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Forgotten Memories Indie Devs Hoping For Wii U eShop Port

Unity-based game Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense is hoping to become the next survival-horror game to make their mark in Nintendo’s Wii U eShop. It’s good news for game developer Psychoz Interactive, who also wish to bring their port to both iOS and the PS Vita, after working on its development for several years.

Lead Programmer Georges Paz tweeted earlier saying they would be “happy to hear from Nintendo and discuss an exclusive deal with them”, as Forgotten Memories nears the proverbial finish line. Given Nintendo’s recently updated rules for indie developers, this looks more than likely.

19 thoughts on “Forgotten Memories Indie Devs Hoping For Wii U eShop Port”

    1. Lol, still looks better then RE 6. That’s what RE 6 should have been like. Of course with updated graphics, sound, music. Just cause something has a big name (resistance for vita) doesn’t mean it isn’t shovel ware. And vice versa, Journey for example. But a price tag of 2-5 bucks is a hell of a lot better then 50-60 for shyte. Lol.

  1. People say Nintendo is doom but they dont look at Microsoft who will most likely will not get japanese or indie support apart of the shure multiplats.

  2. will tis game even be good, shut up frog from chrono trigger. i keep having to correct myself and adding an h to that word every time i post, well screw it, im not changing it this time

  3. hey nintendo, fucking bring fatal frame over, or just give it back to sony if your not going to use it!! make nobody able to play a good game, because you would rather publish wii mini golf!!!! is there even any hope for them for being so stupid……

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