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Capcom Canceled Mega Man FPS Reboot Developed By Metroid Prime Leads


Online gaming publication Polygon has discovered that Capcom were planning a Mega Man reboot codenamed Maverick Hunter. The game was a first person shooter developed by Austin based Armature Studio, the development studio which was founded by Metroid Prime’s creator. The game was thought to take a darker route built upon the mythology of Mega Man X. The radical game was canceled and was only in development for six months in the first half of 2010. You can read more about the game right here.

94 thoughts on “Capcom Canceled Mega Man FPS Reboot Developed By Metroid Prime Leads”

  1. Mega Man could’ve had a Prime style reboot????? AND IT WAS CANCELED?!?!?!?! Man that must sting for Mega Man fans who’ve played the Prime games.

      1. I really hope you’re not just saying that because it’d be an FPS. FPSs aren’t bad, the fact that there are so many of them is what’s bad. Also, Metroid Prime was badass. It would’ve worked great for Mega Man.

          1. Me too Mike.
            Looks like they missed your point. It’s not about being a FPS.
            It’s about the great team behind the Prime series working on the reboot. It wouldn’t just be a FPS.

            I think it would have been great, oh well.

        1. Not all games need to be fps. The thing that they even considered would have mean that the game going mainstream just for the sake of… they would even ad aiming down sigths and a black sargent that dies at the end.

          1. Any game that incorporates first person view and shooting is technically and FPS and can be called that with complete validity, even if the first person shooting is not the main focus of the game, as it happens with the Metroid Prime games.
            Just because the genre of FPS is plagued by bullshit games for manboys it doesn’t mean you have to hate the genre or fear the term, it is still been show to be able to do good things, just like any other genre.

            1. #1 Shooting was the main focus of the Metroid Prime trilogy.
              It just had much more than shooting going for it, thanks to its roots as an adventure/platformer as well, so it stood out among the genre as something special.

              #2 Portal.
              It’s first person.
              You shoot little balls of glowing energy for the sake of traveling to other areas and pick up stuff with your “gun” to throw around, but it’s as far off from a First-Person Shooter as Mario is from Gears of War.
              There’s an exception to every rule.

            2. THANK YOU! Someone who finally speaks sense. Great games like Halo, metroid prime, and other fps games are insulted and expected to be just blood gore and guns, when in fact they are much much more than that!

      1. The whole Prime series was awesome and brought a refreshing take on the Metroid universe and backstory! Opinions are what they are… Opinions!

    1. This game looked great and the videos are only of the prototype of the game! I would love to see this type of reboot for the mega man series, or something akin to metroid:other M… and I don’t care what all the uber loyalists to Metroid say about Other M, that game was great and brought a believable realism to the character of Samus Aran as a human, but also as a bad ass!!

      1. It would’ve been better if the game was an origin story that took place before the original. But considering how far down the timeline the game is, I find it ridiculous that that’s how Samus acts after all the things she’s accomplished, especially after killing Ridley FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES. There’s a good review by The Gaming Brit on YouTube that sums up the game’s inconsistencies quite nicely.

        1. I don’t need to see some random review about a different oppinion and take it as fact. I liked Other M a lot, and I too don’t care what other people said. Other M is completely consistent to the previously released Metroid Manga that tells all of the backstory in which Other M is based. I loved that manga and I was happy to see a videogame referencing it. I mean how do you expect this:

          Not be a traumatic experience? She obviously had to face her fears before when she fought Ridley, and she sure expected it to be dead. It’s just that past games didn’t have such level of characterization on her.

          1. No, it is not.
            By this point in her life in the manga, she had already gotten over her trauma.
            And even so, this is a game and thus it has to be consistent with the games, not with an obscure manga that was never serialized outside Japan.

            1. No, she didn’t got over her trauma, as Other M made it clear. Why did you think she had, in the first place? You just assumed it.

      2. Other M is a writing nightmare with mediocre gameplay and oversimplified mechanics.
        You can’t take characters that have existed in a franchise that goes back up to 20 years and pull them out of character only so they can serve your Mary Sue power fantasies. Hell, even if the characters do not belong in a franchise, it is important to make them plausible within their universe and backgrounds.
        Other M does none, it produces absurd and hindering traits for Samus Aran, transforms her into a weak, ineffectual crybaby and robs her of any agency over herself, significant accomplishments, and the usual notion of raw power she has.
        This isn’t even about the cheap shot of a story, the boring environment or the nonadjustable motherhood theme; this is about the character being changed from what has been represented in canon, this is a no-no even for inexpert writers, and is called pulling a character Out Of Character.
        And even if one were to consider Other M as a standalone product, which it is not, Samus still has the problem of being constantly referenced as the person who singlehandedly destroyed the entire population of SR-388 and completely obliterated Zebes, yet the game doesn’t vouch for it, she constantly wobbles and falls apart in emotional tantrums, even to the point of getting disabled by a single shot, in the back, from an, as of then, unknown source.
        And man, is she useless; she can’t free herself from a beast, Anthony has to do it for her TWICE, she can’t save nor avenge Anthony, she can’t kill Ridley, she can’t stop the Deleter from killing the team, she can’t kill the Deleter, she can’t destroy Zector Zero or the unfreezable Metroids, she can’t save Adam, she can’t defeat the new Mother Brain and she can’t save Madeline or herself from the Federation, Anthony has to do it for her AGAIN.
        See? I’m not even pushing the Prime series here, because Other M seems keen on denying its existence, I’m talking about what the game itself tells us and expects us to believe. That the person who resisted an all out attack from Mother Brain, with no means of defense and no means of destroying it; and eventually overcame the challenge, cannot do a single important thing in this game.
        Adam is equally damaged, Mary Sue-ified over her, he’s a clear case of power fantasy gone overhead, he’s physically stronger than her, psychologically stronger than her, capable of feats she can’t accomplish, yet this is all conveyed through a very imperfect way, the man is emotionally abusive, actively hindering and even physically aggressive, but this is never addressed as something negative; voila, instant Mary Sue traits.
        The other members of the team are red shirts save for Anthony, who while doesn’t have much to his character anyway, he does have an unsettling height, which also serves my Samus point. In Other M Samus is not only modified personality-wise, she’s also modified physically-wise to look more like a sexual object and less like a soldier. She’s short, with hips almost inhumanly wide, breasts a size too big and generally the body build of a Maxim model. This is inconsistent, no-one who carries that bulk with their body’s strenght alone, constantly running through harsh environments can have that body, basic anatomy logic suggests her body should be much more slender and muscular, with developed legs, smaller butt and hips, hardened abs, smaller breasts, broader shoulders and neck, and developed biceps. I agree that they have to make her appealing, but Prime 3 and Super Smash Bros Brawl managed to make her look much more realistic without losing on the sex appeal, if something Other M makes her look like a post-pregnancy woman, wobbly and soft.
        See? That is just the overview of a few characters and it gives reasons for one to criticize the game for entire paragraphs. Standalone characters (Melissa and Madeline) aren’t really much better, bot being weak and ineffectual despite both holding charges of power. Story-wise, the game pretty much changes or denies entire games in order to make its story work, which still doesn’t work because it is inconsistent with the harsh and militarized universe it portrays. The gameplay is only mediocre, it’s not incredibly broken (Until you go on first person mode), but it tampers with a well-established formula that already worked well, replacing the actually doing stuff that previous games had us do with a system that basically shouts “Press x to not die”. The game is short and linear, the environments forgettable and rehashed, the bosses are few and, for the most part, borrowed from other titles, which in itself causes other problems of continuity (I’m looking right at Nightmare and Phantoon), etc.
        I could write an entire book on why Other M is not only a bad game, but also something that systematically tampers and damages an otherwise impeccable work of sci-fi art.

        1. Correction: You could write an entire book on why YOU THINK Other M is not only a bad game, but also something that systematically tampers and damages an otherwise impeccable work of sci-fi art.


          I’m not saying Other M is the greatest thing ever, it’s probably the worse Metroid game there is, but even so I enjoyed it quite a lot, because even being the worse Metroid game, it is a Metroid game. I didn’t get all the hate, honestly. I had some issues mostly because of the linear fashion the game had and almost no music, but the plot was solid.

          1. It’s not what I think, it’s analyzing the writing of the book under the standards of professional writing, something that would be expected from a mainstream multimedia franchise.
            The only true opinions here are your “arguments”, as per the definition of opinion, they lack true basis and are subjective.
            Check and Mate, honey.

          2. ” I enjoyed it quite a lot, because even being the worse Metroid game, it is a Metroid game”
            This is one-dimensional bias, you’re not rating the game on what it accomplished, you’re rating the game on the name that appears in the box art.
            ” I didn’t get all the hate, honestly”
            Well, you weren’t looking closely, because if you would at least try to understand that Other M is the equal of taking Ellen Ripley, dressing her in pink frills and throwing her in All My Children, you would kinda get why the game is universally panned by anyone that is not in the fan bias bandwagon. It’s called pulling characters out of character and making them inconsistent with their universe, their backstory and, in this case, their future.
            “The plot was solid”
            The plot is full of holes. Wanna know them?
            Samus is physically smaller than previously stated and shown, she claims that Adam was her father figure, not Old Bird or Gray Voice; plot threads pop up for the simple purpose of furthering the central one and vanish once their purpose is fulfilled, reaching unsatisfactory conclusions at best (Ridley), or none at all (The Deleter); speaking the Deleter, how did the Federation think that an underdog with a gardening tool could take out the most powerful thing in the galaxy?; MB is shown to be capable enough to fight Samus all by herself, yet we never get an actual fight, Madeline succumbs to her underlings when they take away her daughter despite being in a position in which her power would have avoided the obvious outcome, Samus becomes overpowered by a single shot of Adam’s Mary Sue gun.
            Inconsistencies with Prime: Unfreezable metroids already existed in previous iterations and Samus was able to fight them even with less advanced technology, Samus claims Other M was her first joint mission with the Federation since leaving it, guess Echoes and Corruption never happened.
            Inconsistencies with Super Metroid: Samus abandoned her “beloved baby” in a research facility, not Auntie Dora’s daycare, a research facility, in the past, one of the metroids cloned from the infant became a Queen, which is impossible as cloning only produces genetically identical individuals,
            Inconsistencies with Fusion: The dialogue of Fusion strongly suggests Samus did not know what Nightmare was before she encountered it in NOC.
            And a lot of that stuff is also inconsistent with the 2004 manga and the other manga like the Echoes one.

            1. Ok, honestly that’s enough from you, your constant rants are annoying and your continual push of ideals into other people are close to being a communism. Other M was, in some ways, very inconsistent with the rest of the series. Although this is true, I personally liked the sense of giving Samus Aran a human appeal. Not being able to do everything on her own, needing help from time to time. I understand many people didn’t like that aspect, they didn’t like the linear gameplay, they didn’t like the minimal control design, but that’s their opinion, that’s your opinion, and these are our opinions. You can rant all you want about how much of a complete failure this game was to you, but seriously you’ll always be left with one unavoidable fact, its your own opinion based on your own tastes and personal beliefs. If you just can’t keep your 3 page reports to yourself then I honestly recommend finding some friends with similar beliefs, not give a rhetorical analysis of a video game that some people liked and some people did not on some random article online. Metroid: Other M was not a true metroid game in my opinion, but it was a nice change that I had no problem adapting to. It’s not a concept I would continue to support, but for ONE game that was made this way, BY A DIFFERENT STUDIO, it wasn’t horrible, it was acceptable, playable, and interesting. Learn to play and immerse yourself in a game without over analyzing and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

        2. Um… valid points, but this is a video game and I enjoyed it for the gameplay and the pseudo-alternative story that is metroid. Trust me I picked up on the problems in the game, I just still truly enjoyed it and have played through the game about 5 times. It’s fun and I think TN did a good job

    2. It kind of does because I think it would’ve surprised us like how Metroid Prime did. Well I guess it all depends on the developer too.

  2. They’re really an awful company. The over priced DLC, the refusal to do anything new or interesting? Like, why bother?


  4. To be honest, I doubt a first person Mega Man would have worked. Especially a dark one, just look at that horrible Bomberman reboot on XBLA. I’m kinda glad this was cancelled. (FLAME SHIELD RAISED)

    1. I understand you, many people said that about how a FPA approach was a bad idea for a Metroid game, but at the end, that was like the best thing to happen to the long time sleeping franchise, and the fact that this game was supposed to be made by the Metroid Prime’s creator make me think that the same could happen to MegaMan.

      1. Would’ve been good, but it didn’t look very mega-man. Metroid Prime was still metroid. I still want a 3rd person megaman with pointer controls for shooting. Think of crossing Metroid Other M with Sin and Punishment 2.

        1. Yes, indeed now that i watch the videos of what could have possibly be the Megaman FPS, I have to say it did not look alot like what I expect from a Megaman game… but still hope the studio keep those things, if they change the name from “Megaman” to someone else, they would have a pretty damn good new FPS IP to make alot of money with it.

  5. Sounds like a horrible reboot, leave megaman the way it is, if they want him to get a reboot they should ask Nintendo for him to be in smash bros first to get people hyped and then make a reboot like they did with Rahman origins but with with the graphics of trine 2 and gameglay of megaman x, just don’t ruin megaman, like Activision did with spryo in the god awful skylanders series, I mean its not that I don’t like fist person shooter its just it could turn out Like metroid other m and we all know how much that hurt the metroid fan base

    1. True, my beloved Spyro, was destroyed in that Skylanders franchise, is not the same anymore, even if the Skylanders are a good game or sell a lot, i don’t care; they manage very bad the character there, so..
      About megaman FPS, i don’t think it could work. The “megaman” essence wasn’t there(i don’t care about the graphics)

  6. Good thing it was canceled. So many fans would have raged. Kind of reminds me of that edgy Bomberman reboot.

  7. It would give a chance for new fans to play Megaman…

    I have never played a Megaman before and I would definately play this…

  8. IMO, a FPS Mega Man wouldn’t work. The main Mega Man games has always been a 2D platformer/run and gun series, with some exceptions here and there such as Legends. I personally think they should foucs on some of the older series and bring them back to life such as X (my favorite) and a new Legends game.

  9. I don’t really like the idea of a dark tone, but then again, the X and Zero series did that ages ago. Their story was incredibly stupid, as is the entire Mega Man chronology, but still.

  10. Dear god. Just stick to the platformers, Capcom! Super Rockman Adventure is a good example of why first person shooters and Mega Man games don’t mix.

  11. This could’ve been like how Metroid was once a platformer of a sort and Prime made it a great change. On the other hand, it would be like how Bomberman got that dark-n-gritty reboot.

    Sucks that Mega Man gets the shaft once again, though it would feel like pandering to the DudeBro Shooter crowd.

    It’s a real double edged sword.

  12. Fanchises have reboots and spinoffs all the time or take a direction that vastly improves the franchise. Metroid Prime is a perfect example. Not all FPSs are bad. It’s the ones that are lazy, over hyped and repetitive that are bad. Mario was a 2D platformer for the first games. No complaints for the 3D. Zelda was a top down adventure. Not anymore. If you can instill the feeling of the franchise and change the gameplay, you can still make a good game and be true to the source material.

  13. Honestly, I think this particular cancellation was a good sidea. A dark FPS-style game I think would be bad for the series. Mega Man is a very cartoony series, kind of like Mario and Kirby. A dark FPS-game would have been a horrible idea.

    1. Adding to that though, I will admit that the series really has nothing better to do at this point, and a reimagining of the X series would be interesting.

      1. Imagine this: A gritty FPS version of Mega Man 2. How many of us wouldn’t be running around throwing metal blades at baddies? (Or each other. Because you know there would be some multiplayer action happening. That might be a bad thing.)

    2. They could have kept a traditional cartoonish design aesthetic and still done that sort of FPS game play. That would have been interesting. It shows their lack of creativity that because they went the FPS route that they also went the FPS art style route as well.

      1. Possibly. Although, the article did say they were planning to incorporate some of the platforming elements from previous Mega Man games, so it might not have been a totally bad idea now that I think about it. I mean, it supposedly had Inafune’s approval too, so he must have seen something in it.

  14. I would’ve actually invited this change of pace especially megaman and metroid are fairly similar. -sigh- son of a betch.

    1. Kinda agreed.
      Being able to jump-strafe to avoid fire while allowing the camera[not player aim, just the camera] to be locked on with the press of a button so that you don’t lose your target, that would be a handy addition to pretty much any shooter I can think of.

  15. a new low for capcom even if they are supporting wii u, why cancel every megaman game in development? what do you have against it? stop with “new megaman game coming soon” and halfway through development “its canceled”. you guys mey end up with ea as the worst company if this keeps up

  16. So Capcom cancelled not one, not two, but THREE Mega Man games (that we know of atm)
    This is why I wish they’d sell off the franchise to someone else. But I doubt that will ever happen. Shame.

  17. I’ve been saying this for years that Megaman would be a great game to make into a FPS like Metroid with the Prime games. Now that it was close to being a reality and being cancelled is just a slap in the face to Megaman fans. Why does Capcom have to cancel every good game, yet they rerelease fighters and whatnot? Damn Capcom.

    And I think if the game was polished enough it could of actually been good. But we’ll never know.

  18. No man come on,why man ? why? Not canceled this game.So sad and disappointed about that news seriously.It was a day 1 for me :(

  19. I don’t have anything against FPS, but a megaman fps? that just doesn’t seem right :\ Would it be better than nothing? Probably not, but I’m still waiting for a megaman game for the 3DS.

  20. its your father of that darn gamepad and get to bed

    it was a poor mans prime and everyone would know it so it was cancilled

    capcon begged nintendo not to tell anyone and that such things wouldnt happen again,nintendo then shown pictures of pachter with a small boy

    il update further when i get the juice!!

    1. Probably because:
      1. It’s first-person.
      2. You shoot things.

      Generally when people see that, it’s labelled a FPS. And honestly, no matter what others say, Prime feels like an FPS to me. I don’t where this FPA crap comes from.

  21. Honestly, I would of get this. I love it when they do something new with Mega Man like battle network.

    Not sure why some people liked it when it got cancelled. Is it because it’s something new? And if not like, then don’t buy it anyway..

    I really hate Capcom now from what they keep doing.. It’s like they don’t accept anything new for Mega man anymore, and they probably cancelled it because it’s a new spin off. Kind of sad.. I hope this project one day gets un cancelled..

  22. well i saw some vids and it does have a resemblece to metroid prime trilogy and it would have been an awesome game if it came out exclusively to wii u (cuz of some retro devs)

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  24. Reblogged this on RRB's Games Blog and commented:
    Well that sucks!!! I think Capcom have a serious screw loose when it comes to Mega Man, they have kicked and screamed at realeasing ANYTHING new for the franchise, the last being 2007 for the DS! They still say it is going to be here in 2013, but I mean REALLY!

    The Streetfighter anniversary game doesn’t count as it was fan-made, and is PC only!

    Bring our Mega (Rock) Man into this millenia please!!

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  28. THat shiT Would of Been awesome i bet. I was skeptical about Metroid Prime before i played it and it ended up being sick as balls.

  29. FPS FPA FPD STA STD who gives a sh*t. It’s megaman. I would of been all about it. And people don’t rant. No one wants to read all that. Playing the megaman street fighter game as we speak. Retro games fo life.

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