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SEGA Confirms Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD Remake, But Not For Wii U

SEGA has confirmed that an HD remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is in the works, and its being developed by SEGA Studios Australia. The game, which originally released on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, will arrive this summer on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Interestingly, SEGA didn’t announce whether the game will hit Wii U, but based on a listing made last month by the Brazilian ratings board, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse should see release on Nintendo’s latest console.

105 thoughts on “SEGA Confirms Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD Remake, But Not For Wii U”

    1. “it” represents what?
      If “it” represents Castle of Illusion, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s considered a cult classic.
      If “it” represents the Wii U, keep hating boy-o.

                1. Because you’re a monotonous prick who sounds like a broken record.
                  ”Wiiu sucks” ”you’re on welfare” – I just predicted the future of your comments you sad pos.

                  Have fun with the 2 games a year you have to beg mumsy to buy for you, lol.

                  1. I stated in a previous post I have already bought multiple games, plenty of games this year already with the money I work for, while you sit at home, on welfare, sucking the life out of our society.

                  2. Nintedward. You’re falling in his trap! He’s just trying to get you angry so don’t bother with him. He’s irrelevant to you :)

      1. Aeolus February 7, 2013 at 10:22 pm
        “A rebranding and relaunch. Matte Black console named Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System with a bundled eGPU to have it compete on par with upcoming consoles and built-in user-upgradable HDD. Pro controller for main controller while GamePad becomes an optional peripheral for casual games. $300-$399 depending on options.
        Metroid Prime 4
        Super Mario (whatever goes here)
        Xenoblade 2
        Mother 4
        and many others
        watch and see.”

      2. I have waited for your presence to rub in how wonderful it was when you shared what mark rein said about the unreal engine 4. You glotted like a twelve year old that thinks only his family in the whole world know how to bake cake. Thinking that the Wii U could not run the overrated engine from epic. Hahahahahahaha to your dismay this baby can run it, next time do not under-estimate nintendo. Respect history and wisdom Aeolus.

        1. If it could run the engine in any meaningful way, they would be recommending UE4 on the Wii U and yet, they are not, they’re recommending UE3 instead and emphasizing that engine over it on the console. Easy to put 2 and 2 together as to why is that the case.

          But you’re probably too stupid to even do that, lmao.

            1. *Pondering what point is being made here when there are games running UE4 on that console and with the engine actually being shown on the device*

              Oh wait, forgot it’s Nintedward, can’t fix stupid.

            2. Actually, what’s worse is how you bring this up as if it has any meaning. The 30 fps was the developer’s choice, and they even outright suggested it could have been 60 fps given the time.

              lol, pathetic Nintendroid.

              1. D D D D D Damage controll! . I know I know . I’m just kiddin. But point is people like you who have been screaming UE4 @ 60FPS MUAHAHAHAH Are going to be sat there playing Thief @ 30FPS on UE3.

                1. Thief being 30 fps is very literally a developer choice rather than some sort of limitation you can even find their quote involving such when being interviewed about the game. Suggesting he didn’t want to put “extra effort” on the team just to have it at that framerate.

                  I also don’t see why just because UE4 is coming soon, developers suddenly need to abandon it immediately for projects likely in development longer than the engine was available, just to say “oh now it’s on UE4”.

                  Stop. Being. Stupid.

              2. The fact that the PS3 and 360 still only run Unreal Engine 3 at 20% in 2013 basically kills the whole argument. UE3 will be running on all next-gen console WELL into in the 8th-gen. UE4 will be running well into the 9th-gen. It is a long-term investment by Epic.

                1. Actually wait, how does UE3’s performance on PS3/360 kill ANY argument? As if you know what measure of performance UE4 can even run at on the next consoles.

                  You fucking don’t, so you have NO ARGUMENT AT ALL.

                  1. If Unreal Engine 3 has only been used to 20% capacity on 7th gen consoles (which obviously means the Wii U, 720 and PS4 can push it much further) why would Unreal Engine 4 be LIMITED to only 8th-gen consoles in power?

                    Just stop and think about that for a moment……………………………….

                    It’s little something called common sense. I’m sorry that you aren’t acquainted with it

                    1. It isn’t common sense; you are fucking SPECULATING.

                      You have no proof or evidence that UE4 will be similar performance figures based on how UE3 performed on the PS3 and 360. If you can’t comprehend simple logic, then I’m not wasting further time on you.

                      Good day.

      3. In comparison, they’re poor as fuck.
        SEGA haven’t come out with anything good in a while, they barely fund anything, they cut down their devs teams to just 4 IP’s, they’re poor.
        They’re only around now due to nostalgia

        1. What they are *financially* in comparison to whoever the hell you’re comparing them to, doesn’t mean shit. The company as a whole is anything but broke and this is literally a fact. Unless you want to face swift embarrassment with a load of charts, just say the word buddy.

          Also, the same goes for their software quality, which by the way, is completely fucking irrelevant.

          And LOL at “nostalgia”, the EXACT SAME THING could be said about Nintendo, seeing as every fucking loser pimp-faced breed of “gamers” like you who only really cares about their ancient, played-out IPs that’s been around for decades and have long been bested one way or another by other franchises in similar genres.

          Bitch please. Nostalgia? Nintendo is the absolute worst offender of that.

    1. If you’re going to give up so easily and so early, I can’t to laugh at you whole heartily after the summer.

      I did the same thing with those who doubted the 3DS (in case you “suddenly” forgot their mediocre start), get in line with the easily disappointed, if you please.

    2. Yeah. Sell your Wiiu and buy a PS3 or 360 *sigh* . Fair enough those consoles were built to last and they did so excellently , BUT by the end of this year , the PS3 and 360 will be dead except for a couple more years of annual sports title and things such as Need for speed maybe…

      Wiiu will get better and better and better whereas PS3 and 360 are about to be replaced by their successors.

  1. So the super duper uber macho harcore ps3 and 360 get mickey mouse but Wiiu doesn’t ?
    Sega is just too broke to do anything I guess. No Wiiu version no sale for me.

    1. A simple answer is that the Wii U is a waste of money supporting.

      Rather than ridiculous hyperbole claiming SEGA is broke despite having extremely successful PC IPs like Total War and Football manager while being a subsidiary of a profitable company (Sammy).

      oh I forgot, nintendo fans think automatically believe that posting losses every now and then and laying off employees suddenly mean a company is broke….

      Change your name to Nintendipshit already.

      1. Putting Castle of Illusion on the Eshop would be a very VERY VERY wise idea. It would sell extremely well on the Wiiu (per console) and you full well know it. It would sell for years to come .

      2. DarklordNintendoFan

        Your ignorance is just… so… absolutely… astounding. If you hate Nintendo so fucking much, get the fuck off a site devoted to Nintendo news and join all your Sony drones and Xbots over on a site devoted to those systems. The Wii U is a waste of money supporting? Are you hearing yourself, you fucking twat? If it was a waste of money, it would have already been dead! You’ll see… soon, the Wii U will be getting tons of support… the support that it so rightfully deserved to have from the very beginning! Once the developers get their heads out of their asses and realize that the Wii U is quite profitable. Seriously, their reasoning for not developing for the Wii U is because of its lack of sales, but a console needs games for it to sell properly, yet these developers are not giving it the games that it needs for it to actually sell properly.

        Well, in due time, they will dislodge their heads from their asses… but as for you, you’re still going to be a waste of space with your absolute ignorance, you god damn twat. I bet you were one of the fags who said, “oh, the 3DS is totally doomed! HAHAHA! Fuck you Nintendo! Rot in hell for all eternity.” Oh… but look… the 3DS is doing quite well, now, after the rocky start. See… the same is going to happen with the Wii U and despite all your hopes and prayers for it to be the final nail in the coffin, Nintendo is going to continue strong.

    1. First Wii U haters bitch about Nintendo is for kids. This disney game isnt coming on Wii Ubut to Xbox and PS3. Lmao! Nitendo has the most haters.

    1. Your mom's pet goldfish

      NO! DONT MAKE THEM RUIN MY FAVOURITE GAME! Sega can make anything crap, even skies of arcadia!

  2. It looks interesting, Every now & again Disney makes a few decent games, hopefully this is one of them.
    I it comes to Wii U though. ):

  3. Just completed epic mickey on the 3ds today actually. I bought this game for the genesis like two months ago. Didn’t think it was that great. Bear in mind I only got in to gaming these past two or three years so I have no nostalgia goggles to help. I found the platforming slow and a bit boring, same with the 3ds game. I want bit runner and while I realise it’s already out, I’ve too many games as it is and exams coming up :/ This is no loss for me :P

    1. Hey, it is relative, they should report every little thing that has not been reported coming to Wii U.
      I’m pretty sure next halo wont come to Wii U, they should report that.

    2. This site is not exclusive to ONLY Nintendo news. It is all news that may somehow effect Nintendo in some way.

      1. This affects Nintendo, how exactly?
        They did not say it is not coming or it is coming, so its irrelevant.
        Especially when the original hasn’t even been on any Nintendo consoles.

        And would think, “” is only about Nintendo news?

  4. DarklordNintendoFan

    Okay, yeah, it’s great to hear more news about games that are not coming to the Wii U. How about reporting on games that actually are? I can’t help but think that My Nintendo News is run by a bunch of Sony Drones and XBots who just like to toy with Nintendo fans. Oh well… at least we’ll soon be seeing several multi-plat games once the 3rd party developers get their heads out of their asses and realize just how profitable the Wii U is.

  5. SEGA would be retarded NOT to release it on the Wii U… They would get more sales from Nintendo fans than FPS fanatics. 💋

  6. Sega why in the fuck didn’t you anounce it for the wi u…the wi u is the best most powerful system on the planet earth.

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