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Wii U Version Of Injustice: Gods Among Us Excludes Feature


Injustice: Gods Among Us launched yesterday in North America on Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A free-to-play iOS version of the fighting game was released on April 3rd, and players who download it will be able to unlock content for two of the three home console versions. According to Siliconera, although it includes unique features like off-TV play, the Wii U version of Injustice: Gods Among Us doesn’t support the unlocking of content via the game’s iOS variation.

128 thoughts on “Wii U Version Of Injustice: Gods Among Us Excludes Feature”

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    3. I have downloaded this game for both my x360 and the wii u. I do prefer the wii u version (I actually paid for that version lol). The D-pad on the wii u is MUCH better than the x360 for fighting games. Who have got this game? Lets do some battle!!! I am getting really bad ass with superman. His combos are FUCKING AWESOME.

      Get N or get the FUCK out!!!!

    1. Not a big deal? Wii U owners like me are not getting the same content the people who have an Xbox 360 or PS3 get

      1. I don’t get me wrong it’s definitely not fair but it’s just not a huge deal. A huge deal would it not even being on Wii U or being delayed for whatever reason. You never know, we may get that stuff as free DLC or a patch to where we can get that from the iOS if enough people complain to Netherrealms.

    2. It’s never a “huge deal”…we get screwed, always, comparing to features PS3 and Xbox360 owners have, and what’s our response EVERY-SINGLE-TIME?
      “We don’t care”
      “It’s OK!”
      “Not a huge deal”

      That why we’re always screwed by developers! “Oh fuck Nintendo costumers! They won’t complain! Everything is always good to them. We can tell them to fuck off for no reason and they still applaud”.

      Yes, it’s a huge deal because it represents a trend about devs treat us! No matter how small the “deal” is, we can’t allow these “not huge deals” to pile up! The WiiU is dying and we’re getting shitty ports. Wake up!

  1. This “content” are just backgrounds, portraits, icons and crap like that. It doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

  2. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
    Minuscule content like that won’t keep this from being a fantastic game.

  3. I feel like everyone on this site is stupid lol.

            1. And people doesn’t care about having these “extras” for getting the iOS version. If you compare the Wii U version with the other ones, at least you get something that affects the actual game. I don’t give a crap about Off Tv Play too haha but this is gonna be a trend. Just look at PS Cross Play.

              1. I would probably like the off play more so if it were more portable (like there was no restriction in how far I could walk away from the console) but yeah. PS cross play has potential, but the way Sony is going, they’ll screw it up.

                1. Yeah. Only time and good ideas from devs will prove that if this double screen stuff can make someting different for games.

                  1. Yeah, I’m yet to really see it go big. I mean ZombiU had some great idea, but the game let the ideas down.

          1. Well said. Absolutely no one prefers being kicked away from their big TV and having no Gamepad to continue playing their game on.

            Off TV play really is usefull. I think I play 50% of my Wiiu on the gamepad. It’s like a little Miiverse tablet that plays games on and off tv.

              1. I have 3 TV’s in my bedroom. 4 including the piece of shit in my cuboard. And one big one downstairs. Yet still the Gamepad is a MAJOR convenience.

    1. Yeah Nessy! Of course! They get to play it on a lil insignificant screen! It totally means it is a better version >.>

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              Nano Assault

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              2. Hey a fellow Monster Hunter fan! When my semester ends we should play some online Monster Hunter together that is if you want to. I’m always game to play Monster Hunter.

          1. I’m I the only one who never played Wii U with the pro controller and bought it when I got my Wii U. It is like once I played the GamePad, I feel like I never want to go back to a screen less controller. I like on TV play better but I also like off play. But I prefer a real experience playing a game needing the TV like Lego City.

      1. Picture this – I’ve just been playing Monster Hunter Ultimate on my large , 1080p TV in my living room. NOW , I’m going to take my Gamepad upstairs to bed and carry on playing MH3U right there on my Gamepad.

        Only on the Wiiu , baby.

        Another scenario – Man city VS Wigan in the FA cup final. I can watch the match and play some Injustice at the same time
        Another scenario – Friend is sick of watching me play Injustice and wants to watch TV or play another console. I play on the gamepad , they do what they want.
        Final scenario – Having a shit on the toilet whilst playing Injustice.

        1. The Man City v Wigann Scenario would probably be the only one that really makes sense and can be used well in an argument.
          To a lesser extent the one with the friend too because that can be substituted with say girlfriend.

          The rest, nah.

        2. I do agree with the first two.
          The third, however… I think I’d be too focused on taking a massive shit.

        3. You know what would make you talented? While taking a shit, control the gamepad with your penis.

  4. No Batman Beyond skin is a pretty big deal. Hopefully it’ll be free on Wii U soon enough. Also the Wii U version is missing Private Match play, you might want to add that. Friends that bought the Wii U version of this game are going through hell to fight each other.

  5. Uh… despite the fact that the Wii U’s missing the shitty IOS connection that I doubt anyone actually uses, we can still unlock all the items easily, from what I saw. Game’s actually BETTER for not including a shitty addition that no one uses.

    1. Except NSMBU has already blitzed the highest selling Saturn game and the 2 consoles are nothing alike , especially in terms of sales. idiot.

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  6. i just get it yesterday and that is not the only thing missing …it do not have the special conteins from 360 and ps3 from gamestop the box say dlc on the back but the option in game is not there like 360 ang ps3.

    1. but then 3rd parties companies ask why there games are not doing good on nintendo they think they can give us just shiet and we will support them when they have the primiun in other consoles and that go with game stop to.

  7. This game is great without the iOS garbage added and it will get DLC since its listed on the back of he game’s case. Play it if you like fighting genre games and comic characters… You won’t regret it!

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  9. I just played this guy on Wii u 2day called COOLBROMBE or something like that and he had a batman beyond. THE FIRST IVE SEEN ON A WIIU! HOW DID HE GET IT?

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