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Nintendo Europe Also Announces Nintendo 3DS Direct


Nintendo Europe today announced a new edition of Nintendo Direct. The ‘Nintendo 3DS Direct’ will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website on 17th April from 3pm GMT, 4pm CEST. Nintendo of America will also be holding a Nintendo Direct at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET.

84 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Also Announces Nintendo 3DS Direct”

    1. Yea, this is bullshit, need some release dates on pikmin 3, the wonderful 101 and some info on how Mario/Zelda/X and other shit is going. We have enough 3ds news. 3ds is great Nintendo, we applaud you but we want wii U news!

      1. Because if they reveal anything now they won’t have shit for E3. Because there’s barely anything to reveal I believe…

                1. Honestly, it’s hilarious how people try to defend the the Wii U when you badmouth it on the comments, but there isn’t a single good thing to point out from it right now on its defense.

                  Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just worthless right now. I do believe it has a future though.

                  1. Go and play Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego City , NSMBU , ZombiU , Nintendo Land , Toki Tori 2 , Runner 2 , Nano assault neo , Trine 2 , etc etc etc and then tell me it’s worthless.

                    It’s a fantastic console , Miiverse in its self is trully amazing.

                    1. PortOfAWiiGame3Ultimate, Lego GTA, NewSameMarioGameI’vePlayed Before on Wii and DS, Not-Resident-Evil, Minigames boogaloo, Toki what?, lol Runner 2, Nano assault neo… is that even a full game?, Not-Lost-Vikings… well. Worthless.

                      I can’t waste money on it right now, sorry. I’ll see it when Wind Waker HD’s released. Miiverse also just looks like a lame facebook clone anyway, I won’t be using that when I eventually buy the console.

      2. You know nintendo has the greatest game publishers in the world right? The Wii U has monster hunter 3 Ultimate made by the second greatest publishers in the world right? Name any publisher and I can safely say they are no match for Nintendo’s EAD and Capcom. With that new found knowledge, crawl back into the fairy table domain, of fable michael Molleneaux, because the TROLL is strong in you.

        1. You really think Capcom is all that good? You truly believe that? Besides Monster Hunter, which jumps from platform to platform, what do they have?

            1. Didn’t I say besides Monster Hunter? Resident Evil hasn’t been good since 4, no one knows Dragon’s Dogma, Street Fighter is not my cup of tea, Megaman? MEGAMAN? What Megaman? LOL

                1. Thanks :) Every RE up to 4 was awesome. I was so excited to play 5, took it home, and realized I literally bought a pile of shit.

                  1. We need guys like Walter to make dumb statements so readers can see our educated responses. He says without base “the wii u sucks” and we give some facts why it doesn’t. It’s good, I believe. Keep it up Walter.

                    1. You need some education yourself. He didn’t say one fact, not one. He said it has potential, that’s all he said. Idiot.

                  1. You right it had no relevance. You can’t just say ”you’re on welfare” to someone over the internet and think it’s funny. Those types of joke only work face to face when you actually know the background details of the individual it is being aimed at. I would not expect a hollow headed troll like yourself to know this though.

                    And for the record , I currently do not have a job. I have money in the bank from inheritance , so much so that I’m not aloud to get welfare. I have had many jobs , the last one nearly killed me it was so tough. Now i’m having a nice , well deserved rest.
                    Here is my nut sack , gargle on it.

                  2. Because you didn’t wanna hear the truth ? anyway …. how does my nutsack taste troll ? And how is only being able to buy 3 games per ? haha .

                    1. I’ve actually bought a lot of games this year already. I don’t know how buying only 3 games per whatever word you forgot to put there is like, only you would know because you’re on welfare.

                    2. You’re the most retarded person on this site, why don’t you stop embarassing yourself with trolls and keep your usual OH HAI I BOUGHT X GAME IM LUVIN IT I WANT TO FUCK MY 3DS

        1. Any console has the potential to be the best console ever, if they have good games. Those which the WiiU is lacking now.

      1. Yes it just dawned on me. That shall add a mega feature to the 3DS. Then nintendo can announce a surprise game that integrates the 3DS and Wii U even more.

  1. Wow, this website updates fast; I’m usually never here at this time.
    Anyway, it’s like Nintendo completly forgot about the Wii U.

    1. Yeah, I mean it’s not like E3’s less than 2 months away and they aren’t one of the big 3 on stage there… oh wait.

    2. They haven’t forgot about Wiiu. They have something nuclear planned for the console. I think this year we will see the best E3 of all time.

      1. I may have exaggerated a bit, but they’ve barley said anything about Pikmin 3’s release date. I’m fine if they wait to talk about their big titles at E3, but I’m not ok with them leaving us in the dark when it comes to there Spring releases.
        And yeah, this years E3 will be a blast! :D

        1. Agreed. I was expecting Wonderfull 101 and Pikmin 3 in the launch window. They should of at least ,made it clear that , that wouldn’t be the case.

      2. Yes sir the Wii U will show off its final form at E3. A big ass surprise. New features and I heard from a reliable source that there will be a Wii U over the Delux with plenty of gigs. Hundreds of gigs. I was told about 500 gigs. This motherfucker is going to be souped up!! I’m not sure if it will have more cores or not though. Hell I could be wrong. But I don’t think so.

          1. Yeah that about right. Just add a little something more. It should still have 3 Cores. I’m more interested at new opportunities with the GamePad anyway. May be priced at $400. That is just my guess. There is a reason why Nintendo is tight lip. No hype or Wii U Direct.

          2. Hey Nintendward. You know how Pilot Wings is on DS? Do you think Banjo kazooie could be a SSB character on the 3DS version?

    3. Alba, Sickr and butterfly are on a roll. Mentioned to them what bonus we have this working week, and Wala they unleash post after post.

      Anubis patience, the Wii U is getting tonnes of support. They, nintendo might be waiting on the MiiVerse for 3DS, then announce the nintendo Wii U direct on MiiVerse for both systems :).

      1. I’ll be patient, and you may be right :D It seems logical for them to discuss about Miiverse for the 3DS, followed by a Wii U direct.

  2. If they do announce anything for Wii-U now, I doubt that it would be any new games, especially with E3 so close and with Sony and MS showing off their new consoles there; Nintendo will need all the surprise fire power that they can get.
    Any Wii-U announcements now will most likely be release dates on games that we know about and minor updates to services etc. Either way, the 3DS is amazing and the Wii-U will prove itself by the end of the year, roll on E3.

    1. You are more than correct, the only Direct we should have should cater to release dates of nintendos first and second party offerings for Q2. Any surprise game should be added for extra folder on the Wii U. As amazing as the 3DS is doing, it provides nintendo leverage to muscle whatever Microsoft has to show at E3. People should remember that the PS4 and xbox720 shall be one and the same machine, with the PS4 being a little better due to its larger share of first party exclusives.

      1. Always good to see someone else who appreciates how great this title is. It’s just a shame that not many people will be able to experience it without having to shell out crazy money.

        1. I honestly emulated it because I can’t afford a copy right now… Thankfully SSF runs it pretty well. It’s my consumer dream to buy it one day, and I’m sure I’ll do that at a point just to put it on a glass shelf or something. It’s beautiful. I actually have a a 35 inch poster of Azel on my living room. The game’s a masterpiece.

  3. Pitfall near your door

    Im pretty sure Nintendo wants to hold off the huge big titles for the WIi U till E3 comes…granted i want a release date for Pikmin 3 because it should be coming out soon but with other big titles i think they want it to be a surprise. Fingers crossed.

  4. The Wii U is doing fine my friend. Your cries should have been tabled in the months of January and February. Monster hunter 3 ultimate is keeping me away from need for speed most wanted, Lego city undercover, my e-shop, batman, super Mario brothers U and the eventual purchase of the 3DS :).

  5. I really have too many games for my Wii-U as it is without even buying the latest releases. I’ve just finsihed Batman (never played it on the other consoles) and have started Darksiders 2, which in my opinion is underated. I have Assassins Creed 3 waiting then once i’m done with that I can finally move onto games like Lego City, Need for Speed and Monster Hunter. I’m hoping that prices would have dropped by then.
    Being a father of two I only get a few hours in the evening to dedicate myself to games so the Wii-U release schedule isn’t that bad for me, but I can understand if I was young free and single with my own money flowing in how the release schedule could feel barren. Good things to those who wait I guess and Nintendo fans are used to waiting heh.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Im a fan of all three companies and i always have to wait for something out of them all so yeah im good at waiting lol.

  6. Quit it your bitching about being a 3ds direct. Sony is putting presure whit vita games and that Soul game ( needs a online code so that killed for me) so Nintendo has to put presure on them too. Just because the 3ds is doing fine Nintendo should be cocky(hope it means what i think it means)

  7. The Wii U will probably get all the news by E3, so don’t worry. The 3DS needed more support since launch and it just getting to that point. Anything can happen between now and E3 for the Wii U, so be patient. It’s no point getting mad over a machine.

  8. I would love Colours 3D (obviously minus the 3D) on the Wii-U. It’s a great 3DS title and really shows off people’s art. Miiverse would work wonders for it.

  9. I agree, this Nintendo Direct is to put pressure to Sony’s PSVITA. It’s part of the strategy, Nintendo will push really hard so that the VITA couldn’t hardly breath to this market.

    Good News, VITA will really have its drop price. ^_^

  10. Dude the Wii U games will spill out when PS4 and 720 arriev this year. We could get Pikmin and Windwaker this summer. Also we have Lego City and Monster hunter.

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