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Mark Rein Says He’s Sorry If He Offended People With His Wii U Comments

wii_u_console_whiteWhen asked last week whether Unreal Engine 4 will work on Wii U, Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein laughed as he replied ‘no.’ Rein says that the reason he laughed was because the question ignored other current-gen consoles, like the aged Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. On Twitter today, Rein said he’s sorry if he offended people with his comments regarding Nintendo’s latest console. Are you offended by Rein’s comments? If so, do you forgive him?

296 thoughts on “Mark Rein Says He’s Sorry If He Offended People With His Wii U Comments”

    1. oh yeah, i was totally offended because a plastic box is like that one person i love very much. how dares he humiliate my entire life?! mark rein, i forgive you for offending the plastic box.

    2. its not offence its having to PUT UP WITH HIM YOU INDUSTRY FUCKING SLAVE





        1. If I may quote “They Live” “I’m here to chew Bubblegum and kick ass.
          And I’m all outta Bubblegum”

        1. Yeah, pretty fun, eh?

          I love how my pointless toy has so much to do on it! I wouldn’t have thought, it being pointless and all. I mean, with Miiverse, awesome launch titles and a great future, it’s sad how some toys have no point.

          1. I love Miiverse so much! Of course, I can’t use it because the Wii U is a stupid toy for babies and if I want to be cool I need to get an Xbox with Halo and Call of Duty.

            1. i forgot the black ops 2 was even on the Wii U, i guess monster hunting has been way too much fun to care…

    1. Rein says that the reason he laughed was because the question ignored other current-gen consoles, like the aged Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

      that was not the reason he laughed his whole reaction and what he replied just shows he was trying to mock wii u saying unreal3 is a good fit and 4 is next gen says enough you cant cover that up.
      his so called apology still tries to group it with ps360 and its really showing.
      I wonder how much money sony and microsoft donated for this guy to go that far sucking their cock

          1. Yez, I am mad and jell-o ): He offended me by talking bad about my console of choice ;__; I know I am not alone though *sobsobsobsobsobsob* *lay down, try not to cry, still cry*

            No but seriously now. People take this way too personal. This is one of the graphic whores of the industry, it is his work ffs.

            1. Someone who realises? Haha

              I actually do wonder who takes him seriously enough to be offended. People who like the WiiU, continue liking it! This guy makes the very engine they call ‘cutting edge.’ That means to him, really, even the PS4 is a weak pile of crap according to some of the pcs they have in their office. So imagine what the WiiU’d look like to him?

              He has to sell his engine, telling people that ‘Oh, a well specialised engine on the WiiU can look fantastic!’ won’t garner much interest in his engine.

      1. He probably noticed how much the unreal 4 engine sucked on the PS4. Think it topped out at about 20 fps and it didn’t even look that great lol. The unreal 3 engine seems to look and perform better.

      2. big deal. i just want nintendo to act quick and get me them games pronto. have you ever thought maybe that’s what third parties are trying to do as well?. maybe by making nintendo feel bad, they will actually do 110% better not just 100%.

    2. Disagree, he’s just backtracking and doing damage control. Even if he isn’t he is still a dumbass for speaking before thinking.

    1. Nintendo couldn’t do jack shit, quite frankly they’re an embarrassment to the industry since the launch of the Wii. The gaming industry revolves around the Unreal Engine. The fact that he stated Unreal Engine 4 wasn’t meant for the Wii U just means it wasn’t designed for the last gen. This console is called next-gen but spec-wise it is clearly last gen. The industry doesn’t have to suffer poor graphics for another 7 years because Nintendo is being a whiny little bitch. Nintendo clearly owns the handheld market but when it comes to consoles Nintendo has lost it. Anyone who wants to argue that Nintendo makes fun games and they are original just stfu. The Mario games have been the same since the beginning and so has the Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo doesn’t make original games anymore, COD can fit in the same category as Nintendo games. They are the same thing over and over but a large people still enjoy them. So stop being a pompous ass and admit to Nintendo’s faults, they are no where near perfect.

      1. Wt a idiot. Although I agree that they need to start making hardware that won’t fall behind in a couple of years, that fact that you compare Mario and Zelda to Cod kills your whole argument. When it comes to the overarching plot yes they are the same. However the game mechanics are always fresh and never rehashed. There is a reason that many games from Nintendo are hailed to be some of the best of all time.

      2. “The industry doesn’t have to suffer poor graphics for another 7 years because Nintendo is being a whiny little bitch.”

        I cannot agree with that. Videogames are not only about specs; it’s also, and mostly, about gameplay.

        1. yes a game has to be fun, there is a lot of things that nintendo did wrong with the wii, like not give a damn about fans and not bringing the good games, but 3d mario zelda does change, besides the fact that skyward sword sucked for a zelda game

        2. Mate, sometimes I wish that we could just have this VIP section for this comment section, for people that are here to actually discuss and enthuse about NINTENDO on a NINTENDO NEWS WEBSITE. People like us, who, y’know, don’t lurk on a Nintendo News website trying to convince its followers Nintendo sucks.

          Anyway, I want people to look at it like this: the PS3 had 256 MB of RAM, and a GPU weaker than the WiiU. That console ran Uncharted 3, which is a mind blowing game, to say the least. Can you imagine what, if not some other third party dev, what Nintendo and its subsidiaries can do with the WiiU?

          1. I’ve been on this site longer than you bro. I’ve been here since back in the day when the visitors of this blog weren’t ignorant. They had opinions that actually made sense. Just because Mark Rein laughs at how funny the question of will it work on the Wii U, all these bitch’s start complaining. Literally you guys act like Hitlers to anyone who has a different view and or states something true. Nintendo isn’t known for having a quality system anymore. All they do is make sequels. They are fun but it still is milking the franchise. Anyone who believes that Nintendo continues to innovate has their head up Miyamotos ass

            1. The truth to the reality is Nintendo haters, like yourself, especially drones and graphic prostitutes act like Hitler so don’t deny it. Nintendo is known for making quality games and consoles and innovate the way we play games and change the system.

              1. Before the WIi I would agree but you are a Hitler for booing a man who had good reason to laugh at the thought of Unreal Engine 4 running on a last-gen (spec-wise) console. If graphics don’t matter why are you bitching about Unreal Engine 4 not working on the Wii U you mother fucking jack ass.

      3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Every one of you on this site keeps using Mario and Zelda as their argument. I’ll give you Mario but Zelda is still awesome, and you’re failing to mention HUNDREDS of other Nintendo games >_> Nintendo doesn’t just make Mario and Zelda games, and Zelda only comes out every 3 years.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Well it varies I guess. Spirit Tracks came out in 09 right? But the point was, Zelda isn’t rehashed.

      4. Please XD Wii won the last console war. Any questions about that?

        Affordability wins over overpowerfullness all the time. Developers have yet to utilize the PS3 to it’s fullest, I do not except them to fully utilize eighter the PS4 or next-box during their gen eighter. During the last 3 generations the weakest console has won. Any questions about that?

        And you have clearly no idéa what you are talking about when it comes to Mario games being repetetive. I would say Mario titles are some of the most variated as they are in alot of different genres.

        I do also object to them not doing original games anymore. Nintendo Land anyone? Also the new IP Miyamoto is working on can be promising. Luigi’s Mansion 2 also showcase more originality than any AAA title I have seen the last couple of years.

        1. Luigi’s Mansion is a sequel. IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND I’LL MAKE IT CLEAR, THEY HAVEN’T MADE ANYTHING ORIGINAL. Nintendo Land is also milking the party games genre, basically Wii Sports but carnival focus. The new IP Miyamote is working on maybe crap, he’s lost all originality as of late. The Wii was successful because it was cheap, a lot of people are facing money problems that’s why they chose the cheapest one of them all.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            IIRC It was nearly impossible to grab a Wii the opening month, let alone week. Parents going to retail stores at midnight because their kids wanted it desperately. Don’t give us that crap about money. :P Most kids/teens don’t give a crap about how much it is, they just want it.

            1. ^ this ^ people seem to forget it’s the kids that decide what they want to play and parents would rather buy a Nintendo than a Sony console when they see the new pricetag .
              Same goes for Microsoft

        1. I remember watching a Hutch video. In his video he said before he got an Xbox 360 he was a Nintendo loyalist. Got the Wii and a week later he sold it. Why? Cause it was a piece of crap. Didn’t offer anything other than an assortment of gimmicks.

          1. I regret skipping Wii, would have saved me a from the bad decision of getting Xbox 360, which I sold for PS3, which I sold for Wii U.

      5. You’re a fucking asshole and a fake game. CONGRATULATIONS. How about I will have a Wiiu AND either a PC , PS4 or 720 AND a 3DS .

        Joke of the industry with the highest rated and selling franchises ever. lol , live up to your name and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

        Zelda Wiiu and Smash bros. 2 games the Xbox 720 and Ps4 will struggle to match , regardless of their graphical capability.

        1. Stop sucking Nintendos dick Nintendo’s franchises are nowhere near a bestseller today. That title fortunately goes to COD. Most commenters on this site have their dick up so far up Miyamatos ass that they fail to release how crappy the games have been as of late. To say that the Zelda and Mario games aren’t rehashed is pure blasphemy. The only thing special about the games these days is they somehow incorporate the consoles gimmick into each console. Smash Bros. 2 I can honestly say I’m looking forward to, but it’s still a rehash of the franchise. Whenever I read these comments I look at how retarded Nintendo fanboys are, you guys bash COD and Activision but Nintendo in no way shape or form is different.

        2. Also dumbass Nintendo lost a giant portion of it’s fanbase after they released the blasphemy titled the Wii. Look at they’re current sales with the Wii U they haven’t won jack shit.

            1. Normal fans didn’t leave they want to play new Zelda’s and Smash n stuff .
              Fanboys are the ones who left when sony promised them 1a terraflop capable system that it was never able to pull off but they were to blinded to see it and keep defending it. Complain about a mario game while we got 10 COD’s in 1 generation i’m sorry but i’m just sick of those shooters i have black ops 2 and after 70 hours i’m done with it.
              Last week monster hunter came out i already played more than 70 hours and i’m far from done with it thats a good game not the same shooter mechanics over and over again.
              I predict the next COD will control exactly the same with some new texture skin and microtransactions .
              And your stupid for thinking fans left with the wii the fanboy community makes up for a few percent of the total gaming community if you only look at the COD sales in total including all the little kids that are playing it’s not that great max 20 mil on 4 different platforms is not impressive if thats the hardcore group your talking about i wonder what max sales for PS4 and next Xbox will be it’s really not that impressive

            1. That is unaccurate idiot, they are splitting up each consoles version you mofo COD is the number one selling franchise.

              1. You’re underestimating the truth, STFU. You’re denying the fact that Wii Sports (Wii) have sold over 81 million, Super Mario Bros. (NES/Famicom) at 40.24 million, and Mario Kart Wii (Wii) at 33 1/2 million copies worldwide. Accept it.

        3. Listen, no matter how tempting it is: don’t use insults in an argument, especially with guys like this. Otherwise, you sink to his level which is ”acting like a kid”. Plus, it provokes him which only makes him whine even more, meaning the rest of us have to endure him for even longer.

      6. Dude thats like telling Disney to stop using Mickey Mouse and the gang. Get over yourself. Nintendo has a clear image and they dont hsve to stray because you dont like it. It us s game machine, its up to gsme fevelopers to create something new to compliment the core franchises. How many God of Wars are there? How about Jak, Drake? Sony has ips they are milking as well, it gives us a reason to choose one over the other. Third parties should want alll of our business so they should try to support all of us and our buying decisions. I shoudnt have to buy a new console to enjoy BF4 or Assasins creed. I want that on my console that i play my mario on. Stop letting developers sway your purchase decisions. Make them change their way of doing business by supporting who you want to support. I bet you would buy a Mario game or Zelda if it was on PS4 or Nextbox, which would kill your argument right there.

        1. Alright than tell that to Activision and Ubisoft who do the exact same thing as Nintendo. Yet because they are more popular they get shit on while Nintendo is considered “Original”. No I would not buy a Mario game or a Zelda game on a console, only handheld.

          1. You know, i dont mind if they make more games in their franchises, its fine if it makes them money. My comment is about the fact that they support consoles they believe will sell well and leave others dry. They shouldn’t be biased to who should play their game everyone should get a chance to. The whole we will make a game and support 2 consoles and leave the other to dry is rediculous. They deprive some of us who may not want to buy another console. I had a Wii and a 360. Now in this gen I am going to stick with my Wii U. Now i have to miss BF4 cuz a developer wont support me and my decision. Its rediculous, and imo isnt necessary unless they are being funded by the other companies. FYI i can afford all the consoles i just choose not to spend my money like that anymore

      7. The only companies that earned to be called ”embarassment to the industry” are Capcom and arguably EA.
        The gaming industry relies on much much more than UE, it mostly revolves around the games each company has to offer.
        Mario and Zelda aren’t Nintendo’s only IPs, and even then every new installment in the Zelda franchise DID bring something new, and they take a longer time to be released; the same cannot be said about COD which just releases a new, rushed rehash every year.
        I wish I could say the same about Mario but he has been lacking lately, I’ll give you that. If the new 3D Mario shown at this summer’s E3 does anything less than ”blowing my mind”, then I’ll just give up on him.
        Lastly, I would recommand you to follow the advice in your profile name.

        1. I get your point, but it actually relies on it’s consumers :D If we don’t buy nothing then they don’t get nothing.

        2. Did you play Galaxy? That game is amazing. New Mario Bros and The 3D marios can be seen as different properties. NSMB Is more of the old school while the 3D Marios are more innovative. If it was only NSMB that was released every other year then the argument is valid, but its not

          1. DID YOU PLAY BLACK OPS 2 HERP DERP TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Just stfu, just because they change the look of the game doesn’t mean its different.

            1. A platformer is a platformer a shooter is a shooter. What your telling me is that Halo, Battlefield, COD, and any other shooter are the same then? How about Jak, Crash and Mario, platformers that just look different, but core gameplay would be the same. Run jump collect and make it to the end. How you defeat enemies are different sure, but they are the same. So you have an issue playing Multiple Jak and Daxters or its clone Ratchet and Clank? I bet not. To you they are all different in the same way Mario 64 is different than Sunshine, which is different than Galaxy which will be different than the Wii U Mario. They share the main character and the plot changes for the new mechanics that are introduced.

          2. Super Mario Galaxy was a wonderful game, but ever since then, Mario has been declining in quality. Every NSMB is just a rehash, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a glorified expansion and Sticker Star utterly crushed my soul (though Paper Mario might be considered a different franchise altogether).
            What upsets me about this is that, up until a few years ago, every single Mario game was different.

            1. And yet people complain when there is no sequel. “WE WANT MORE GALAXY!!!” Nintendo delivers and everyone cries about how its just the same. Since the N64 we have had a total of 4 3D Marios. Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1&2 (5if you count 3D Land) Thats it, since 1996, 17 years!. NSMB has appeared twice on Consoles and twice for DS. How many Jaks and Ratchets have there been over the last 10 years? Im just sayong when you look at the core games in the franchise they are unique from each other and definately far enough apart from each other except Galaxy which everyone wanted a sequel for.

        3. 3D Land was awesome, some how a perfect combo of 3D and 2D mario games with a second hard mode that is fun as it is hard. But i guess ppl focus on the “new” mario games cause nintendo is pimpn them out. once they finally add true online multiplayer the complaints will fade.

      8. The GameIndustry revolves around the Unreal Engine?

        Yeah, especially since, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, Konami, and many other publishers use their own in house engines. STFU, you’re a idiot.

        1. Most games run on the unreal engine jack ass. The only games that run each of those engines are the companies own games.

            1. he’s not realizing the engine is used 80% fps rehashes 15% mmorpg’s 5% something else .
              It doesn’t really matter for console gaming i’m not disappointed that i might miss out on 5% of games i might be interested in

      9. you are right, nintendo is nowhere near perfect, they are legendary!. they saved the industry when it crashed ages ago, perfected 3-d with mario 64 and ocarina of time, and introduced and expanded the industry to more people with wii. look, i’m dissapointed as hell with them at this moment, but i wouldn’t talk out of my ass like that and say nintendo are worthless to the industry. they did a lot more than any other company has ever done, do the research buddy.

      10. “Anyone who wants to argue that Nintendo makes fun games and they are original just stfu.” Not even going to bother. Trolling these days is so unoriginal.

        Also, you said to stfu. So you are allowed to have opinions that are against Nintendo, but people that have opinions praising Nintendo are not allowed on a NINTENDO WEBSITE?

        Just pointing that out lol

        1. Everyone has an opinion, but it’s common etiquette to keep unpleasant opinions for yourself.
          That’s what trolls on this website don’t get.

      11. “The gaming industry revolves around the Unreal Engine”

        Most hilarious joke ever.

        I’m sure you developed a very clever and logical argument grounded on this assertion, but I’m afraid i can’t force myself to read it.

        1. I know you’ll probably think I’m a “troll”, but the gaming industry really kind of does revolve around the Unreal Engine. look up how many dozens of great games use it.

  1. Good that he apologized, but the damage has already been done. What he said, and how he said it, was immature, ignorant, incorrect.

    1. Yeah, I’m guessing now a lot of developers who actually like the Wii U are going to stop using Unreal Engine for good.

  2. I don’t care either way, it’s not going to effect me.
    What was annoying is the fact all the haters got little erections and started jack off to “bad news” on a company they don’t even like, and therefore have no valid opinion on.

      1. Meh, Crytek at least admitted to saying that the Wii U can run CryEngine 3 amazingly. Reins just acted like the “Hip” kid in the class room that the only reason you hang about with him is because he has something you don’t… no balls XD

    1. This exactly. Creating buzz by being completely irrational and unprofessional, then doubling baxk on your words is despicable, considering how important he seems to think he is.

  3. Words mean very little in this situation. If he’s truly sorry, he’ll actually do something to make up for it.

    1. Yeah, like making a tech demo of Unreal Engine 4 running on Wii U, if he doesn’t do that I will stop using UE3 and just go to Unity and CryEngine

  4. I think it is still an act!! If he really did care about making fun of people or doing the right thing. Well he would try to get this engine on the Wii U or something similar to the Wii U!!!

    1. Well, I guess he was trying to say that UE 4 is just about the same shit as UE 3.
      They’re just trying to justify their existence in the future systems.
      He did say that porting UE4 game can be done to Wii U.

  5. Shouldn’t have made such a stupid remark in the first place. Develop for the Wii U! The hardware is wanting to be used!

  6. The way he said the things make him sound unprofesional. It dosnt surprise me if developers called him to cancel there unreal 4 licenses cause of what he said.

      1. Well, I agree a little with that. Now, this may be damage control by him, but he’s posted some interesting tweets in response to fans.

        One person said ‘Yet, Nintendo is still stuck with an obsolete engine…”
        Obviously in a defence, yet in a good way, Mark Rein replied:
        “You should Bioshock Infinite or Gears Judgement – nothing obsolete about those.”

        I don’t know, he makes a good point. Sure, IMO I think UE4 should at least try to be ported, but this is a good point. Infinite is freaking AMAZING.

      1. Are you kidding me? Ubisoft is currently the Wii U’s biggest supporter when it comes to AAA third party games.

      2. What the hell? ZombiU is an amazing (in some regions system-bundled) exclusive and you don’t even mention it?

  7. He shouldn’t be sorry all these pathetic nintendorks and their pii u got offended because he said pii u was a weak system which he is right by the way.

    1. Huh, someone was commenting exactly like you, calling the wii u pii u, but that person had a different name. And, Jellybean usually has numbers in his name. Nothing suspicious about this at all…

    1. It dosnt matter if it is true or not what matters is that he did it in a very unprofecional way. Now go run to your momy and tell her you learned something new from life.

    2. Truth? What was this truth he spoke of?
      Man is entitled to his opinions, but that hardly makes anything the truth.
      He has been twisting his words at the point, where you really cant tell what he wants to say.

  8. I like how he still considers the Wii U a 7th gen console. 6th gen was Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2, and Xbox. 7th gen was Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. The Wii U IS an 8th gen console, this asshole just doesn’t want to admit it. Just because it doesn’t stand up to the “processing power” of the PS4 or Xbox who-gives-a-fuck doesn’t mean it can’t out-match them in other aspects of gaming. If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will always think it is stupid.

  9. Words are nice. A better apology would be showing us how your engine would work on Wii U. See if you’re really right about it.

  10. No laughter? No comparing the console to a phone?
    So somebody in his company taught him how damage control is supposed to be done?

  11. There is no excuse to not put Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U, because I have just looked at the Wiki article about it and it says that it is aimed to run on 8th generation consoles. Correct me if I am wrong but Wii U IS 8th generation. It’s just pure laziness to be honest.

    1. Wii U is an 8th gen console when you go after the normal meaning of “next-gen” but if you go after the main stream meaning then it’s a 7.5th gen system.

      1. Uhhh, no. that would mean it was released in the mid life of the other two consoles. Which is wasn’t, if anything it would be 7.95th gen lol.
        But that reasoning is flawed anyway, since Nintendo is the long term player in this game they actually define the generations. sony is only in their fourth and MS is in their third.

        1. Yep, Nintendo sets the cue to generations.
          8th generation began when Nintendo went HD. This is what will be remembered ten years from now.

  12. im so offended. SCREW YOU EPIC!!!! how could you sat SOMETHING bad about!!!!!….. big breath…NINTENDO!!!! AHH FUCK!!!! im going to kill my self because… i breath, speak and live nintendo!!!!! DID yo say something true about nintendo, i cant take it… hanging up the rope

      1. shut up if somebody is going to say something bad about nintendo, well there is no point, good buy, i cant handle anything not good said about nintendo…… it makes me feel, dare i say it, a sonydrone!!! oh no!!!!

        1. What’s the good buy? Oh, you mean good bye. Right… Wow. Whey you try to burn people, at least do it with proper grammar or people won’t take you seriously.

          1. yea i need to check over what i wrote, because i dont correct my self if i see it when i post, that rhymed, are you happy nerds. i dont know who any of you guys are and its not like im writing a paper, so do i care no. oh and im not going to waste my time to write don’t like that its a waste of time grammar fags, and if i make you mad, you have to resort to grammar, typical last resort

  13. I don’t know why what he said would offend many people. After all, he meant it as a joke (since a lot of people consider the Wii U just an upgrade to the Wii and not a next gen console) Technically I believe it’s still pretty much on PS3 and 360 level in terms of specs, so it makes sense that PS4 and the new Xbox would be getting the next version. Either way as long as the Wii U graphics are already great, it doesn’t bother me much if they don’t get even better. Like DVDs and Blu Rays. Blu Rays are higher quality..but I can barely tell the difference

    1. No! He didn’t mean it as a joke. He knew exactly what he was doing. You don’t make it as far as he has by being clueless.

      1. I think he was joking though. He was just having fun with the fans. So you’re saying that he totally meant it as an insult and not in good fun? If so, then that’s not a good thing for him to have done, but I think it was meant in good fun..maybe that’s just me

    2. Well, unfortunately your ‘belief’ of the Wii U being on par with the 360 and PS4 is incorrect. I don’t really want to get into technical jargon here, but if you were to look at the tech specs of the PS4 in comparison to the PS3 without knowing what everything means then they are very similar machines, except the PS3 has more powerful processors. Wait is that right? Uhh, yeah it has 7 cell processors and it runs at 3.2 ghz. The new PS4 has 8 cores and runs at 1.6 ghz. Wait, wtf??? lol.
      Nah, realistically the PS4 is a fair chunk more powerful then the PS3 even though the jaguar processors aren’t all that spectacular they perform much better and at lower clock speeds then the old CPU in the PS3. This is an issue that many people run into when looking at the Wii U specs as opposed to the 360 and PS3.
      To fully understand all of it you really have to do a fair bit of research and have a good understanding of processors and how they work.
      Oh, and just so ya know, the GPU’s in the PS4 and Wii U aren’t that far off. The PS4 is better, but not by a huge margin over the Wii U’s and that is the backbone of the system.
      Also, for all those people spouting about the PS4’s 8gigs of DDR5 RAM, yeah, that is a great number and DDR5, yeah that is great, but here is the problem. This is shared memory for the APU (cpu and gpu on the same die) and with it having a mechanical hard drive that will effectively be the slowest part of the system, games will likely be loaded into the RAM and rum from that instead of running off the HD as that is becoming the trend which means a lot less will actually be used for the game like normal. I assume it will be this way because with digital downloads and distribution being such a large factor now days running the game off the HD would cause the system to bog down immensely. This last bit is just my thoughts of how the system is likely to run.

      1. Alright, I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot of the technicals involved. I just hear a lot of hearsay, but I’ll take your word for it. It’s just that the Wii U games in terms of animation look much better than say the Wii, but still not quite as good as the PS3 (IMO) so assuming that the PS4 looks even better than the PS3, then that’s why it feel slike a generation gap. Of course I haven’t played that many Wii U games and the console’s just getting started

  14. Except… he doesnt understand that the Wii U is NOT current gen!!!!!! JESUS! Maybe if he knew his facts this wouldn’t have happened. No, I don’t forgive him…

  15. Geez, people actually getting offended by what he said when he never even insulted the Wii U. Even if he did, it’s not like he insulted you personally.
    The fact he actually apologizes despite saying nothing wrong per say shows he’s a respectful person and he meant no offense.
    If anyone is still mad at the guy I’ll just say this: If you’re offended, then you deserve to be.

    1. He insults the Wii U when he says it’s comparable to the PS360, rather than on the same bench as the future PS4. Because it’s false and brings bad publicity to the system. This is called defamation and can hurt the company that suffers it. Nintendo, a company that means a lot to this important leisury activity that is videogaming, for a lot of people here. Therefore, he made an undeserved attack on something we rely on and relies on us, which is why we feel offended, too. A lot less, I grant you, but still, this is a minor offense to those consumers who have a very legitimate faith regarding Nintendo.

      The fact that he only apologized for offending us, and not for lying to the face of the world, in very inconsiderate and unprofessional terms shows he’s a disrespectful person who doesn’t know when to admit he was wrong.

      I’m still mad at the guy, but it’s for a more profound reason. The fact that through these ridiculous statements and the proof we got less than 24 hours later that his engine actually runs on the WiiU, he is merely looking for excuses not to optimize his so-called state-of-the-art game engine shows a lot about how he sees his company’s job, and not in a good light.

      The very least to do when you create a game engine and hope it to be used by most developpers is to bring it on every system available. At least the million-selling ones. This man is telling us to our face that he doesn’t do his job properly. That’s reason enough for me to despise him.

      I’m sick of start-up-running thirty-year-olds acting like they can make or break a console that was engineered by people who worked in the videogame industry before they were even born.

  16. I am truly sorry about what I said, I did not mean to offend as many people as I did.
    I know people want me to run Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U and I would like to see someone have a go at putting it on the system but we just see that the next gen consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Infinite are the more capable systems. I actually own a Wii U and to be fair it is an amazing system so any of you haters out there of the system can stop sucking me off because I actually enjoy playing on the Wii U and it is a powerful system, just not as powerful as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Infinite (even though the Xbox Infinite is actually some what on par with the Wii U in terms of power).

    I hope you all forgive me for my unprofessional talk at GDC.

      1. Sonydrone? is that a new word for a Robot made by Sony?
        Ha, I do like Sony but really I’d prefer Nintendo over them since they make incredibly awesome games such as New Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, amazing games and I can’t wait to get my hands of Super Smash Bros.

      1. Oh my dear boy no, I’m not an identity theft, you clearly need to be educated some more because I am the real Mark Reins

      1. Well for one that the Wii U is running on a 1.5 GHz PowerPC processor with a 580 MHz GPU, 2GB of DDR4 RAM and a custom built motherboard. So yeah I pretty much know how it works inside and out.

        Also if I didn’t own a Wii U I wouldn’t have said the system is amazing.

      1. You clearly are a hater who hasn’t even touched upon a Wii U yet. I think your IQ level is below average because only a hater would have a Neanderthal’s brain

        1. The neanderthals actually had a bigger brain than we did (unless I mistake it for something else) but oh well…

  17. I like All 3 current gen consoles

    I like all the current gen consoles, and the mystery behind the next gen ones as well. I was somewhat offended by his comments… It was like him saying… Oh Wii U… pffft hahahaha. Lol, but I swear I didn’t feel as if he laughed because of the absence of Xbox 360 and PS3 with regards to the Unreal Engine. The Wii U and the next gen consoles will all be succesfull, but how can the three be on par with one another when you have people like him who just look down on the system like that. I was bothered just a little by that article, yet I don’t care too much because his opinion is his own, just saying. I still have my Wii U and enjoy it, and as long as the graphics on every game looks like Need For Speed Most Wanted, or somewhere in there… hell I’m good.



      1. I like All 3 current gen consoles

        I can’t… I get Smash Bros. urges… lol. I’m kidding. I haven’t played Brawl in a minute though. I sucked at it, but I was always playing it. Hey you don’t own a copy of Brawl for Wii do you? I would love to play you or anyone else on this site.

    1. He’s in a commercial business. He has to appeal to his consumers and others in the industry. Of course he had to apologize.

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    1. Question. If he said the exact same thing about the next Xbox or PS4, you would be okay with that? Also, people like myself weren’t exactly upset with him for what he said, but HOW he said it. This constant back and forth about Wii U being next gen is ridiculous. Bottom line is this. For me, Wii U IS next gen. My definition is simple. Is it better than it’s predecessor? YES! If a console meets that criteria, than it’s next gen to me. This use to be the industry’s definition of next gen.

      1. I would’ve cared even less if it was Xbox of Playstation, are you assuming I’m what a lot of people here call ”sony drone” just because I’m not being as protective of Nintendo?

        1. No I don’t. However, you’re the one assigning labels, not me. For example, I’m a fan of video gaming in general. Had he made the exact same remarks about the next Xbox or PS4, I would’ve been upset. Why? Because of HOW he said it. He has a right to his opinions, but as a professional, you need to be careful of how you convey your opinions or it can hurt financially. As a leader, you always protect your company. Not just the image, but those individuals who work for you as well.

          1. I get your point, although I fail to see where I assigned labels.

            My comment was directed at those who shouted direct and personal insults at Mark Rein as if THEY were the ones who got insulted. In fact, he didn’t even insult the Wii U, he was just horribly mistaken about it, which he admitted hence why he apologized.

            I don’t like the guy, but I feel like I have to paraphrase Yahtzee/Zero Punctuation here ”Nintendo is a big boy now, he doesn’t need others to defend him”. Nintendo can clarify things like that on their own; they don’t need their anyone to childishly insult some guy over something as mundane, especially if it’s after he offered an apology for the misunderstanding.

  19. Although this doesn’t offened me, he could still make up for what he said. So I don’t completly trust this guy.

  20. I own a Wii U. I LOVE the Wii U, but I am not alone in thinking that it just isn’t a next gen console. The fact that many of it’s games are just re-releases of previous generation games is NOT doing well for the image that it’s next gen. I am a fanboy, but I’m realistic. Some of you need to reassess what Nintendo is all about, and that is delivering fun and exciting experiences unlike what the the competitors. The Wii U will do that, and worrying and engaging every Nintendo hater only makes us look awful.

  21. Nintendo fans we need to get a thicker skin and build up more tolerance. In all honesty it wasn’t a good idea for him to speak out like that but to be honest he got caught up in the moment.
    Who can honestly say they don’t have a friend that they have made a joke about behind there back. I think he was trying to be funny and now look where he is.

    With that being said There is a lot of unknown about Nintendo. The other manufactureres will be selling there systems at a bigger loss than Nintendo will be.

  22. I for one have an opinion about something that is unecessarily offensive and will instigate. Please angrily reply with your conflicting opinion so I may do the same. Thank you.

  23. The dude is just a twit that is worried he has lost face in his field of work. Who would hire the idiot now? People seem to have lost the ability to filter what goes from their brain to their mouths. He’s probably pissed cause of the crappy PS4 demo running the unreal 4 engine demo.

  24. No, I’m not offended. Because I’m not the one that designed the Wii U. If anyone here was actually offended by this then I don’t see how they’ve made it this far.

  25. Forgiven. He admitted his mistake.

    Everyone who is too sensitive.. Dont forget to slide your tampons in as well.

    1. Please grow up. If iraqi is after you and you will be so upset and scared.. Aren’t you too sensitive either ? Human is part of sensitive, you silly!

  26. Forgive him is okay but he knew it before he say an offend things to people. He made an excuse and I dont listen to him anyway.

    1. Wow! you must be as lost as Mark Rein. They fact that the Wii U is more powerful that xbox360 and PS3, plus it’s direct X11 features, 1/2 the Wattage use. Being able to run a scaled Unreal engine 4 just like the PS4 and Xbox720 also won’t run the full Unreal engine 4. By the Way it and CryEngine 3 are on the same footing. Guess which console runs cryEngine 3 with ease :). Happy Easter a prayer for you :).

  27. He’s apologizing calm the masses. The whole comment was funny in the first place because Nintendo is always playing console catch up.

    1. No silly they are playing console catch up with what? The Wii Was designed to revolutionize gaming and win a generation. Which it did. All other gens nintendo was more powerful or in the mix, go study your gaming history, you skilled the whole cyllabus :).

      1. Nintendo may innovate, but they miss out on key third party support by not investing in more powerful tech, aka their past two consoles.

  28. Absolutely not. His original laughing at the possibility of Wii U support was child-ish and his “I’m Sorry” was so half a**ed it isn’t worth the pixels that comprise it…

          1. Racist inbred losers not welcome on mynintendonews. 2013 and you are insecure. The real bill is a troll, you are but a misplaced idiot with not comprehension of which is his rear end mouth or?

  29. Well, since he did apologize and all, he really got my respect. It’s not everybody (at least in a position similar to his) that recognizes a mistake (or that he could have offended someone), and says sorry for it.
    Really, he got my respect.

    1. He said sorry for offending people. Not for slandering the Wii U, which was the real mistake.

      Apology non accepted.

  30. clearly better hardware for visuals dont win console wars sony knows this ms learned with 360 xbox3 is gonna be a shovelware console with beautiful paper trees and sunny sun shines

  31. Wow. I’m surprised he didn’t go “Sorry if I offended anybody… but the wii u isn’t next gen still lol”
    It’s like a trend. Every time someone says that, the company ends up in a heap of trouble or they end up apologizing and looking like fools.

  32. am i offended? no
    i knew that UE4 was highly scalable and could be ported to wii u no matter what

    am i convinced that mark rein is not a good PR person? yes

  33. In other words, “I’m sorry you people get so offended by me stating that I basically don’t give a damn about your console. Quit being cry babies and suck it up already :)”
    That smiley is a very important part of that quote, it is absolutely necessary

  34. No this poor bastard thought he could get away with a snarky comment and then tried to maintain quality control but honest his diversion was the same thing as taking a shit in front of somebody and then going, “so that weather today eh?”

  35. He really needs to just stop talking. Anything he says at this point will only make things worse. We are smart enough to understand that he feels the Wii U is a 7th Gen console on-par with the PS3 and 360 rather than an 8th gen console on-par with the PS4 and 720. He feels that the Wii U specs are inferior tech compared to the PS4 and 720 and it is beneath Epic to port any games using Unreal Engine 4 to the Wii U.

    Fine. If that is what he believes, so be it. Just be a man and admit it. He’s entitled to his opinion.

    My opinion is that Unreal Engine 4 runs just fine on the Wii U and doesn’t need to be scaled at all to run it. I understand that the Wii U will probably not be able to run Unreal Engine 4 at it’s absolute max (there is a chance that the PS4 and 720 won’t either.) However you would think that he would be smart enough to know than if the Wii U can’t, the successor to the Wii U will rip it to shreds and be able to run Unreal Engine 5 just like the PS5 and 1080, 1440 or whatever the 720 successor is called. Burning bridges with Nintendo like this is NOT a good idea. especially the fact that companies do not have to use UE4 for cutting-edge HD graphics. Every major studio has their own next-gen engine now and the medium-range to small independent studios will probably rely on the Unity engine as it is light-years less expensive than UE4.

    So they could find themselves in a bad situation real quick. Nintendo will survive without Epic. Nintendo will survive without 3rd party support. Epic will NOT survive if the PS4 and 720 do not do well. They’ll wind up just like ID Software.

    1. “My opinion is that Unreal Engine 4 runs just fine on the Wii U and doesn’t need to be scaled at all to run it”

      ” I understand that the Wii U will probably not be able to run Unreal Engine 4 at it’s absolute max”

      those are 2 contradictory statements

      no the wii u won’t be able to run UE4 at max settings, thus it will have to be scaled down

      PS4 isn’t able to run UE4 at max settings either, that much has been confirmed by the elemental tech demo that was shown at GDC
      the differences to the PC version are obvious at first glance

      that being said, nintendo is known for using their own homemade engines, which are capable of getting the absolute maximum out of the available hardware

      nintendo will never be a major customer for unreal engines

      however epic have an indie licensing scheme, which allows studios to license the UE at no cost, provided epic receives a cut of the profits

      1. That’s not a contradiction. The Wii U can push Unreal Engine 3 further than the 360 and PS3 can just like the Wii could push Unreal Engine 2 further than the XBOX could, etc. It’s pretty simple to understand that a system that is more powerful than another can push a engine further. Just because the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U doesn’t mean UE4 has to be scaled down to work on it. Epic doesn’t have any idea on how far UE4 can go than anyone else does because as with any piece of technology, how much you get out of it depends on the talents of the artists and programmers. Games do not make themselves.

        A good artist can do more with less power than and bad artist can do with more power. There is more ROOM to work with the PS4 but if the developers and artists aren’t talented enough to use it it won’t make a difference how much power it has. One of the reason my 1st-party Nintendo games look and play so much better than 1st-party titles from other companies is because of the talent level of their artists and programmers. Not to mention their painstaking quality assurance policy. I know this for a fact from an independent game development company (Digital-Iris) that I am currently doing concept art for now.

        I also acknowledged that the PS4 probably cannot run UE4 at maximum settings when I said…..

        ** I understand that the Wii U will probably not be able to run Unreal Engine 4 at it’s absolute max (there is a chance that the PS4 and 720 won’t either.) **

        So I don’t know why you brought that up other than to be facetious. Seems like you cherry-picked things and took them out of context to try and start an argument.

        The point is that the Wii U can will run UE4 just fine. The PS4 and 720 will have more room to work because they have more memory. The Wii U will eventually hit a ceiling where-as the PS4 and 720 will be able to keep going. It won’t be for awhile. Nothing we have seen from the Wii U or PS4 even scratch the surface as to what there max will be at the end of each console’s life-cycle. Late-gen PS4 games will have graphics better than the Killzone:Shadowfall demo and late-gen Wii U games will look better than the Japanese Garden and Zelda HD demos. It’s been that way for 40 years. It’s not going to change now.

        1. “That’s not a contradiction. The Wii U can push Unreal Engine 3 further than the 360 and PS3 can”

          you were talking about UE4 though.,.. and the only system UE4 won’t have to be scaled down on will be the PC, that’s already obvious

          yes i did cherry pick those 2 statements because they *are* contradictory and i did not feel like replying to a wall of text with another wall of text..
          you were saying one thing and then you said the opposite in the very next sentence

  36. Apologized with another diss, great! Wii u is not a current gen console it is next gen what a bunch of idiots!!

  37. Honestly I don’t care as long as wii u gets unreal tournament 4 he can laugh all he wants hell i will even laugh with him.

  38. I don’t think people should forgive him until he actualy brings a brand new UE4 game to Wii U same day as other next gen systems. True talent is scalable to all available hardware :p

  39. I’m not offended, because why? I just think for a CEO he showed that he is super unprofessional, which made the choice of not using UE4 for my games alot easier.

    There was no reason to be a douchebag, he could’ve just said “no, we are not interested in the Wii U for our Game Engine” but no, he had to be an idiot. Good way to get rid of potential customers…





  40. I’m sorry, but who honestly cares? So he said Unreal 4 wouldn’t run on the Wii U. Whoop-de-freakin’-do.

    Also, that’s a pretty lame apology.


























  43. wiiu gpu edram 32mb
    durrango esram 32mb
    xbox360 edram10mb

    but wiiu isnt next gen DO YOU BELIEVE THE SHIT YOU GUYS COME OUT WITH???

    xbox 360 32 gb bandwith edram to gpu core
    durrango esram to gpu core 100gb bandwidth
    wiiu 140gb bandwidth to gpu core BUT NOT NEXT GEN OKAAAYYYYyyyy….

    xbox360 gpu sram less than 256k
    ps4 gpu total on board catch 512k sram (no edram or anything at all)
    durrango512k sram plus 32mb sram

    wiiu 32mb edram +2mb edram +1mb sram (twice that of ps4 and durrango) sram level 2 catch


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  45. Hello fellow Nintendo bretherin. A little known forum called ‘’ is responsible for some of the baiting going on in here and the comments of the last few posts. They post links to this blog on there forums and then they all laugh at us and humiliate us. I am a fellow Sheep too. I need your help. They rip into me every day and call me nasty names. I put on a brave face but I can’t take much more of it. Sign up to systemwars and help me fight these dirty Xbox gamers back. Please. I need your help. ;(

    1. I recommend you don’t visit sites like that if you can’t take it .
      Most of the people on that site are little kids who have nothing better to do just watch their language.
      They’re probably between the 14 and 17 years old no adult acts like that.
      And if you’re truly a gamer you just switch to your home menu start a game and do what these consoles were made for enjoy yourself.

  46. The fact that he only apologized for offending us, and not for lying to the face of the world, in very inconsiderate and unprofessional terms shows he’s a disrespectful person who doesn’t know when to admit he was wrong.

    I’m still mad at the guy, but it’s for a more profound reason. The fact that through these ridiculous statements and the proof we got less than 24 hours later that his engine actually runs on the WiiU, he is merely looking for excuses not to optimize his so-called state-of-the-art game engine shows a lot about how he sees his company’s job, and not in a good light.

    The very least to do when you create a game engine and hope it to be used by most developpers is to bring it on every system available. At least the million-selling ones. This man is telling us to our face that he doesn’t do his job properly. That’s reason enough for me to despise him.

    I’m sick of start-up-running thirty-year-olds acting like they can make or break a console that was engineered by people who worked in the videogame industry before they were even born.

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