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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review

luigi's_mansion_dark_moon_box_artStep aside, Mario. It’s Luigi’s time to shine.

Way back in 2001, Nintendo released Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube. Over a decade after the original game’s debut, a sequel, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, known as Luigi’s Mansion 2 outside North America, was finally released. Was the excruciatingly long wait worth it?

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon starts with the goofy and very talkative scientist Professor E. Gadd studying friendly ghosts in Deepshade Valley. The Dark Moon, which hangs in the not-too-distant black sky, is shattered by the scary King Boo. After it shatters, the ghosts in the area immediately begin to behave mischievously and uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, our hero Luigi is sitting at home, minding his own business, taking a nap, when suddenly, Gadd appears on his TV screen and forces Luigi to his bunker, via teleportation. Gadd quickly tells Luigi of his predicament and the Dark Moon. Without much of a choice, and no way to get home on his own, Luigi agrees to help retrieve the missing segments of the Dark Moon, each of which is hidden within a mansion. To help him rebuild the Dark Moon, Gadd happily gives Luigi a Flashlight and a ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner, the Poltergust 5000, which is also a nifty puzzle-solving tool.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is an action-adventure game, in which puzzles must be solved to advance on a quest. There are multiple puzzles within each mansion. Practically all the puzzles are solved using the Poltergust 5000 or the Flashlight, which includes a Dark-Light Device that is built for finding invisible objects, including ghosts, hidden doors and chests. Vacuuming things with the Poltergust 5000 is a blast, and with it you can interact with almost anything in the mansions, which means you have a massive amount of things to play around with.

Don’t be scared, Luigi. As long as you carry your Flashlight and vacuum cleaner, you’ll be all right.

Fortunately, the game is much larger than its predecessor and boasts five robust mansions, each of which contains unique puzzles and a distinguishing theme. The first mansion, Gloomy Manor, is what you’d expect a typical haunted mansion to look like. The second mansion, Haunted Towers, is built around a huge tree and is packed with gardens and exotic plants.

In each mansion, there are multiple peepholes on walls, doors and windows. Luigi can look through them to search for hints, or he can spy on ghosts to see what they’re up to or where they’re hiding key items. In one mansion, Luigi spies on ghosts via a peephole, and one ghost notices him, then it displays an angry expression, and blocks his view. This mechanic is brilliant and makes the experience more interactive.

To find the Dark Moon piece in each mansion, the player must complete a set of missions in order. While this structure is fairly organized, it restricts exploration, which is a shame, because you want to thoroughly investigate each beautifully crafted mansion at your own leisure. You can try to explore mansions within missions, but some doors and passages are inaccessible during certain missions.

Each mission is quite lengthy, and you must complete an entire mission in order to save your progress. I frequently paused the game and put my Nintendo 3DS in Sleep Mode between missions. When I’d resume playing and open my Nintendo 3DS, multiple times, the game froze and I had no choice but to restart missions… It would have been nice if there was a quick save option or automatic saves during missions.

Boy, this would be much harder if one of  us decided to leave…

Unlike its predecessor, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon includes a multiplayer mode – ScareScraper. In ScareScraper, up to four players can work together to take on challenges in a tall, haunted building. Although the multiplayer mode is tailored for four people, if one or two players drop out during a session, the game goes on, making the challenge even harder for the remaining players. You may even end up all alone. To fully enjoy the multiplayer mode, play with friends or people who you know won’t purposely quit.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is one of the prettiest games on the Nintendo 3DS. Its visuals and 3D effect are dazzling and are easily comparable to Super Mario 3D Land; you want to play with the 3D depth slider turned all the way up. Similarly, its soundtrack and sound effects are appealing. Hearing the chuckles and grunts of ghosts and Luigi’s quivering voice adds to an already immersive experience.

Despite the restrictive mission structure and lack of a quick save option, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a great game – one that manages to provide a better experience than its predecessor. It has a simple albeit entertaining story, features clever puzzles, top-notch graphics, great sound effects and a high replay value. The folks at Next Level Games have done a wonderful job developing the title, and they’ve started the Year of Luigi with a bang.


162 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review”

    1. ha! ha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      What a great joke.

      Luigi’s Mansion 2, best game of all-time?! Man, that’s a classic joke.

            1. If they really cared about the community they would ban more than just him. I can’t count the number of times people have asked the admins for a revamp of the comments section to reduce the amount of trolls

          1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

            Just like everything you say. It’s all a joke and I know you’re masturbating in your dark room while your parents aren’t home while reading the replies of everyone who got trolled because you enjoy it so much.

        1. What Chocolate said. This is simply my opinion. I’ve been more hooked on this game than I have on any other game I’ve ever played, and that’s saying a lot! You don’t have to agree with me, but mocking isn’t the way to go.

          1. It’s what he does. He isn’t clever enough to do anything other then ridicule. Essentially he’s a bigot.

          2. It’s one of the most impressive and captivating and one of the overall best handheld games I’ve ever played. Not finished it yet or played it online but it is exactly what I expected and much much more :).

            1. I was supposed to get the game today (and LEGO City + Monster Hunter), but GameStop is closed because it’s a holiday, so I’ll have to wait ’till Saturday :-\

      1. I’m assuming you’d much rather play COD, or some other game that makes you think that you’re an adult?

        1. I can’t stand CoD. But right now I’m playing BioShock Infinite, too bad you Nintendrones can’t experience that amazing game. I’m also hyped for MSG5, Destiny, Battlefield 4, and Dark Souls 2, all games that won’t be coming to the Wii Unknown.

            1. Too bad you wont be able to play Nintendo’s best games too as well, keep limiting yourself to only one system while we play our WiiU, 360 and ps4.. :)

              1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

                Stop the damage control, you’re looking bad. What he says is true, we’re not getting those shitty games. Though Destiny is coming for the WiiU, but even so I won’t get that shit.

          1. Hmmm… That’s weird I’m experiencing BioShock Infinite right now. How is that possible!!! Oh wait not all Nintendo fans chain themselves to one console. Stupid Playstation and XBox fanboys these days.

            1. ^Yup, I might pick up Bioshock, Battlefield and MGS5(Super hyped) as well as all other Nintendo games that have yet to be announce. Good day to be a GAMER not fanboys..

          2. What makes you think that they’re not enjoying those games as well? Not everybody on this website just own nintendo systems.

          3. I also have Bioshock…its not bad, definitely doesnt deserve tbe 80 awards it got. A MGS game will be on Wii U, that Miiverse hack proves that. Destiny will be on Wii U. Activison puts there stuff on EVERYTHING. Plus in the Vidoc the Bungie dude texted a friend saying “My body is ready.” That cant be a coincidence. Thats a saying from Reggie and every Nintendo fan knows that sentence.

    2. THIS IS THE VERY FIRST TIME Mynintendonews reviewed a game, perhaps they already hired someone as the new voluntary admin/poster thats awesome,

      1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        I love how the post author skip all over the troll comments, which is the right thing to do, while everyone else gives them the attention they need to fuel their desires.

      1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        IGN reviews are actually quite nice I should say. Every single review I’ve seen from them actually matches my oppinions, it’s just that they’re farting 9s and 10s lately because nowadays even 8.5 is a bad score.

          1. Don’t even try calling me that. You’re the one who can’t who is such a Nintendork you feel obliged to reply to all my comments.

            1. Nahh i just love calling you out, sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable :( please also call me a Sonyfan or xbox gamer cus i game on all consoles :)

      1. the difference between an 8 and a 9 on a ten point scale is rather large though :P
        8 is more in the region of Lego city undercover :) . You should review that game it’s awesome. It’s worth playing just for the Shawshank redemption reference !

      2. An 8/10 is not bad but it feels you’re not really justifying that score. Yes, you pointed out saving issues and mission structures, but are they that big of an issue that it needs to be docked 2 points after all the praise you gave to the game? It just doesn’t add up at all.

    1. I dont think you understand the ratin system for games. A game could have no issues at all, ir only minor ones but that doesnt mean it deserves a 10/10, very few games do.
      Ironically we did get a 10/10 the other day with Bioshock Infinite, that game, once again, has redifined the first person shooter genre, as well as story telling in video games and creating a world thats believable, and themes better than any other game to date, with a NPC AI that is unmatched, which compliments all of those things.

      Luigis Mansion 2 is a puzzle wxploration game thats quirky and fun, and has great atmosphere and nice attention to detail. Its not bad, far from it, but it doesnt have a gigantic impact.

      1. It has a nuclear impact as a handheld game. This is one of the most detailed and well made handheld games ever made :0 . Bioshock is amazing I played it today , but I think it’s more in the 9.5 region my self :)

        Luigi’s mansion isn’t without it’s faults. but in my opinion you CANNOT give a game this good anything lower than a 9. It simply just deserves higher. For people to say 3D land is better than this is plain stupid. (

          1. No. an 8 is a great score. But an 8 for luigi’s mansion is too low. The game isn’t just great , it’s amazing.

      1. 3D Land since that’s the only one i’ve played. It was way too easy and they played it safe instead of doing something different like they did with the Galaxy games. It was basically NSMB 3D. Still pretty good though, but Luigi’s Mansion is WAY better.

      2. Only an 8/10 ? . This game seems like at least a 9/10 to me , but I only got it today and have barely scratched the surface yet :)

        Nice review though !

  1. I agree with the save option and being forced to do missions instead of exploring on your own. One thing i dont like in the multiplayer mode is that the rooms dont have a lot of furniture in the rooms like in single player but obviously thats for all the luigis can spread out easily. Nintendo has made another hit in there 3ds library.

      1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        I don’t have a 3DS at the moment but I never really played Luigi’s mansion before. I have a GameCube actually so I gave it a try, it’s pretty fun. I’m getting a 3DS in October though because that’s when pokemanz come out, so I’ll get around to get Dark moon by then.

        1. That’s cool. By then, I would recommend Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, and Ocarina of Time 3D and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D if you don’t have the other versions of those two games already. Mario and Luigi Dream Team sounds cool so far, along with Animal Crossing New Leaf, although I don’t care for it. There are other games that I haven’t played such as Castlevania and Paper Mario Sticker Star. And of course, E3.

          1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

            I actually already have an eye on everything you mentioned, I have the Wii version of DKCR because I hate the shake control, that’s why I’m looking forward to the 3DS one. Don’t really like animal crossing, too, Dream Team is awesome, Castlevania Mirror of Fate was a disappointment (played the demo on another 3DS) and Paper Mario looks good.

            1. I never got the Wii version, so I will be getting DKCR on the 3DS. Yeah, Castlevania was a disappointment going from the demo. I’m going to get Paper Mario later after I’m finished catching up on other games. I hear that in order to like the game, just don’t compare it to the others and just enjoy it. I love that they are giving Luigi more love with Dark Moon and Dream Team, summoning a lot of Luigis to kill the enemy is awesome. I hope that they give him a couple more games, preferably him having a big role in 3D Mario Wii U and a Paper Luigi U. I give Kid Icarus Uprising a 9.5 (great except for controls), Fire Emblem a 9.5 (nearly flawless), and Luigi’s Mansion a 8.5 (fun but it sucks that it is divided into missions).

    1. Really Sony drones copied our term for them and tried to use it own us. Trolls these days need help trolling lol.

  2. ign gave luigis mansion a 9\10 and their waaaaaaaaay better than gamespot because they suck up to sony and microsoft always giving those games 9 or 10 while they never give nintendo games anything more than 8 there crap.

  3. Good review.
    Just started playing it now.
    Honestly if i had to reccomend any game to buy right now it wouldnt be this, but its a very fun game.

    1. It’s between LM2 and Bioshock. Different things anyway. This is is the best Handheld game out this year so far along with Fire emblem. Console games are console games. Bioshock would be the obvious choice. Lego city and Monster Hunter would be obvious choices for Nintendo fans!

      Luigi’s mansion 2 should have circle pad pro support !

      1. Luigis Mansion 2 is fun, although Fire Emblem is going to be better.

        But Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece.
        It’s literally perfect, i have no issues with it, the story is amazing, the atmosphere and game world is incredible and believable and is full of character and themes both subtle to extreme and dark, the combat is insanely fun, and adds life to this tired FPS genre, and Elizebeth is literallythe best compain ever, easily one of the most memorable character in any game ive played.
        Anyone who doesnt play it is either too young or a fool.

        1. Good grief, Bioshock infinite is a 9.5, propaganda much? There is a game that is going to redefine the FPS genre. It is yet to be showcased, and it is not even ‘Destiny’. My mind amazed upon getting a glimpse of it.

          1. It got a 9.5 to stop butthurt from people saying “ohh, wellllll, i didnt like it”, from silly little trolls and people like you.

            Its not ” propaganda” you twat, its how i amongst many many other people feel about the game.
            And dont say “well reviews got paid”. What, every fucking review site got paid? Shut the fuck up *facepalm*

        2. I’m gunna buy bioshock next week , just bought Luigi’s Mansion 2 , Lego city undercover and Monster Hunter ultimate for 3DS and Wiiu and Need for speed most wanted U. All of which are fantastic games.

          I’m trying to pull another £40 out of my arse , believe I am. But the thing is red raw with all the money that’s being pulled out of it. I played Bioshock for an hour and a half in my gamestore today , and it seems Borderline perfect!
          Console versions have to be a 0.1 less than PC version cus it looks and plays THAT much better.

      2. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        Bioshit, Legoshitty kidgaems boogaloo, Port hunter 3 ultimate, no thanks. Dark Moon is the superior game.

  4. The first one had the better bosses in my opinion ol boys not main bosses but the mini boss you fought the boos look kinda ugly in this game compared to luigi mansion plus the game feel less adventurous compared to the first one. but i like the ghost u fight in this jolly ol game they have personalty compared to the happy go lucky roughens in the first one the game over all has personalty compared to the last game. i do hope u see luigi’s mansion 3 on wii u so the game has the ability to have the atmosphere from the first one

  5. Personally, I feel that it should receive a 9/10. It’s one of those games that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. I feel only one point should be docked for the save system and that’s it.

  6. Up to the third mansion and still loving it.
    It’s almost perfect.
    My one wish was that there were more upgrades to earn and abilities to unlock.
    I didn’t think I’d miss shooting fire, ice, and water so much.

  7. The Xbots and Sony Units can’t stand people who actually knows how to have fun since they lost their touch with their inner joy…

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  12. So I’m not sure if I should get this or not…I didn’t play the first Luigi’s Mansion game and when I first learned about the second one I wasn’t too excited, but now I’m interested…Who thinks I should get it?

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