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Groove Heaven Announced For Western 3DS eShop Release

groove heavenGroove Heaven is looking to set the rhythm and tempo when it comes to the 3DS eShop courtesy of game developers Peakvox Labs and publisher Teyon. Released towards the end of 2012 in Japan, Groove Heaven’s western launch date is yet to be determined, but the trailer may just get your feet tapping in the mean time.

The rhythmic adventure, promising to give you a ‘groovilicious’ time, sees little demon Rhymi try to reach her goal by delivering a love letter to a beautiful angel. The aim of the game is to get Rhymi to the top of the tower by walking, jumping and dancing to the beat, collecting red roses and musical notes for bonuses on your way. Features of the title include:

  • Over 30 levels to complete in Story and Timed mode
  • More Bonuses! Red roses and pink musical notes to collect
  • Disco Time! Pick up the beat with the rare Golden Note

7 thoughts on “Groove Heaven Announced For Western 3DS eShop Release”

  1. I’m sorry, but I cannot see any appeal to this game. So much hand-holding, so simplistic and there is literally one song. If there is “over 30 levels”, then we’ve basically seen a good portion of them already, with no variety in background or music, and music is THE most important thing in a rhythm game. I’m sorry, but I’m calling this game shovelware already.

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