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Nintendo Says It Has No Plans To Sell 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro At Retail


The Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro is now being sold in North America. The device is priced at $19.99, adds a second Circle Pad and an extra set of shoulder buttons to the handheld console. For now, the only way to purchase the device is through Nintendo’s online store, as the company confirmed to Joystiq that it currently has no plans to sell the Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro at retail.

“There are no plans to sell this accessory at other retail locations at this time.”

-Nintendo representative


      1. Just want to know who people like better.

        it is kinda off topic :/ sorry

      1. Link is even worse. With the exception of the Wind Waker Link, the guy is an emotionless robot.

      2. lol true^ but at the same time, when you play zelda, and hear the music, you feel nostalgic even though it’s a new game, and you can be involved in this beautifully crafted story mode without much voice acting….. zelda sends you into this world where you dive into this story that captivates your soul without saying much. link, as the protagonist, is the person leading you into this world, and with only a sword and shield to wield, you feel adventurous and tumultuously go sword handed into the depths of the unknown, meeting people who can help you, exploring great dungeons filled with creative puzzles that gives you such a feeling of satisfaction after completing, this game makes link, and the whole story mode, bursting with feelings no other game can quite give to you

    1. Ask Tony Lane. He has millions of dolls, figurines, and statues of those characters! He even has a Mario pillow so Bowser won’t attack during the night!

      1. How would you know?? Lol I guess you are the one who has this items xD

    2. Samus. Her games have continuity and she at least has a personality. Whether she has a voice in a game or not.

  1. Oh well. I never bought the original Circle Pad Pro as I am not interested in making my 3DS a cinderblock.

  2. Of course they don’t. Could you imagine if people saw this thing in the stores? They would literally run away in fear and scream like banshies!

      1. Maybe they can make dental equipment out of them. At least then they would have some use.

  3. actually i think its good that there are no plans to sell them at retails because its more of a “do i need it?” and if there are not in demand because so few games use it and i know some will disagree with me but im right and all know it

  4. they do sell the Japanese 3DS LL Circle Pad Pro in retail… just not sure whether it’s available in NA.

  5. Well, I don’t think it’s really needed. Maybe for MGS3, but that’s about it. Kingdom Heart’s doesn’t benefit much from it either. I still don’t plan on getting one until I know for sure if ZL and ZR act as secondary L and R.

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