miiverse_smartphoneMiiverse is still scheduled to arrive this year on web browsers and smartphones, and it should be available on those two mediums within the next couple months. During a talk at the Game Developers Conference, Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki said that Nintendo’s social network should become browsable by May via mobile devices and a web browser application. At first, Miiverse on web browsers and smartphones will provide basic functionality, including posting comments, doodling, viewing posts and participating in communities. Mizuki confirmed that Miiverse is still in development for Nintendo 3DS; however, he didn’t share when that version will be released.



    • It’s a bit more complicated than that, whilst the app version will just be like a Facebook kinda app (as in basic posts, drawing, groups etc). The 3ds version will most likely be the same as on the WiiU, this will mean it should integrate with 3ds game as well, requiring a bit more time to implement. Especially if Nintendo wants to integrate all games that have been released up to now, that software will need some sort of update/patch to work with it.


        • That makes no sense. Why would they integrate the 3DS with Miiverse just so we could write in Wii U communities? I’m sure they want Miiverse to encompass games released across all platforms.


  1. Looks like Nintendo is going all out for indie devs


    I hope this means ALL smart phone devices, unlike battlelog for BF3. I hope their online store gets just as good as steam, just purchased Just Cause 2, terraria and amnesia for $10, saved quite a bit.


  2. This will be extremely handy for me since college sucks up most of my life and I never can get on my Wii U or 3DS. At least now I can browse Miiverse and see what all my gaming friends are up to.


  3. Putting Miiverse on PC and Smartphones should be the last thing they do. Much more important is to get it on 3DS! I will probably never use Miiverse through anything else than the Wii U and eventually the 3DS. Can’t see any use of it.


    • Planning multiplayer runs, for example. Maybe screen-capturing outstanding drawings, i dunno. I think more access will lead to more different ways to use it.


      • I just pray the what ever deity is currently popular, that they do not let people register in with smartphones.
        Just with 3ds we will get enough Wii U haters to make miiverse uncomfortable.


        • I’m quite positive you’re gonna need a Nintendo Network user whatsoever, and I can’t see why they would allow you to create one without having a Nintendo system.
          But you’re right, they better be cautious on this aspect, or else MiiVerse could rapidly shift from “very nice place with lots of people who share their love for Nintendo” to, well IGN’s comment section…


        • It shud make them have to write a 5 page essay why nintendo is awesome. Cuz i want miiverse but no have wii U but im a nintendo fan.


  4. Great! I can’t wait for the 3DS version of Miiverse. I’m sure we’ll be able to open the application while gaming just like on WiiU, post screenshots and drawings. It’s gonna solve all the problems to get conected online with a friend, I hope it comes before smash brothers. :D


    • ” I’m sure we’ll be able to open the application while gaming just like on WiiU, post screenshots and drawings.”
      that i don’t think that will happen since i think it will be its own app. there no way you can run two app at once for 3ds….except the browser.


      • But isn’t the miiverse on WiiU also browser powered? It’s an HTM5 App.

        I’m sure Nintendo will figure it out, It won’t disapoint me if it’s just like the swap-note, but I think that if they want it to be a game supporter platform, then it has to run while we are gaming.


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