Three New Guild Games Coming To 3DS eShop

It’s been announced today that Level -5 are planning on launching three entirely new Guild series games for European fans on the 3DS. The titles will be releasing exclusively for the 3DS eShop in the near future. Here’s a quick summary of them if you missed the Nintendo Direct:

The Starship Damrey
Players will find themselves in a suspenseful adventure, where they must find what little information they can to survive in this environment. There aren’t even tutorials or objectives in this game, you must survive without help.

Bugs VS. Tanks
You will be able to control world war two tanks that have been shrunk to microscopic size to evenly match the size of the bugs. You can even customise your tank, so that battles will be easier or more difficult – it’s definitely a hostile world for sure.

Attack of the Monsters: A Tokyo Tale
Players will take on the role of a young boy, the protagonist, who looks on in awe at the giant monsters that surround him from 1970s TV shows in Japan. It will give players a glimpse into the various fantasy settings and myths of the television shows.


  1. Attack of the Monsters: A Tokyo Tale has peaked my interest the most.

    Fighting Japanese giant monsters and you are there watching as it happens how is that not awesome.

  2. AUGUST 4 for pikmin, Nintendo is really starting to annoy me. That was suppose to be a launch title then a spring title and now a end of th summer title. Great job Nintendo and you wonder why you are not selling Wii U systems you have to get these first party games out asap

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