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GAME Offering Exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf Figurine With Pre-Order

isabelle animal crossingAnimal Crossing: New Leaf’s release is just under two months away and to make things even better, UK retailer GAME is offering an exclusive Animal Crossing figurine when you pre-order the game. The figurine features Isabelle, assistant to the mayor and wonderful addition to New Leaf, standing in front of the Town Hall. It also comes with the previously announced Animal Crossing 3DS XL White bundle, but only while stocks last, so get in there quick!

52 thoughts on “GAME Offering Exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf Figurine With Pre-Order”

  1. IF you are over thirty, and are excited about that little yellow toy for any reason other to sell it on ebay years down the road, you might have some issues.

    1. I like playing the games BUT WOULD NEVER WANT THIS TOY!….Seriously it look’s like a children’s play toy honestly…

        1. You know that game was marketed for children and has child-like themes but I just enjoy the games to relax and escape from reality!

  2. Virus/Wet Blanket

    Looks like a missed opportunity to include an NFC figurine… thing.
    But its still a nice addition, they obviously didn’t have to throw that in.


  3. 20 000 000 hard copy 3DS games sold todate. Nintendo has enough money and 3rd party titles on the 3DS for them to actually take their time developing the next 3D Zelda and Metroid releasing on the haldheld marvel next year. Game like other stores have seen the saving grace which was imparted onto the 3DS from way above.

    After the nintendo direct two days ago, nintendo ventures are sure to impress even more. I am praying for trolls and those on the fence alike to make them believers and not naysayers. Their naysaying parents and relatives from as far back as 1985 know this very intrisically that Nintendo always delivers beautifully and humbly great machines and games.

    1. 20 Million hard copy 3DS games sold , just in America. I think more have been sold In japan than the whole of America lol. 3DS has sold over 10 million units in America. Software is probably at about 30-40 million plus.

        1. No, he’s right. Jontron is an attention whore who brain washes all of his fanboys making them think what he speaks is LAW.

          For example, nobody used to hate StarFox Adventures so much until he did his shitty review… It’s a fantastic game, has a solid Metacritic score, solid sales, he didn’t have a single valid point.

          1. Actually he didn’t make Star Fox Adventures hated because of a few things, one being that he was a massive fan of the Star Fox series but Star Fox Adventures was actually not as good as the other Star Fox games. Plus, it was his OPINION which means if you like the game then you like the game.

            People like you only say this type of stuff because you really don’t understand comedy very well and the fact that he made ONE video that you didn’t like yet you insult him just because he didn’t like a game you like is just stupid. Its okay, you can admit you like PewDiePie

            1. If there was a thumbs up button on this site I’ll give you 20.

              Just ignore him, he just doesn’t like one video much like every youtuber on YouTube

            2. I don’t know who’s Pewdiewhatyousaid. All I know is that even since his shitty video, I’ve seen a lot of hate for the game. He said the game was outright trash just because it didn’t was an on-rails shooter! Whenever I posted a comment defending the game his fanboys would thumbs me down infinitely and say stuff like “no it’s shit you’re a faggot lol”

              Isn’t that just retarded? I hate this fat ass.

            1. Totally, he coined that shit and now you see it all over the place. It pisses me off. You’re a GC fan – you probably know how good that game is.

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