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Register Three Select Nintendo 3DS Games And Get A Fourth Game Free


With such a large roster of games available for Nintendo 3DS right now, players may find it difficult to decide which one to go for next. Starting from tomorrow (23rd April) Nintendo Europe will be launching the So Many Games! Promotion on a select range of top Nintendo 3DS titles to help them choose.

Players simply need to register any three of eight top Nintendo 3DS titles with Club Nintendo by 30th June 2013, and they will be able to claim a free download code of their most-wanted game from the range for FREE. They can choose one of the remaining five titles to enjoy playing on Nintendo 3DS themselves, or select one they’ve already registered for the promotion to give to a friend to either share the fun, or experience some exciting multiplayer action!

There are eight top Nintendo 3DS games eligible in this promotion:

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version)
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

77 thoughts on “Register Three Select Nintendo 3DS Games And Get A Fourth Game Free”

  1. This is FUCKING AWESOME for me. I have Luigi’s mansion 2 and Monster Hunter 3DS with unscratched points right here. So now when I buy Fire emblem in the next few days I will have a free 3DS game! Might get lego city or save it for Animal crossing or somethng…

    1. ok you can do this… puppy eyes, shut up bitch not everybody is grateful like you mother fucker some people wish they could get a free game, you are mind blown you thought i was going to try to make you feel bad for me

      1. Why are you calling me a mother fucker because I’m happy that I’m getting a free game ? suck a dick bro.

          1. You will get a free game if you follow the simple guidelines of this promotion….
            This will be SECOND free 3DS game I have had as I got one for registering my XL also!

          1. So, I see you are out of control like the other user. Let me guess, a vibrate dildo getting stuck up your ass without having power off?

    2. It will of course apply to those who have also redeemed their codes already.

      This is brilliant!
      I have Luigi Mansion 2, Monster Hunter and Fire emblem… Not sure which game to choose, hmmmm.

      1. Yeah it will indeed. I haven’t registered my LM2 or MHU 3DS code yet and I’m getting Fire emblem within the next few days , I’m just finishing up Luigi’s Mansion 2 and a couple of Wiiu games before I buy :) .

        I don’t know whether to get The chase begins (mediocre reviews) or wait for Animal crossing !

          1. £119 ? that’s a bit cheap isn’t it ? where did you pre order it from , off the back of a truck in London ? XD

              1. Seriously ? :O So you’re getting a Limited Edition Animal crossing XL with Animal crossing pre installed for £119 ? . That’s £199 worth of 3DS XL :0 !

                Well done!

      1. mmmm , It works even if you have registered them already :/ . There is a list of 8 games that apply . If you have registered 3 of them already , you will be eligible for a free game off that list of 8 …

        1. Really?


          This narrows my choices down then xD Cause I’m defo getting Animal Crossing bought for me, then of the list, Pokemon and Fire Emblem are the next “big two” I want. Much happier to jump and get Fire Emblem if I know I can get a free game out of it xD

          1. You have to be from UK or other European Club Nintendo countries , and you have to of registered 3 of the 8 games off of that list before June 30th. Then on your Club Nintendo account you will be able to claim a free game code :)

    1. It DOES count if you’ve registered those games early. It goes back as far as Castlevania MoF. So if you registered that on Day 1 of its release in the UK there is 1 of the 3 game codes you need to register to get one of the free games off the list of 8.

      1. I didn’t realise it said Europe at first… I would have gotten luigi’s mansion if I could have. I may eventually buy it, my friend will probably get it and I’ll try theirs out.

  2. Well this is fantastic! I already have Fire Emblem, and I’ll get Luigi’s Mansion 2. I’ll just decide on the other game closer to the time limit when the prices for them might have gone down.

  3. I hate these things. In my country we don’t get those codes. If we did, i’d have Prof. layton right now!

  4. WOw im shocked that nintendo gives such amazing things!
    So now I just need to buy fire emblem and i get animal crossings for free! WOW

  5. that’s obviously pretty awesome

    i have luigi’s mansion 2, fire emblem: awakening here (still have to register both of them) and donkey kong country returns is already pre ordered

    the problem:
    i’m not sure which one of those 5 remaining games to get

    played monster hunter + castlevania demo’s and i didn’t like them
    i have no interest in animal crossing, same goes for lego city
    pokemon x already pre ordered.. no need for pokemon mystery dungeon : /

  6. Nintendo Commander

    Unfortunately, Club Nintendo does not have bases here in the northern regions…

    We used to have it before but then the Sony Forces have been bombarding us heavily for years…

    The Xbots have a strong presense here aswell…

    We have a long way to go to reclaim our power here in the north…

  7. Two questions: Is this only Europe or also in the U.S? AND Do digital versions of a game count towards your 3?

  8. Man Europeans are lucky! Well it would’ve sucked for me anyways since I already registered most of the games on that list and don’t care to get the other ones.

  9. The only bad thing about this for me is that I do not own any of these games yet and I want all of these games as well, I wish I had more money sometimes.

  10. I have Luigi’s Mansion 2 already & have Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D & Animal Crossing: New Leaf on order, i might get LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins for free or maybe even Monster Hunter,

    I never scratch of the code things, i have loads even all my WiiU games, you should never keep putting the codes in because they expire after twelve months :@

  11. Ahhhhh, I hope this comes to the U.S! Already got Luigi’s Mansion, and am def planning on Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing

  12. i just got 3 games last month with my tax refund, but only luigis mansion is the the list, oh well! hopefull i can get animal crossing and pokemon in time t get a code! :D

    1. Would also like to know this? Also, can you use a US version of the above mentioned game(s) to register? Or does it have to be a EU (PAL) version of the game in order to register it?

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  14. Awesome. Already have Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem and they’re still unregistered, and I’m getting both Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing, so I can just get AC as a free download!

    …if only NOA does it orz

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