man these games are perfect. I hope it’s coming to the U. If not, then I’ll get the PS4 version. Can’t wait :)

  5. I thought it was confirmed that Rocksteady WASNT making the next Batman game? Also I hope this is false. I want a sequel to Arkham City not back in time. Also dont call it Batman Arkham if theres going to be Justice League guys in it.

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  7. This article isn’t exactly credible. It’s based on a rumor that’s been circulating for months, and the rumor’s been proven false, as it said this would come no earlier than 2014. Oh wait, it’s been confirmed for 2013! I like this site, but please don’t publish articles on old rumors proven false.


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