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The Free Rayman Legends Challenges App For Wii U To Be Supported Until September


Ubisoft has released the Rayman Legends Challenges Application, exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. The app is free to download and features daily and weekly challenges in which players from around the world can compete against each other. The app will not be updated forever, however, as the game’s lead designer, Emile Morel, confirmed that Ubisoft will no longer support it once Rayman Legends launches in September. Click here to learn more about the free Wii U app.

With the daily and weekly challenges in this download, how long will this level of content be supported?

Emile Morel: The Challenges App will be supported until the release of the full game. So players will have several months to enjoy this free application! The Rayman dev team will provide some exclusive tips and tricks for Wii U owners on Miiverse and on Facebook, these tips will help you improve your scores in the different challenges! We’ll also organize contests between our fans and the Rayman dev team.

26 thoughts on “The Free Rayman Legends Challenges App For Wii U To Be Supported Until September”

  1. The online mode app will be discontinued in the eshop, or the final game?

    Is it because they are releasing the free application now, they will no longer include it in the final game? :( Am I misreading something?

  2. Nintendo Commander

    They should have a 50% discount the first week as a compromise for delaying it…

    Wii U owners only obviously…

  3. so im thinking is this the worst video game site there is, seriously the reason i come here is because the news summary is short and to the point and isnt a whole long article. i find it funny to just fuck around on here because i find it funny. everybody will get mad even how far fetched you go haha and still take it seriously. how many uneducated people are on here who cant tell if your obviously giving something shit or not and cant even tell in the simplest of all forms. every so called troll probably likes nintendo on here but its just to funny to give some people shit and make fun of nintendo but if they completely hate nintendo they probably have no friends and are looking for attention. i would never bring myself to go to a microsoft website just to troll even how much i hate them, because i have no interest and wouldnt waste my time on something i hate.

    1. stop acting like you knew!! just admit it you were mind blown!! actually im surprised people arnt having a spas attack on here because they feel like they deserve support on this forever and that they feel betrayed, shut up

  4. Well, actually this seems fair. This will stop a lot of people who thought that they could have the challenge mode forever and still boycott the game when it comes out.

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