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Fire Emblem Awakening Launches In Europe And Australia


Fire Emblem Awakening has arrived in Europe and Australia at both retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. In the strategy role-playing game, players assume the role of a tactician to aid a prince named Chrom, who is also a leader of a militia known as the Shepherds. To help you decide on whether you should purchase the game, check out our Fire Emblem Awakening review, or download its free demo from the Nintendo eShop.



    1. Oh haha! Derp! It’s good!

      Thanks man I wasn’t going to buy this game but since you think it’s good. I’ll go get it… Huk huk


  1. Wow! Nintendo has a great game for once and they take a year to get to NA and another two months to get it to Europe and Australia. Tsk tsk!


      1. Tough luck, son.

        By the way, Retro is not making Star Fox. Just thought I would tell so you are not competely disappointed when your “predictions” are proven wrong.


      1. Fire Emblem Awakening is the first Fire Emblem game I ever played. It was absolutely fantastic. If any franchise subsidary could get someone into a franchise as a whole, it is THIS GAME!


  2. Well I used to like Fire Emblem for GBA but I start to hate it since I don’t like losing my units or resetting the game every time. So it is my only Fire Emblem game until this game came out. So I recommend this game for old Fire Emblem fans that does not like to lose units since they have a casual mode which means your units will not die. (Don’t worry you can still lose if you are wondering.) The funny part is that people still play classic mode and yet they kept resetting the game…. (Units can die forever in this mode.)


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