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EarthBound’s Director Thanks Fans For Requesting The Game To Be Re-Released


Shigesato Itoi, the director and producer of EarthBound, has thanked the Super NES game’s fans outside Japan for requesting it to be re-released. Via the Miiverse application on Wii U, Itoi said he’s looking forward to meeting new friends when the game launches on the Wii U Virtual Console. Known as Mother 2 in Japan, this year, EarthBound will see release on Wii U in Europe and North America.

Dear Earthbound/MOTHER2 fans outside of Japan :

Thank you for all the requests. They made me very happy. Now with the re-launch, I am looking forward to meet new friends.


-Shigesato Itoi

148 thoughts on “EarthBound’s Director Thanks Fans For Requesting The Game To Be Re-Released”

    1. Really? I wasn’t aware that it was localized in Europe. I guess that I will hunt down a copy of the game play it in it 50hz glory.

    2. You don’t realize the potential this re-release has. Back when the game was release, there was no mention of it so it passed out and nobody even played it! The years passed by and people started pointing out on the internet on just how good it was – then the game got a huge following, but it was too late. Now, it’s time for that crazy fanbase show their support and buy this game on the virtual console, this is the first step on ressurecting this series.

      1. With feedback like this, there is no doubt that Mother 1 & 3 will be released here.
        It will be beautiful.

                1. Shigesato Itoi himself said that he wouldn’t make a 4th game in the series.
                  But who knows. Maybe the fanbase convinces him of making a new game!

                  1. Yeah people change minds all the time… Games get cancelled all the time (changing minds) so why not bring a game back to life so to speak despite previous announcements… People aren’t bound by words only by pride

          1. As much as I hate to admit it, you’re right.
            Didn’t the creator say that it had ended with 3? Although I would like an RPG series that plays just as well, if not better than Mother.

      1. it could its always a possibility. a a pig that shits gold prodused in his stomach will never happen. a new earthbound game is completely possible as long as the ip is still owned by nintendo. look at kid icarus. pessimist sayed the same thing about it

        1. Itoi himself said he doesn’t wanna make Mother 4. As far as everyone’s concerned, it’s not happening.

    1. A Mother 4 is actually being developed by a bunch of super talented fans. Not saying it’ll be any good, but Itoi has officially recognized it and said that it might as well be the 4th game

      1. The problem is that that fucking game won’t ever come out… It’s been ages in development… They have lives so they won’t ever finish that.

          1. Maybe not that drastic, but something to the effect.

            A breath of fresh air, a nice recalculation of the big picture? Yes, they need those. Sunlight too, probably.

              1. Will it really help the economy?

                Sure, there will be less costs for healthcare and such, but is that enough? It also means there will be relatively more old people, meaning less working people have to pay for the same amount of pensioned people, raising taxes. People will have less money to spend on luxuries, and will save more money. That certainly does not help the economy.

                You don’t know as much as you think you do; fact.


  1. Looking forward to trying it out (my 1st Earthbound game).
    Sooo much hype from demanding gamers- hope its worth it
    and not just the nostalgia talking.

    1. Just saying, you’re in for quite a ride! Especially the last boss… *shudders*

      Play it all the way through before you judge it!

    2. For me it wasn’t nostalgia, since I never even heard about the game until years later, but I still really enjoyed it.
      However: I do know a lot of people who didn’t like it, mainly because the flow of the game would be too slow. If you like a good story and nice turn-based battles, then you’ll probably really like it, but if you’re looking for a bit of action in your games, it will be boring as fuck.

    1. I know right!?
      Sounds a bit like: ”if the fanbase supports it massively, there’s a very tiny chance of more”, which I really hope.

  2. i dont want to sound like an ingrateful bitch but LOCAIZE MOTHER 1 AND 3 PLEASE! come on guys. we know now that the devs DEFINATELY check miiverse. we can get 1 and 3 on the e-shop if we realy try. im sure itoi is down for a little bit of translation of a snes game. how hard could it be? (though i guess changing 20 year old code isnt very easy)

    1. Mother 3 I agree with but Mother 1 I would rather see it getting a remake as the oringal NES game has not aged well.

  3. I’m not gonna lie, when this was announced I was really happy that all those requests actually lead to something.

    1. Same. It proves how much of a necessity Miivere is becoming.

      Miiverse and Offscreen play really give the Wiiu a unique identity (imo). Some people think it’s just like a 360 or something atm , which is a fair enough assumption. But once you own and play the Wiiu , you see what it’s all about and how much potential the system has to be amazing.

        1. That doesn’t even make sense you pillok. Fans requesting Earthbound on Miiverse and that request being granted via Miiverse proves my point. It’s an amazing , killer application.

      1. I’d imagine it being great considering the amount of support for it being localize. In my opinion I don’t see why people were so demanding of an SNES game but it’s nice to have it either way. I’ll try it out once I get a Wii U.

        1. Like adarazz said,it’s alright.

          But the only reason why anyone wants to play’s it, is simple,the “i can’t have it hence i want it” when Smash Bros. 1 came out.Also the whole Final Boss being a fetus but I’m not gonna get into that…..

          Truth be told,Had it not been for that,no one would have give shit of what the game was at all.

          1. True. I wouldn’t be interested in Earthbound had it not been for Ness and Lucas’ inclusion in the Smash Bros. series.

            Same reason why I got into the Fire Emblem series in the Gamecube era :D

    1. The game itself… well, for me anyway, is kind of basic in it’s approach. For me, what made it a magical experience, was the dialogue and story like man it’s damn quirky. Again, the gameplay isn’t bad in any sense, but it’s a tad lackluster.

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                      Thanks :)

                      1. I’m just saying…. You’re one of the cleanest , Nintendo fan commenters on this site. The site needs people like you to stay sane xD

      1. We love you too, Itoi-sensei! Thanks for the support, and we hope you’ll continue it in the future as we hope for the full Mother Trilogy.

        1. Yeah, I emulated it too and beat it, but… I don’t know, depending on the price I might get it again. It might make for a nice second playthrough. It can be a pretty long and grueling game though.

        1. Mother 3 was seriously amazing. I enjoyed it a lot more than Mother 2, so I really hope that that happens. They have the perfect opportunity to bring it over!

        1. I’d describe it as a parody of most traditional RPGs. It’s turn based, but doesn’t take itself seriously, is incredibly light hearted, and has tons of humor and references to real life things/events. And dat soundtrack. So if you’re like me, and hate how depressing, and pretentious most “jay”RPGs are, you’d love this. Also Ness isn’t some emo who shuts everyone else out like some overly-depressed teenager.

            1. i dont care what anyone says about neku, the world ends with you is amazing. OMG A THE WORLDS ENDS WITH YOU SEQUAL ON THE WII U WOULD BE FUCKING AMAZING. but squares just jaded and stupid to make anything that fans actualy want.

              1. lol it sounds like he’s referring to Neku. And yes twewy is the best…If there’s a sequel on wii U it better be on 3DS as well cuz I’m the Tin Pin CHAMPION and want to prove it ;)

        2. its realy great. ive never played it all the way through because my emulator deleted my file a long time ago and ive grown to hate emulators for some reason. i was about halfway through the game and i can tell you its FUCKING GREAT. i will buy it on VC day 1 and play it through probably that night.

        1. Well because it is easier to differentiate smart Nintedo fans from dumb Nintendo haters on Miiverse. :) 💋

        1. this coming from a loser that has a sega icon and a sega name lol…you do know they have been out of the game for many moons now…btw even they games aliens lol FAIL

        2. THE NON EXISTANT SEGA CONSOLE HAS NO GAMES UGH I GOT THE SYSTEM AND THERE WERENT EVEN ANY LAUNCH GAMES WTF! what? you mean theres no new sega system? so i bought a plastic box with a fake controller for 300 bucks? shit…

      2. I won’t be getting it, because the 1st-person turn-based style of combat is irksome to me.
        If it were like Golden Sun, where I could see them performing the actions during their attacks, it’d be different, but as it is it just creates a disconnect that I can’t tolerate.
        I’m happy it’s coming out, though, because my dislike if its battle system doesn’t mean it’s not a good game.

        1. Yeah, I’m with you there. I’ve heard good things about this game, but after seeing videos of the original online, the whole first-person aspect of it looks really weird.

      3. I never played Earthbound when I was young.. so I never touched Ness in super smash bros because I dont deserve to play with him.

        1. ness was my main in melee and lucus in brawll and im in the same boat as you. ive tainted their names with my dirty non earthbound cleansed gamer hands…

      4. Maybe you should specify that Earthbound will finally see release in Europe, seeing as how it was already localized in NA. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of people have played this game on an actual SNES.

      5. My favorite game ever, and definitely great news to hear it’s finally coming to Virtual Console. I encourage anyone who hasn’t played it to give it a chance. You won’t regret it. It’s an epic, deep, funny and entertaining game. Lots of music in this game as well. I recorded 3 CD’s of music from Earthbound (back when I used to record game music CD’s). I had SO much passion for this game.

        And I just want to say SHUT UP to all of the people who keep saying that the other games in the series (or possible NEW sequels) will never come to North America. Because lets face it, unless you’re a game producer/programmer etc., there’s no way of knowing that. ANYTHING is possible.

        1. Nobody should listen to you. Your opinion is invalid since you think ONLY Nintendo makes good games… Wake up.

          1. That is how I feel about every fanboys out there… Heck even one of them say Wii U was so amazing until I got it. Only thing it is good about Wii U for me is Nintendo Land. Most of the third party games that released I already have. But I do love some off play features even for VC games. Maybe my mood changed next week due to update.

          2. Don’t talk to me. I’m sick to death of you. You ruin this site with your attitude and smartass remarks. If you don’t agree that Nintendo is the greatest game producer in the industry, go to another site.

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