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Nintendo 3DS Image Sharing App Released In Japan

nintendo_3ds_xl_blackTrue to their word, Nintendo is continuing to build their social community and they’re beginning with a new release of an image sharing app for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, Japan received the new software which allows you to take pictures from specific games and upload them straight to Tumblr and Twitter.

Currently, the sharing tool only supports two games – Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Collection: New Life – where you can take a screenshot, go to Nintendo’s mobile website and log into the preferred social networking site to finally upload. On Twitter, screenshots will be accompanied by automatic hashtags so players can locate 3DS images with ease. Would you like to see the image sharing tool come over to the West?

54 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Image Sharing App Released In Japan”

  1. I would like to see this come to the west, so I can share the pictures I will be taking when Animal Crossing: New Leaf comes out, and share them to Twitter/Tumblr without having to take out my SD card, and then go searching for the image.

      1. Coming from a person who is (I presume) getting a console that has a Live Video recording during gameplay… yeah…

      2. Whoa, really? Get a life man, not everyone is perverted. A lot of gamers like to share their game experiences (and even livestream or video record) to share with thier own fans, or other fans of the game.

        This just makes the steps simpler – anf FYI< I can gaurantee the real perverts were at it long ago, so don't just randomly accuse people who like this feature. Jeeze.

      3. I don’t want to share any photos that are inappropriate or bad. Just images of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and some other video games. Nothing really in real life.

    1. Actually, I don’t usually agree with trolls but I think you might be right because this could encourage Pedophiles to post disgusting pictures or even use the 3DS to stalk little kids who share pictures of themselves. I hope Nintendo monitors the picture sharing app like they do with Miiverse.

      1. Chris, this is Nintendo we are talking about. They will of course childproof the picture sharing app as well as pedophile-proof the app. Nintendo is the best when it comes to monitoring their social media applications. 💋

  2. Look like more and more gamers want more social stuffs now. I mean we have twitch, miiverse, replay upload on youtube, and even PS4 want sharing video features.

      1. Oh…i think you went to the wrong website then…you should have gone to “”. Effing troll. Got nothing better to do? Here’s some troll stuff…go play on your Vita…oh…wait…there’s nothing to play on it. So sad. Now go eff yourself.

        1. there is nothing to play on the Pii U either …Shitendo Pii U has no games , atleast the vita has games like soul sacrifice and little big planet… nintendo land(shovelware crap) or zombi*dogshit*U. Wii U is a disaster.

      2. Not really, it is just basically facebook with some PlayStation stuff on it… thats about it… Miiverse is actually more creative and safe from trolls

          1. I thought it was cute too! :D I mean go to youtube community on Wii U and you will be impressed. Even I am impressed from all those drawings.

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Personally, I’d rather the addition of playing music from the SD card while gaming. There’s really no use going to Nintendo Sound just to listen to music. Smart phones and 360 (don’t remember if PS3 can or not) can all do it. I know Nintendo cares greatly for their games’ music, but sometimes I wanna listen to my own music.

    Yes, I have a phone and an iPod, but it’s all easier to use just one device to use and to plug my earbuds in.

    1. Yes, this is something I’ve been wanting for a long time now. ;w; Also, if you just plug in your iPod, you wouldn’t be able to hear the SFX from the game, so it’d also be cool for an option to just change the BG music and keep the SFX.

  4. Sounds cool! Hopefully we will get this in the West as well as a youtube app. Imagine uploading 3D videos to a special 3D youtube app on 3DS.

    1. not likely and didn’t they say vita can do what wii u and 3ds can but better? so vita can do screenshots, i think not, off tv play? no and getting 2 games, one for ps3 and one for vita do not count, its one game on a tablet controller and whats the point of a touchscreen on the back, to me it seems more gimmickry and usless

      1. I actually like the cross buy idea. It let you buy one game for PS3 and Vita. No need to buy extra copies. PSP and Vita can do off TV play BUT… its suck. It is called “remote play” and it does lag a lot. I agree with you that touchscreen on the back is a dumb idea ever.

  5. I want to listen to my compilation of erotic stories while playing animal crossing.

    That too much to ask nintendo?

  6. Wii U is trash, why would anyone want that crap when you can get a SUPERIOR PS4? Fucking nintendrones only bought the dogshit excuse for a system , nintendo is only playing catching up on ps3/360 while ps4 is true next gen. Seriously you wiitards need to get with the times. remember nintenfags … NO NEXT GEN GAMES FOR YOU!! :)

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