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Resident Evil: Revelations Should Launch At Both Retail And Nintendo eShop On Wii U

Capcom’s senior vice president, Christian Svensson, has reassured that the Wii U version of Resident Evil: Revelations should launch at retail and the Nintendo eShop. The survival horor game will be released in May on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. If you just can’t wait to play Resident Evil: Revelations, purchase the original edition from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS for only $19.99.

Will this be on the Wii U eshop on the day it comes out in retail …

Christian Svensson: It should be digital day and date with retail on WiiU and PS3. For PC in North America, it’s already digital only. :)

81 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelations Should Launch At Both Retail And Nintendo eShop On Wii U”

  1. Who cares…just another 3rd party shovel ware…..the 3ds version should of stayed an exclusive….i tweeted mark unreal engine rein…and told him the big N community is out for his head and are ready for a boycott

    1. Ummmm I’ll take a quality 3rd party title even if it’s a port. It’s not shovelware and it’s being called the best RE since RE4 so no…I’m glad it’s coming to consoles.

      1. Yeah i know…..but i think if you take a portable game and market it as a console game then it becomes shovelware…for any god damn system. ……..portable games are made for short time plays that last about 8-10hours..a console can have 20-50-100 hours…yes i know that u can put 100 hours into pokemon but thats not 100 hours of start of story end of story…i put 60 hours after beating the game…so thats why i ask if its a short console game…short game for me = shovelware..

        And im not a troll…i love all video games and consoles… pls dont call me a troll ;(

    2. FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL TROLLS AND FUCK SICK/ALBA…………IM OUT ……..sickr and abla have created a circus attitude here by not banning trolls, trolls make this page get out of hand…and its you who are not helping…………..I grew up with every gaming tech out there since the atari…and all this generation has been….my dick is bigger than yours is, my shit is gold wtf grow the fuck up…you over sized spoon feed babies…instead of fighting over this and that get along and dont get controllled by the video game industry…new engines come out because they engines equal new systems.. System life will become shorter and shorter and devs will spiral out of control…some gret devs have died off already….so keep up with the console wars….you just might kill the whole video game industry… going to go play my big manly games fucking gay that BILL is

      Fuck you fuck you fuck you…….im out

        1. I could care less my focus is being real……and the real thing is, the whole gaming community has become a joke. I see video games as art and the hard work that goes into them beyond anything that any of us have gone through…i will not let videogames die off because of spoil brats that never had an 8bit system bitching and starting console wars….thats annoying

    1. Are u serious ? get some real friends instead of asking strangers to follow you. This isn’t some pedophile club , it’s a Nintendo news website.

  2. So if how long was the 3ds game???? Seems like 3ds would be like 8 hours or more… this would be the same or longer????

  3. DEFINITIVE VERSION = ON THE PC with TRUE 1080p, 60fps, almost no load times, best controls and cheapest price

      1. Ah, the PC maybe the best in the graphics department, but I absolutely loooaaaathe PC controls. It’s just my own personal opinion, but I mean, c’mooooonnnn.

          1. Why wouldn’t I just get a console then if I’m already using a console controller? Graphics I guess? But I really never see the difference in graphics from an Xbox to a PC.

          2. haven’t seen a wii u gamepad that can hook up to a pc yet, but im sure someone will get to it eventually.

  4. RE:R gonna be awesome on ps360, amen for that and i bet RE:E didn’t sold enough copies on that shitty handheld.

      1. I see your point. Sales of Revelations on the 3DS were very poor. Same with MGS3D, Sonic Generations, and Castlevania. I guess Nintendrones really must hate the little third-part support their systems get.

        1. actually it’s probably because they came out around launch, remember when everyone said the handheld was going to die… yeah seems long ago now. Most Nintendo fans don’t hate 3rd parties either look at the love RE:4 and eternal darkness get. heck people are buying wii U’s just because monster hunter 3 is on it!

    1. I like how you’re on a Nintendo site and how you didn’t mention the Wii U even though the game will [basically] be the same on all 3 systems.

    2. It’s a good thing that shitty handheld isn’t constantly selling more copies than any other system. Oh wait, yes it is.

  5. Yep this will have great gamepad controlls for the wii u as option screen.That’s why am buying watch dogs on wii u as to ps4.Yes ps4 will have better graphics but gameplay comes the wii u gamepad is flipping amazing.

  6. Sorry im crazy with the post today……what i think about the wiiu and where its going…………..

    I beleive nintendo knows that if systems keep upgrading specs and not the way you play, devs will hit a wall…that wall is PC. Soon systems will be on par and be as expsenive…. With that said Nintendo knows this and is trying to escape while they can, kinda what they did back in the 80’s with atari…

    Every thing either dies or reinvents itself ….and i think this is the system that reinvents gaming… People that grew up in the 80’s had seen 8bit go to 1080hd and realize that as they grow older they want to go back.. Look at the rise of indie games…….video games were meant to be fun..never real

    Nintendo will survive once again because people will NOT want to pay half a grand to have fun……nintendo will survive because they will make great AAA inexspensive games while other devs will be paying blockbuster mounts of money for AAA games….

    So calm down everyone …..this nintendo system will be great…i have a feeling they will flood this system with great old school games and new ips….if you think nintendo will just turn over and die, then i feel bad for you…they can easily sell the system on their own….unlike the wii NINTENDO is NOT limited….

    But one wish for me is… if Nintendo used some of that piggy bank on some old dead titles…The nes had tons of great games that could sell the shit out of the wiiu….not just Mario,Zelda,Pokemon….or even buy some old 3rd party games and update them a la Ninja Turtles , adventure island, iron sword,

    1. Mate, haha, you just summed up a lot of what a lot of us are feeling. I just don’t post too much because, well, fanboys are fanboys. Which means they’re beyond reasoning, and will just keep on saying the WiiU’s gonna fail.

      And yes, I hope that Nintendo will flood the WiiU with the most amazing 1st party titles, and encourage third party devs along the way.

      To be honest? I want to see an Uncharted type IP from Nintendo. A third person adventure game that keeps showing how much better the console can be, and has some of the most amazing story and gameplay.

        1. All ruined when Microsoft bought rare, huh banjo 3 will never see the light of day at this rate.

      1. Never played uncharted….but i know nintendo has great characters and gameplay…story is iffy on some….i think if you took the whole zelda story, its one of the greatest stories ever….nintendo never really gave thought about their ip’s..look at the the Mario movie…….the movie writers asked how to bring mario and luigi to life and Nintendo was dumb founded because they never gave thought about it…….
        Metroid other M would be the closet to uncharted in my op….

        But then video games need a deep story???? I grew up in the 80’s where my best memories were just mindless gaming for hours pondering what the fuck was really going on

        And that goes with my post above about Nintendo jumping back……
        People will get bored buying and playing story driven-solo campaigns for a one time play and done..a la movie or book…

        Hey im not trolling your reply……..

        1. Video games should have a story. Or would you prefer if all game were mindless, repetitive wastes of time like GTA, Mario Kart, sports sims and Call of Duty multiplayer?

          1. Yup..unlike a spoiled brat that you are…i grew up with the every system and i can now look back and say…I PREFER MY GAMES TO BE MINDLESS FUN……..its a game……

          2. not everything needs a point, I love a good story but, some games get bogged down by having a story, like tekken the story makes no sense and really no one cares about it, they just want to play with their friends and have a good time

    2. If you actually think consoles will be on par with high-end gaming PCs, the you are clueless about the industry.

      1. Wait what am I saying? You ARE clueless about the video game industry. Just like your clueless about most thingd that go in this world.

        1. Technology is fast….and will catch up sooner than u think…..clueless nah. Genius nah….my ego isnt someone who hides behind an alias, and talk shit day to day. It must be a “myspace/ xbox live ” generation thing….sorry

          1. PC gets new and better parts every 4 to 5 months. So unless a company releases a console at that rate, consoles will never catch up to the best of gaming PCs.

            1. for someone who calls someone else clueless or mindless, i pitty you…i have no answer nor reply for you

                1. Dude you have a ton of typos on your post..dont even go to that level with me,,,,,lol. Sdnmsskdidiwowkdmxkoa,sxjdmeidslz,s trool that u suxxxa

            2. I feel dumb when i try to out smart someone older than me…how you do you do it?? i have no clue because im clueless…..your so fucking smart…like i didnt know that back in early 90’s when pc gaming split from console…

      2. Shit i must of forgot to proof read my post…did i forget the HIGH END part?…….. And im talking about money not graphics…..i got over the whole graphics thing during the mortal kmobat snes/genisis days..a true gamer knows what im talking about…

    1. Yeah i told sickr how classless this page has become….i grew up with atari up to the wiiu…every gaming machine has gone through my hands…and i get told im clueless…….this site is full of spoiled brats that are mad because the golden years of gaming are behind them…..

      1. dont worry man im only 18 and i think that the snes era was the best from what ive played, why does every game need a boring story now days like resident evil, cod, why its just boring and uninteresting. unless its an rpg or something there shouldnt be a huge story in the game!!! ps3 and 360 have every 3rd party game on each of there platform. those console are almost exactly the same!!! while the snes and the genesis had a ton 3rd party exclusives on each of there consoles or if they had the same games it was usually different

      2. I was born in 97′ and I love the classics but I also love the new games that come out, no sense in just living in the past or the now, might as well enjoy the past and the present to make a better future

  7. Pretty cool, if this is going to 360 and PS3 systems, the PC and the Wii U versions of RE:R will be the best.

  8. This should have remained a 3DS exclusive. Only reason its going to other systems is cause RE:6 fucking sucked lol.

    1. It’s like capcoms saying. “Hey we can still make good games see? THis one you already played? yeah we’ll add some new features and call it a new game!” oh Capcom your so silly, still im excited for this new enhanced version

  9. I agree I want to see return to old classics,super nes games wise not one console as come close.I would love to see some of them games in hd completely brand new games and see old classics on virtual shop ie super star wars.

    1. super star wars was on wii virtual console, I believe they are redoing all the virtual console titles on the wii u with new control styles, so I bet super star wars will be on the Wii U eShop soon, if it’s not already on there

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  11. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Looking forward to this. While playing the 3DS version I thought it was the type of game that would be a natural fit for Wii U. This will be awesome.

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