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Could Climax Studios Be Working On A Prince Of Persia-esque Title?

climax studiosSilent Hill: Shattered Memories developers Climax Studios has been more than a little sneaky today as tech demo images cropped up of an ‘unannounced title’ with a similar art style to the Prince of Persia series. However, the said images of the character action platformer have now been removed from their official website but you can take a peek over at Gamespot, where they managed to nab them in time. Screenshots of another unannounced title have replaced the aforementioned, which is assumed to be a horror title.

16 thoughts on “Could Climax Studios Be Working On A Prince Of Persia-esque Title?”

    1. If it’s prince of persia and it’s not made by Ubisoft, then by all means like Crysis 3 let it skip the Wii U. I need to save up for watch dogs, splintercell, Batman Arkham origins, Project cars, Pikmin 3, Segas Wii U projects, Monolith’s X ( for your unknowing mind Xenoblade was the last generation’s best rpg and it was on last gens emperor the original Wii ).
      Mistwalker’s Wii U game in development. Retro’s game, every former vita indie title now being made for the Wii U. Every Japanese third party title. Third parties from Canada, Europe abound and around the world.

  1. climax studios has been one of my favorite devs for many years. i wish they would make a sequel to landstalkers or a remake.

  2. “Sands of Time 2” please.
    All I know is that if its Published by Ubisoft, it’ll definetly be on Wii U. :P

    1. ‘Sands of time 2’ would be awesome. Sands on time 1 is what made me like Ubisoft. If the make this and redsteel 3; then legendary status the enter.

  3. Have they forgot about their hard core landstalker fans they could kill zeld wi u with landstalker sequel but instead put out some stupid mediocre games.

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