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NPD: Analysts Expect Wii U Sales Decline During March In The US


Despite several high-profile games having been released, industry analyst Michael Pachter and research firm EEDAR believe that the Wii U under performed last month in the United States. The news comes ahead of the March NPD figures for hardware and software sold in the United States. Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter and fellow analyst firm EEDAR believe that the Wii U only managed to outsell the PlayStation Vita, PSP and the PlayStation 2 last month. Here’s their estimations.

  • 360 – 290,000 (-22%) / 330,000 (-11%)
  • PS3 – 260,000 (-22) / 270,000 (-19%)
  • 3DS – 190,000 (-16%) / 190,000 (-16%)
  • DS – 85,000 (-20%) / 100,000 (-5%)
  • Wii – 85,000 (-51%) / 80,000 (-54%)
  • Wii U – 55,000 (n/a) / 65,000 (n/a)
  • Vita – 42,500 (-80%) / 45,000 (n/a)
  • PSP – 10,000 (-67%) / n/a (n/a)
  • PS2 – 100 (-99%) / n/a (n/a)
  • Total – 1,017,600 (-30%) / 1,080,000 (-26%)

“We expect hardware sales of 55,000 Wii U units in its fifth month (down 17% month-over-month).

“Last month… the only key hardware device to underperform our expectations was the Wii U, and its fortunes appear unlikely to improve for several months, even if Nintendo decides to drop price, as there are an insufficient number of core titles that are generating interest in the console.”

“We think that core gamers are far more likely to turn their attention to the PS4 (due in the holiday season) and the next Xbox, which we believe will be unveiled before E3 and have a launch alongside that of the PS4, and believe that the long-term appeal of the Wii U will be severely limited by the perception that the PS4 and next Xbox will be much more powerful with greater online integration and multimedia functionality. Should the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft be price competitive, we think that Wii U sales may continue to stagnate.”

165 thoughts on “NPD: Analysts Expect Wii U Sales Decline During March In The US”

          1. So only people who think Wii U is great are smart?

            Funny, all this time I thought video games, like all entertainment, were subjective.

              1. All I said was that the Wii U sucks. No one asked for a reason, everyone just said of bunch of “blah blah”. And FYI, I own a Wii U.

                  1. Right. I guess I don’t play Zelda or Metroid. Thanks for telling me that I only play FPS games. Thanks.

                    1. Did you try Lego? Maybe too childish for your mature brain…MH3? Maybe too boring for anxious brain…Nintendo Land? Again too childish…ZombiU? Maybe too “without big guns”…I could go on and on…

                    2. I still play Pokemon to this day, so nothing is childish to me. I used to play Monster Hunter, so um no. Nintendo Land came with my Wii U, so um no. I bought ZombiU, so um no. Try again.

                    3. If you indeed are a Nintendo fan, then I get your feeling. I too feel the Wii U sucks dick. Sure, I’ll buy one for the games I like. But I still think it sucks… I mean nobody asked for that tabet controller gimmick. I’ve already said that but they could have used the money they spent on that and use it to make better hardware.

                  1. How do you know you’re not the one trolling? You think only saying positive things qualifies you as not trolling? It sucks if a fact is grim, but a fact is a fact. You can make up your mind about the fact however you wish, but you can’t just say it’s not true just because you don’t want it to be.

    1. Nintendo Police Officer

      Nintendo family- over 415,000 systems sold
      Sony family- over 312,000 systems sold

      Nintendo family wins again :D

    2. you better pray it doesn’t suck for long, you wouldn’t want a world where the only games sold are first person shooters would you? i think i lost a few million brain cells playing shooter after shooter for a while.

  1. What were nintendo thinking. wiiU is just terrible. and i know the games are coming.. but they should be here NOW espec pikmin 3 which has simple graphics.

    1. I want more games too but damn a good Super Smash Bros, Zelda or Mario Kart dont happen over night. Unless you want a rush job and have a flop like All Stars which didnt sell well.

  2. Looks like I’m gong to have to stop coming here. This is becoming as shameless as Joystiq and Wii U Daily with the Pachter posts to claim hits.

  3. The Wii U just came out and it still needs time to get the big games. Not only that, most system launches didn’t sell as much as first, but then picked up later. So I am not worried about sales. I will just be patient and wait for the big games to come out and make use of what is available now. The Wii U will be fine.

      1. What were the best games for the Xbox 360 in May of 2006? Yeah…. nothing, I think they had Oblivion…

        And how about the PS3 in May of 2007? Resistance Fall of Man….Lair….. It takes time.

      2. Its been almost half a year, but look at the 360 and ps3 launch lineup for a year or two… not much quality there I remember, I bought them both at their launch, and neither had shit buit a few titles worth playing. WIIU launched with great games although ports, and some great exclusive games… If you compare all launches youd see WIIU launch was among the best of the big 3. Just enjoy the games coming out, already out, and then after E3 we will all be more than excited. There has never been such a doom and gloom on a console like the trolls and PAID MEDIA have tried to dump on a console like the WIIU. Ever since Nintendo launched the WII graphics whores have been complaining and trolling. Now its inherited over to the WIIU. Nintendo just cant win. I say play what you like and leave fans alone. We dont give a shit what anyone thinks. We love Nintendo and thats that. We want real games not hollywood quick thrills and cutscenes.

    1. I think it’s not selling because it is the first console to be released for next-gen. I mean, the wii is still out, and it only costs around a hundred dollars, so it’s competing with it’s predecessor, and some people are probably comparing prices, even though it just launched, so the wiiu looks expensive to most people.

        1. For Nintendo to start failing the 3ds needs to be in trouble too so until all of Nintendo products start doing bad in general the wiiu is going to be safe specialy how Nintendo managed the gamecube.

        2. What I don’t understand is why he would lie about it. If they have access to the numbers just tell the truth. We’ll see how it did, because predictions are one thing, but the actual NPD is another. People need to realize one thing though. It’s just America. The Wii U will continue to chug along, E3 is huge for Nintendo, they have to wow us with exclusive games and content. Which I’m sure they will do.

          1. Pachter tends to lie about Nintendo and big up Sony and Microsoft because he is paid by Sony and/or Microsoft. And I’m really not sure why people love to not count Japan when considering the games market. If Pachter himself says he doesn’t understand Japanese developers, we shouldn’t take ANYTHING he says seriously.

            1. Because ultimately the Japanese market is irrelevant to the Western market. It’s not like Japan has the final say in how sales data really is.

  4. ” they spect” So where are the numbers? People are creating the ilusion that the new consoles will do much better are heading head first into desapointment hill.

  5. To whom it may concern: trolling here is surpassing the limits. This is the best Nintendo blog on the internet, but the comments section is becoming to make me sick of showing up here, unfortunately.

    1. Why would it make you sick? Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes somebody elses opinion matters.

        1. Dumb ass. Your mad that the WII raped last gen, and WIIU is much more powerful than the other consoles, lol. No one spends money on something they hate, so you are a douchbag lying his troll ass off lol. GTFO.

          1. You’re a moron. I own a Wii. I own all the consoles. You just sound like a fucking idiot and an easy target.

              1. Favorite console? Hard to say. All have their perks. Favorite controller is the 360. Super Nintendo, PS2, N64, GameCube, so hard to choose!

    2. Simple, I stopped reading the majority of the comments. Since 95% those that comment are trolls or off topic.

        1. It can only be balanced if you don’t reject the things you don’t like. Otherwise, you are still biased. I don’t expect people to understand this though, because they’d be too busy telling themselves how objective they are to understand that they’re not.

    3. Well said. It’s frustrating that there is no way to get rid off stupid comments from the likes of Walter Shite. They give me a headache , trying to to filter out the good comments from the 60% awfull troll comments.

      1. Really frustrating. Interestingly, some people say that the comments sections on are also horrible, but I’ve been finding a bunch of nice and respectable debates over there.

        1. Indeed. is a cool site you should check out. Trolls get flagged , hidden , banned which makes for a cleaner comment section.

        1. Some people (surprising as it may) actually come to this site to talk , Positively about the Wiiu , 3DS , Retro , etc.

          I just don’t understand why people feel the need to write such fucking stupid trollish comments. It’s really retarded and not funny , cool or clever in the slightest.

          Nuff said.

          1. Not everything said about the Wii U needs to be positive. If I want to say it sucks or think its a terrible console then that’s what I think. Deal with it and quit your tears. We don’t have enough boats for everyone to stay afloat.

            1. Not everything about it needs to be negative. It needs to be truthful and since you are incapable of doing that there is no need to hear from you.

              Conspicuous by your absence are the many thread in which talk about the many good things from Nintendo and the Wii U.

              The only thing I find hilarious about you as that you honestly believe that the rest of us are as pedantic as you to where we cannot see the illuminating transparency of your futile attempt to entertain yourself. Maybe you don’t have a lot of friends. Maybe you don’t get any attention at home. Maybe someone hurt you and the only satisfaction yo have in life is to hurt others the way you have been hurt. Only you know the reason.

              The point is, despite your opinion being totally irrelevant to anyone but you everyone already knows you hate Nintendo and the Wii U. It is not an enigma. So why do you keep repeating that fact over and over again? Are you trying to convince us of what we already know, or are you trying to convince yourself?

              It hasn’t stopped me from enjoying one single bit of owning a Wii U. Much to your consternation. Nor could it ever. I would venture to guess that a great many of others have similar views. It’s sad that this has become a vice for you. Oh well, I’m sure you will have some type of retort. I’ve said all that needs to be said. I think you need some professional counseling.

              1. I couldn’t read your entire comment, it got boring fast. If you weren’t such an idiot as well you wouldn’t reply. I hate Nintendo? I’ve posted before I own a Wii U. I play Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc. as a matter of fact, I own every Nintendo console ever made. So please do yourself a favor, take this pathetic comment and go fuck yourself with it.

                1. Pretty much the response I expected. Claiming you didn’t read the whole thing (when obviously you did.) Saying that it got boring (yet it was entertaining enough to elicit a response from you.) If you own a Wii U and play all those games that you basically have validated EXACTLY what I said that you are trying to ‘convince’ YOURSELF that you hate Nintendo and you bash the Wii U to do that and entertain yourself with people that jump on your hook when you go fishing. If the Wii U sucks why do you still have one and still play it AS YOU SAY?



                  2:29-2:59 = YOU.

                  This is too easy. I almost feel sorry for you being so intellectually inept. But if you are stupid enough to keep walking into my fist, I’ll gladly leave it out.

            2. Sir, you’re right when state that not 100% said about Wii U, 3DS or Nintendo needs to be positive. But your bitter mood and your sarcastic, annoying comments all over the comments sections are contributing to make this place a unpleasant journey. Sorry for being that sincere.

              1. I actually think it is a pleasant journey. Maybe I really hate the console and I want to express myself in the most simplistic way possible. Or maybe I’m actually a bigger Nintendo fan than most people here, and read these comments everyday and see the morons on here and just feel like exposing them and teasing them a bit. Just maybe.

                1. “Oh boy, great news. Lemme scroll down the comments to see what people are say…”


                  …It makes me want to tear my eyes.

                2. why dont you give a reason why you think its so bad or stfu, apparently you have nothing better to do with your life then talk crap to abunch of ppl that dont care what you say

          2. You’re hardly a role model yourself. I’ve seen much of your inane comments to know that whenever you’re not busy trying to sink to the level of those you put down for being “trolls,” you’re busy trying to censor or prevent any consideration that Nintendo is not the Holy Spirit as everyone thinks they are. A tip: If you ever think you need to do whatever it is your enemies are doing in order to beat them, and you justify it by saying that you are more righteous or just, then you’re already the same as the ones you put down, thus ending your right to say anything.

        1. Prince Poo Poo Poopy Poo

          Cocka poo poo on you and your poopy doody doo doo face cock cock penis poo poo doody doo doo on you doo doo poo poo poop eating doo doo

      1. dude should’ve been here a year ago. I literally made an email full of hilarious comments. still have it actually

  6. Considering even the UK region, one the most hostile environments for our swarm had a fairly good month, then the US should have without question sold more…

    The Xbots with their Pachter creature are just trying to attack us nonstop…

    1. There´s a plot to ruin Nintendo, I believe. And it´s quite expectable actually. Nintendo is the best, what do others do? Try to bring it down, it´s basic economics. However the truth is that´s a great console with great potential

      1. From another perspective, there’s a plot to bring Nintendo up into the heavens, and condemn everything else that is a hindrance to that vision, even if those hindrances are merely trying to exist as well.

  7. To me, it looks like Nintendo is dominating the NPD. Nintendo has the most relevant gaming platforms on the market. 3DS, Wii, DS and Wii U, all chart on the NPD.

    The Wii U sales are going to be low in the US until a new Zelda, Mario Kart, and 3D Mario game come out.

    1. lets not forget that some 3rd parties support wii u (ubisoft is like the first in line to bring any games that are rumored to be for wii u so they are good guy greg, except the rayman delay) all other parties should follow ubisoft and support wii u without doubting because if you doubt and make a game for it then it will fail. look at razors edge, way better than ps3 and 360 because team ninja did not doubt wii u and from my experience it is my first wii u game, short but loads of fun

  8. All the Wii U needs is more games, bottom line. I don’t get why some narrow-minded people are placing a heavy emphasis on power when all of the next-gen consoles highest resolution will be 1080p and they may all target 30 fps as well. As far as online gaming is concerned I don’t think that Nintendo Network is a bad online service at all. In fact with a few more updates I think it could be on the level of the PS4’s service. Nintendo will be fine. Like I said it just needs more 1st & 3rd party titles to stay afloat.

    1. I couldn’t give a turd about more power from a gameplay and graphics perspective. But I’m concerned that games designed for more powerful systems won’t be able to run even with downscaled graphics. I think it’ll be less of a problem this gen though since I’m guessing publishers will have to start making their games more scalable to laptops and tablets.

    1. I would like to redirect you to what Pachter and his Sonisoft fantard likes would usually say in 2006 about Wii.
      They like to pretend that Wii enjoyed success among what they call “casual” gamers (Highly subjective term), when actually it’s main demographic was exactly that of the GameCube, the core Nintendo fanbase.
      Wii didn’t thrive on being a novelty, if that had been so, the introduction of peripherals like Move and Kinect wouldn’t have failed so hard, Wii enjoyed a huge boom at the beginning of it’s life thanks to it’s low pricing and accessibility, but the next years it just did what GameCube did and what Wii U will eventually do too, it stood comfortably in the top places of sales simply because it filled a niche only Nintendo can, not a console or a technical niche, but a game niche.
      That’s why their calling Nintendo the new Sega only comes off as a desperate attempt to lower the enthusiasm of the fanbase, because way beyond making shit look realistic or using a shitton of gimmicks, Nintendo’s got the only IP’s in this industry that are worth a darn.

    1. He draws drama, drama draws views, views draw sponsors with money.
      The sad part is that he doesn’t realize that the companies he works for use him this way, that they keep him around solely for the value of his obvious incompetence.

        1. The unified ram alone makes it minimally more manageable than the PS3, and that’s not even counting the also-more-manageable CPU.

  9. Really, I think the game markets in for a huge let down wiiu sales are not only the key indicator but simply how much last gen is still current gen it’ll take 2-3 years for any of the next gen to pick up and I think ninety knew this and is a main factor in the no real need top panic motto the have come December well see how sluggish the others sell.

  10. This is Pachter and his cronies we’re talking about.
    If Nintendo is stomping everyone else, then he and they will say something stupid, like the market is horrible[read: he thinks the handheld market sucks], or some other lame-ass excuse.
    If they aren’t stomping everyone else, then Nintendo is automatically failing despite any improvements in their eyes.
    Pachter should start up his own gaming company and run it by his own ideals.
    That way he’d get some harsh reality pounded into his arrogant beliefs about how a gaming company should be run.

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