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EA: The Death Of Console Gaming Is ‘Very Premature’

xbox360_wii_playstation3In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Electronic Arts chief operating officer Peter Moore said the death of console gaming is ‘very premature.’ Moore acknowledges that the console business makes up for more than half of EA’s business, and he thinks that although playing video games on mobile platforms is becoming increasingly popular, people still enjoy playing video games in the comfort of their homes, on the TV screen.

“The console business is still a core part of our business; it’s the majority of our business. The demise of console gaming is very premature as far as we’re concerned.”

“We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives. And so, people still want core games. People want to sit back in their living rooms, take advantage of their HD TVs, and and play fully immersive games like [Battlefield 4].”

-Electronic Arts chief operating officer Peter Moore

96 thoughts on “EA: The Death Of Console Gaming Is ‘Very Premature’”

      1. Yes, Wii U and the Steam Box are next generation devices, as they come eight in the chronology of console gaming.

  1. “as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives.” Seriously EA, just shut the fuck up. Any chance of you making money off Nintendo fans is squandered further and further with each piece of shit like this that spews from your mouth. I hope you fucking die like THQ.

      1. No, because EA fucking suck.
        I wish Romney would buy them and liquidate all their assets.
        EA has great developers, thats it.

      2. Not really considering all the stupid comments they’ve made about Nintendo, especially after announcing their “unprecedented support” at E3 2011. Even with the Rayman Legends debacle Ubisoft has shown much more support for Nintendo than these “Enormous Assholes”. To show my appreciation I will be buying Watch Dogs later this year.

      3. Harsh? Not at all.. There is a reason they got the award (voted by consumers) as the worst company in 2012 and are well on their way to winning it again in 2013

        1. Right. I was a little confused due to your last line: “I hope you fucking die like THQ.”. It seemed to show a fair bit of animosity toward THQ.

          I agree with you in regards to EA.

  2. Oh crap. If EA says consols will still be around in the future you know every one of them is going to die. Damn it.

  3. Hey i was wondering if anyone can answer this but, you know those plastic card cases any DS game came in? does anyone know where i can get some spare ones?

    1. Nintendo Club regularly offers those cases – actually, a very fancy one, with 18 slots, unless I’m wrong – but, of course, you have to trade your coins to get them. Alternatively, you can find some cases that harbor three DS/3DS cartridges in almost every game/electronic store, such as GameStop, Best Buy, and even at Target and Walmart. Generally the latter ones come with some Stylus alongside.

      1. Thanks for noticing and replying, but i was talking about when you go to game stop or wal mart and get a DS game i just want a spare of those im having issues finding ones, im young so when i get older i want to be able for every one of my 3ds and DS games to have a box. again thanks for the reply

        1. Anytime.

          Now I see what you meant. Well, so far, I’ve never seen replicas of DS/3DS boxes. Good luck looking for them, though.

          1. You could swing by ebgames/gamestop to see if they have extras or if they know where to get some maybe. I haven’t seen any to purchase though. Did you buy some games used without the cases?

        1. search for replacement ds game case. You can also do the same same search on Google. If you want cases with the sleeves of specific games, then Google and Ebay would be a better bet.

  4. OK, everyone knows that mobile gaming is getting stronger. However, my question is: where are the buttons? >.< I can barely spend 2 minutes playing either on my smartphone or my tablet.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I’m not sure of mobile gaming is better than airplane gaming or not. Airplane gaming, as in, using the TV remote to play solitaire XD

        1. Wow, that is something I completely agree with. I have a few games on my tablet and I have to admit, at first it was fun and interesting, but it dies out after a bit. Even with some of the better games like Dead Space and Modern Combat, Asphalt bla bla bla. But the problem is that the controls BLOW, and even though the visuals are decent, the games always feel pretty shallow. They seem to lack the depth that brings me back to console gaming. I see a new game that is highly rated on my tablet and I can’t justify spending 2-10 bucks for it, but I have no issues spending 50-60 bucks on a console game because the experience is just that much better. Funny really.

          1. Agreed. The mobile gaming lacks immersiveness. Everything – or at least, almost – is so plain and repetitive. Console gaming will last long.

  5. I agree. Console gaming (especially ones like the wii u, wii, and other unique consoles) are IMHO better than PC gaming, SteamBox, Ouya, or whatever because they provide something that they don’t: innovation. It’s wrong to say that the PS4 has the best graphics, or the Ouya is the top of the line; in one year a new chip will come out that will be the new standard. But for example, the PS4 has a touch pad controller that will help add another layer to the gaming experience. The Wii U has motion controls, and Gamepad support(the gamepad is really awesome; it just needs to be used properly by Nintendo in a game to show how it can bring a host of new innovation) that you can’t have on PC. Graphics wise, PC is infinitely> consoles. Innovation-wise Console are > PC.

    1. Yeah, I generally agree. They make it easier to have a better gaming experience IMO. I used to be a huge PC aficionado and kept up with PC gaming, but the issue is that I spent most of my money on the damn PC then on GAMING! Plus console gaming is simple, and that is something a PC is not.

  6. No its not.
    Even if all the current console makers die out, people will want a simple solution, PC’s require maintenance, upgrades ect.
    Some people don’t want to deal with that, me included. I just want to buy a product and have it work, so someone, probably Valve, will make what is essentially, a console.

    The only reason EA is sayin this is because they want it to happen so they can exploit the SHIT out of consumers.

    1. “We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives.”

      He TOTALLY ignored the fact that the Wii U even exists! What an immature douche!

    1. Some people like the simplicity of the consoles, and not spend so much money on hardware and focus there cash on the software.

      1. I hate expainig simple things. The pc market is very unstable 1 day you are making millions and the next everyone espect to play for free.

    1. The Ouya and Nvidia Project Shield are interesting platforms because they bring the hand held market to the home TV. I’d personally go for the Nvidia side thought cause it is supposed to support steam and stream from the PC as well or something funky like that. But it all comes down to price and what it offers, I already got my Wii U so I doubt I’ll be purchasing any other consoles for quite some time as I would rather be buying games :D

  7. On another note!!! Wii U is going to rock out some 3rd party AAA games this time a round! I bet you E3 will announce GTAV for Wii U as well as Metal Gear Solid 5, we already have Bayonetta 2, Watchdogs, the next Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Resident Evil Revelations, big possibility of Destiny on Wii U, Rayman Legends is coming, technically we have ZombiU and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Gods Among Us is coming to Wii U(looks awesome!), Also the Walking Dead survival instinct is on Wii U. This is already more support than the Wii got and there are plenty more AAA 3rd party titles on the way I AM SURE!

    1. I partially agree. In fact, if all that happen, we’ll observe a good and strong third-party support to Wii U. But rating all those games as AAA titles… Well, it’s debatable. In my opinion, the only argued AAA title that is skipping Wii U is Bioshock Infinite.

      1. I am pretty sure they would all fall under the category of AAA games. Yes, I agree about Bioshock. I also wish that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance made it onto the Wii U. Not that it really matterd to the Wii U as a whole, just a personal preferance. I feel very confident in what P!nk Crystal posted above as what will happen! Cross our fingers!!

      2. Wonder if it could get a port or late release on the Wii U? I wouldn’t mind playing that one. Not sure about the racism in the game… but I won’t dwell on that…

        1. I feel that Bioshock Infinite makes use of racism to show the dreadful reality of it. But since I didn’t put my hands on it, it’s hard to say further. But… I do want to play it.

    2. Errr, Walking Dead: Survival Instinct should not be in that list, it’s terrible. But I get the gist.

  8. Nice to hear really even though there was the plug for BF 4 lol. Can’t blame them though, I would have done the same thing.

  9. “We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games”

    Notice they didn’t include the Wii U in that list. More proof that it’s next gen!

    1. BF was a good series, until they tried to monkey little too much of COD (still better than COD though).
      Dead Space was a good game, until they tried to please COD kids.
      Mass Effect was a good game seriers, until they decided to sell half of the game as dlc’s
      I really hope I dont have to go in the Dragon Age series.

  10. You Nintendo fanboys don’t have to worry about this he’s only speaking to the relevant gaming community which you guys are not a part of.

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of sad that you’re here bitching at us, kinda shows you have no use for your Playstation consoles.

    1. And I wont be “enjoying” Battlefield 4 on my PC either.
      Disappointment with BF 3 and not bringing fourth for Wii U makes my decision easy.

      1. Yeah, I don’t really wanna buy Battlefield 4 on PC, I have enough shooters as it is. If it came out on the Wii U, that would be a different topic.

        1. I might buy it for both, WIi U and PC, especially if console versions would have inferior multiplayer again.
          But maybe only for Wii U, if it ended being as mediocre as BF 3 was.
          But since they’re not bringing it to Wii U, I don’t have to bother myself with it.

  11. Your all thinking way too hard about this. There is no point in making next gen games for only one console. They never said wii u wasn’t part of the next gen. They also didn’t add it to the list of last gen. It was said there will be little difference in the start of the next generation at first.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many red herrings in a paragraph. Who’s saying that EA should only make games for one console? In what world would that make any sense at all? I have an idea. Why not address comments and topics people ACTUALLY SAID here. Speaking of what people actually said here….

      “They never said wii u wasn’t part of the next gen. They also didn’t add it to the list of last gen. ”


    2. Actually, even in this post, he said the Next-gen when it arrives. That means that he COMPLETELY excluded the Wii U from the list. That son of a bitch.

  12. I’m definitely with EA on this one. I don’t see console games stopping anytime soon. That would be awful for the gaming community and even worse for me! I don’t play any download or online games. I only buy console games and they have to be in their original cover. Glad that EA is voicing their support

  13. Trying to pick a fight in the hope of winning a pointless argument. Nice! I’m only 12 so lay off. The way I look at it is next gen truly starts when all the consoles are out so they can start pushing what they can do. They are making current gen games at a lower cost right now making next gen games now for just the wii u would be pointless. Sorry if my opinion bugs you. But no need for derect hate. I my self don’t think the wii u can compet with the next consols derectly and I have a wii u. I also think the cost of the wii u will give nintendo the edge. I do understand that he did exclud it by not bringing it up. His point was to assure people that consols were safe in the future.

  14. I agree that the “death” is very premature, I mean they just brought out the Wii U with some fantastic games to come in the next 12 months or so. Then of course we’ll probs get the PS4 soon ish and next Xbox. Also not to mention I think e3 this year is gunna kill! I feel like we’ll have loads of new stuff on Zelda, for Wii U, and 3DS, plus Wind Waker images/footage maybe. On top of that’ll we’ll have Mario kart news plus the new Mario 3D game for Wii U. Maybe some Pokemon X and Y news too. There’s loads still to come. (hopefully Metroid too)

    One thing that annoyed me about this article is about how they said next gen hasn’t started yet…. wait what?? 3DS 2 years ago? Wii U 6 months ago?? Ahem.. yeah right…. we’ll see PS4 and Xbox eventually, but as usual Nintendo have been innovative and been able to get their console out at a decent time rate from their previous console (6 years to be exact, from Wii to Wii U).

    Also I do enjoy playing some “games” on my iPod touch…. yknow, on the train for about 5 mins. I might add that these games are the free ones I play, I can’t be doing with paying for games from the app store cos I know it won’t be worth the money. Also it seriously kills the battery, and this is just my iPod, I can’t imagine people with iPhones using the games often as their battery would suffer.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, yes people like to play games on phones, for a short period, but people, including myself would much rather play home console games on the TV (now in HD with the Wii U) for longer periods of time and not have to worry about batteries running out (yeah I know you have to charge the Wii U gamepad and 3DS etc but not as often and it’s not exactly hard plus you can still play while charging)

  15. Reblogged this on RRB's Games Blog and commented:
    Ok, so I agree that people still want on screen/TV action, but hasn’t android officially launched an intergrated gamepad? It will not be long before Apple follow/finetune it, Microsoft will sign a deal for someone else to do it and you will most certainly have the mobile platforms/processors/graphics to handle or rival the ‘bigger’ consoles.

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