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Tetris Axis Lands In The Nintendo eShop On 3DS


Tetris Axis for the Nintendo 3DS launched at retail in 2011. And on April 18th, the puzzle game finally arrived in the Nintendo eShop. While it retails for $29.99, you can grab the digital version of the game for only $9.99. Tetris Axis includes more than 20 different modes, and up to eight players can compete in wireless multiplayer battles.

35 thoughts on “Tetris Axis Lands In The Nintendo eShop On 3DS”

    1. This is a tough question for me to answer as well. I don’t know which version you have but it does have new way to play Tetris. Some of them are kinda lame if you ask me. This game is pretty much like Tetris Party for Wii Wiiware except it have a few new mode plus it is portable. If you do not own and like Tetris Party for Wii Wiiware then you most likely like this game. You should try out stage runner, shadow, and climbers. I thought those modes are pretty fun. In my opinion, I got it and it is somewhat worth it for me even know I have Tetris Party.

  1. Hey! It’s Tetris! The series right up there with Mario, Call of Duty, and Halo for most overrated of all-time!

      1. Not necessarily shit, just overrated
        Well….yeah CoD is shit
        Mario’s 3D Platformers and RPGs are top notch
        Halo is….never played it
        Tetris is fun for a while but buying it more than once or twice is a bit too much

    1. Well, Mario isn’t, game genres with Mario are so wide it can’t physically all be overrated, unless you have a stupid opinion. Tetris is just a puzzle game, can’t be overrated either.

      1. So a game being in a certain genre stops it from being overrated? Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about, as usual.

        1. No, Mario as a brand, which no other game is, the only close thing to Mario is Mickey Mouse, and Disney character, games starring him, or featuring him are made of so many different genres, 2D platformer, 3D platformer, racing, party, RPG ect, that just by default, saying “Mario is overrated” can’t even make sense.
          It’s either you think every single Mario game is overrated, making you one dense idiot, or you’re trolling

  2. Tony Lane also known as N-Dub Nation

    I have already purchased over 100 physical copies of this game but I think I will buy it a few dozen times on eShop as well to support the Big N!!

  3. Perfect price. was waiting for this to happen. now the issue is either getting a bigger SD card for storage or delete some games i have i dont play :/

  4. That’s a lot more convenient than getting a physical copy. When I go out, I’d rather have a game like Tetris on the system itself, so you have room for an actual cartridge game.

  5. 10 bucks? Though I wasn’t interested in the game when it came out at retail, for 10 bucks the game looks a lot more its worth per money.

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