Alex Ward: Need For Speed Remake Is ‘Totally Fake’

need_for_speed_underground_remake_logo_rumorYesterday, we reported that a Need for Speed: Underground remake could be in the works, according to a logo sent into EGM Now. Apparently, these rumours are entirely false. Criterion Games creative director Alex Ward enlightened fans on Twitter that the game in question was just a rumour and nothing more. Earlier today, he tweeted: “Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots? #movedon”.


  1. Well they should make it cause the first two NFS Underground games where the best! Acuras, Hondas, Mazdas, Toyotas, Nissans, now those were badass cars.

    1. Yes, I loved those games, I remember I got my Honda Civic and customized it so much it didn’t even look like one at the end… Aww I loved NFSU2

    1. lol fag need for speed real man racing game. mario and wiiu are for losers and fags GET A 360

  2. NFS U wow it kinda makes sense for the Wii U lol. I love this series of games. I would sell most wanted for underground. Drag racing, customization. So good

  3. “Remakes and Reboots? #movedon” Ironic coming from the team that remade Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted.

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