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Pikmin 3 Release Date Announced


Nintendo has confirmed that the sequel to Pikmin 2 is a few months away from release. The Wii U-exclusive Pikmin 3 will launch in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on August 4th. The new game introduces brand-new Pikmin, like the Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin.

59 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Release Date Announced”

  1. *fucking sigh* Wonderfull 101 comes out in 2040 now or some shit ? WTF Nintendo ?

    Stop overloading us with 3DS games and give the NEW console we just bought some fucking love.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Bro calm down they will, maybe there will be another direct before E3 or at least some news from them so it’s not healthy to rage over.

      1. I know. But still… Why show these games off at e3 last year billing them as ”launch titles” and then launch them a year late. It’s annoying.

        And as much as those 3DS games look AWESOME. There is simply too many of them and it’s a bit overwhelming. There is litteraly about 25 amazing 3DS games coming out this year.
        They need to put the same amount of effort into Wiiu as they are doing 3DS. Hopefully they will come e3.

      1. I know. Wiiu needs some BIG games like Pikmin 3 NOW. Not almost a year after it launches , that’s retarded. The Wiiu has some great games already and some decent third party games , but it needs the games like Wonderfull 101 , Pikmin 3 ASAP.

      1. Yeah I got my release date ! But it’s fucking delayed and late. I was expecting May release for Pikmin 3. August is a long time off.

  2. FINALLY! This is the best news I read today! Sadly it seens they delayed the game again :/ Nonetheless I can stop complaining and happily wait.

  3. Pitfall near your door

    It’s pretty far off then i was expecting but nevertheless at least we got a release date. Can’t complain.

    1. Pretty far off is a good way to put it, but it makes one wonder… Why are they waiting that much longer to release the game they have been working on since the early years of the Wii? This game was originally for the Wii and they transitioned to the Wii U, so why after about 6 years in development are they waiting another 3.5 months to release? Just a question we should be asking. I really think Nintendo is a great company, but they are so far behind in terms of HD development that they are now playing catch-up to all the companies that have been developing on a HD machine for the last 8 years. Kinda makes me wonder how long it will be before they are able to fully realize the potential of the Wii U and it’s capabilities graphics wise? Not trying to dis Nintendo, Hell I have owned almost every single Wii U game that has come out including most of the eShop titles, but they really need to get more developers in house that fully grasp the concept of building an HD game. If for nothing else than to cut down on their development time for 1st party titles.

      1. ^I bet because that is around when at least the PS4 (maybe Xbox 720) is releasing. So Nintendo is going to hit hard with major games in the months of Fall to sway people’s decisions on what console(s) to buy.

        1. I think a price drop would be the sway that consumers would need. There is really no way that Sony or M$ can put out consoles with the specs they are trying to tout and make money selling them for the same price as the Wii U. Which puts the Wii U in a great place, especially if Ninty decided to drop the price for each SKU by $50-$75.
          I’m not about to pay the $399-$599 Sony price tag for any piece of equipment that isn’t a damn computer. And I certainly don’t see M$ selling their forthcoming item below those prices either, plus you will still have to pay on your M$ box to watch your netflix movies that you pay a subscription for and pay again to play games online that you just payed the better part of $70 for… this doesn’t make sense. Hopefully, people will wise up to these tactics and not support these thieves! Not really a likely occurrence considering the vast numbers of Xbots and Drony’s! I’m trying my damndest so support devs that make games for the Wii U, but I’m only one person ;)

  4. yeah that was… not even close to launch. Oh well.. At least August is going to be huge in respect to the launch of Windwaker HD.

  5. If only Pikmin 3 came out sooner. It was the only game I was excited about playing on my Wii U and now I have to wait another, what, 3 and a half months? Jesus, my Wii U is gonna decompose before I get a chance to play it :(

    1. Lots of good Indie games on the eShop before then. Try them out, when you buy Indie games you are supporting the future AAA game makers in the industry. ;)

  6. Great to finally have the RD, but how is August “release window”? Still gonna make us wait for Nintendo 1st party titles. Game & Wario… I think I’ll pass, I got enough mingame playing done on my Wii, that I’m not much into it on the Wii U. I didn’t see many announcements with meat on them. I don’t count an early build images of a new 3DS Zelda anything with meat. We all knew they would make a zelda game specifically for the 3DS we just knew we would have to wait to see it. Would have loved to see some more about Bayonetta 2 or Wonderful 101, but I’ll take what I can get and at least there were some Wii U announcements in there. Glad they loosened their tight lips on some stuff for the Wii U finally.

      1. I’m hoping so. I will be sorely disappointed if they just give us release dates and nothing new to gawk at! I’m hoping for a slew of Wii U announcements that will blow my mind, but I’m maintaining a heightened sense of reservation about this one. We will see in due time. I don’t think we are gonna see any new Nintendo Directs again before E3, at least none with anything substantial.

  7. Well that’s bent. They promised Q2. Ah well, so many other games to play at the moment anyway. I’ve not even played pikmin 2 yet :O thank you Ninty for backwards compatibility. Bought it the other day. This gives me time to play it I suppose *positive*

  8. Pretty late, but at least it’s a specific date. I still can’t believe how long it’s taken. I was expecting mid-July at the very freaking latest.

  9. Well guys bioshock infinite was delayed over a year and it was worth while so I have no doubt the geniuses at Nintendo will reward our wait greatly

        1. Theres a false statement. I absoultly LOVE the Tales games, the Batman Arkham games, Halo (Only when it was made by Bungie, (343i fucking sucks), Cant fucking wait for Destiny, as well as Watch Dogs. My opinion on Bioshock is that I barely played any of the 1st one, never touched the 2nd one, and the 3rd (Infinite) while I still havent beaten it just doesnt float my boat. Its not a bad game. But I find myself skipping all the talking cause I just dont give a shit about its story, I like the abilities (Vigors) I hate all the religious junk in the story. Gliding around on rails is cool. I like that the colors of the game are bright and vibrant, but up close my god it looks terrible. Im no graphics whore but people say it has amazing graphics…the textures up close are piss poor. Looking at a radio its dials looked like stickers…Clothes on a shelf in a shop all looked like 1 chunk. So my 7.5/10 score is perfectly justified, So next time you think of calling me basically a fanboy, think again. Yes Nintendos games catch my attention the fastest and easiest but in no way do I hate a game cause it wasnt made by Nintendo.

          So thanks again for lumping me in with idiots that I am not a part of.

        2. Also that Ghost Boss in Bioshock Infinite…Elizabeths mother…WORST BOSS DESIGN EVER. Everyone on youtube who comments on that boss agrees it was a shit boss. You just are a Bioshock fanboy.

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  11. Finally, a damn release date. BTW, did everyone see the Nintendo Network logo on the coverbox? Hmm, I wonder if the delay is for getting online in the game.

  12. NintenDisappointed

    Take note. Nintendo has changed the definition of the term ‘launch window.’ Apparently that window covers nearly an entire year. This game should’ve been released by now. Dumb.

  13. This is beyond irritating. Pikmin 3 was the highlight of last year’s E3, and now it’s going to be released AFTER THIS YEAR’S E3??????


  14. :( noo! so far away! i bought a wii u at launch for this game! but as it was not released i played zombiu then mario, scribblenaughts, and now ive finished all of them i need to wait even longer! well looks like i need another game to fill in this time…

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