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UK Charts: LEGO City Undercover Slips From Eight To Twenty-Five


TT Game’s Wii U exclusive LEGO City: Undercover has slipped from number eight to number twenty-five in this weeks individual formats UK chart. Nintendo 3DS exclusive Luigi’s Mansion 2 isn’t doing too badly though as the game is sitting proudly on the number five-spot. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is currently nowhere to be seen. This is presumably down to the stock shortages which Nintendo Europe president Satoru Shibata apologised for late last week. Here’s the full UK individual formats charts.

27 thoughts on “UK Charts: LEGO City Undercover Slips From Eight To Twenty-Five”

    1. Oh, and my GamePad adapter is almost broken. I can’t move it without it stops charging, so I can’t play and charge at the same time… Does anyone have a idea where I can get a new one?

      1. There is a USB charging cable I use.
        It’s great, plugging right into the fromt of the WiiU, (or other USB power source.)

        If you find one, CHECK IT. There were a bunch of bad units with the wrong adapter inside.

  1. No surprises there! With non-existent advertising, it’s gonna happen. Well done again Nintendo!

  2. I just completed it yesterday. Was a lot of fun.

    The final mission is excellent! Was like something out of Mass Effect.

    Only had an 18.2% completion rating when I finished. Took 13.5 hours. Thats just for the main story.

    Will try to build all the superbuilds I’m missing, then I’ll sell it. I can’t be bothered to find every single little thing. Theres just too much stuff to find.

  3. Considering UK is one of the most hostile environments to our swarm, we are doing fairly good…

  4. This game is just so damn good. It is the best wii u game so far for me even after beating the great nsmbu.

  5. LEOG city rulz!!! I stuck though. I’m on Chapter 7. I”m at the space center and I’m am supposed to get a space cuit. However, I cannot clime on top of the space center? Where is it. PS. Don’t forget that Nintendo has something to show off at E3 something big, mean scary, grounbreaking, powerful something I don’t even know what it is yet….but I will find out or my name ain’t…. jtz!!!

    1. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is one hell of a game one hell of a game indeed. I’m not worried about the Wii U. I’m not worried about PS4 or 720 anymore since I found out what Nintendo is going to be unveiling at E3. Something mean, powerful, unique, groundbreaking, scary, something I don’t even know what it is yet…but I will find out or my name ain’t….. jtz!!!

  6. It is proabley due to that not a lot of people own a Wii U in the UK yet and that LEGO City Undercover seems to be around £49.99 everywhere.

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