Future iOS Ports May Arrive On Wii U eShop


Hot on the heels for Indie game developers, Nintendo’s deep roots have branched out to accommodate the Wii U for iOS ports. According to a tweet sent out by Tizen App Developers’ Stewart Christie from GDC 2013 saying, “we have free s/w to convert iOS to JavaScript and CSS, then you can deploy on Nintendo Wiiu”, an iOS to Wii U conversion could be on the cards.

Stopping by the booth would allow consumers to test the demo version, getting a feel for the possible future conversion. If it goes ahead, Wii U owners could access the eShop and directly download indie ports, making fresh, creative content even more accessible.


  1. Wow, Ouya can eat that then. Sounds ambitious but could really pay off. Makes more sense to port iOS then Android cause they have more software and often it’s coded slightly better, still not great, but could allow for a couple neat options.

  2. I hope this investment Nintendo and Sony are making bring more gamers back to videogame consoles.

  3. I hope both Sony and Nintendo take care of the any legal issue due to this
    mobile “gaming” can suck it

  4. …Not the 3rd party games I’m looking for, but at least its an option now,
    instead of being another thing Wii U doesn’t have.

  5. So Wii U has been getting Indie games and is making it easier. Nintendo is helping the Little Macs of Gaming.

  6. Has someone also noticed that we now have a new blogger? He/she is already in his/her 3rd post!

    Welcome to the jungle, @silvershadowfly! :P

  7. Nice, if this is true, hopefully it could be very well executed. I could picture a really good plants vs zombies

  8. Apparently they are also giving sone free dev kits away, to devs they really like. The dev of this earthboundish game got a free dev kit.

    1. Another possible indie game could hit the Wii U before the end of the week-
      “Kickstarter – (Lords of New York) hitting Wii U if goal is met”

      Everyone please google that title and help plegde your support in order to get the Wii U version to release.

      1. Let’s hope that Lords of New York becomes a Wii U eShop to become available ASAP. The game has potential written all over it.

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