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UK Charts: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Remains In Top Five, Lego City Slips Again


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon remains the best-selling Nintendo 3DS title this week as it remains at number five in the UK individual formats charts. Wii U exclusive LEGO City: Undercover didn’t fare quite as well as it slipped from number twenty-five to number thirty-five this week. Bioshock Infinite remains the best-selling game in the United Kingdom. You can view the entire charts, right here.

18 thoughts on “UK Charts: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Remains In Top Five, Lego City Slips Again”

  1. to be fair, We do have like 30 million 3DS consoles sold between Wii U so you can not say that Lego City has done bad because really, it has done pretty darn well to even get in the charts and still be in for weeks, even if it has gone down.
    Great to see Luigi’s Mansion 2 going on a treat :)

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  3. good good let the hate flow ahh but glad luigi mansion doing good across the world this seems to be selling better then mario 3d land

  4. Nintendo Commander

    Our swarm continues to hold off the enemy in the UK and as our future titles arrive, more of our forces will triumph!

    1. Preach commmander they surely are feeling the greatness of games made to challenge an entertain. As of tomorrow my EU and PAL counterparts it’s on monster hunter 3 ultimate online all regions. Poor neutron, I hear he has not gotten over the 5 hour long campaign in Crysis 3.

    1. Vgchartz nintendo is doing so great in the US you might have stomach pains if you are a troll. Gamers love it though. The US is the biggest splash market.

        1. As for Lego city, Wii U is new and I figure 94% of Wii U owners own it already. When is a Wii U direct for real though? Nintendo us up to something on Wii U! You can tell.

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