Doctors Claim Playing Tetris Can Fix A Lazy Eye


A study conducted by McGill University has found that playing cult video game Tetris can be an effective way to treat lazy eye. The study found that in a small test group of eighteen people, playing Tetris treated the common disorder more effectively than patching the good eye to make the weak one work harder. Dr Robert Hess, who was part of the team, had the following to say about the study.

“When we get the two eyes working together, we find the vision improves. It’s much better than patching, much more enjoyable, it’s faster and it seems to work better.”


  1. Since we are on the topic of Tetris. How much does Tetris Axis cost on the eshop? Sorry I’m to lazy to check.

  2. Now if there was a game that could fix the mind of kids that like to behave like adults.

  3. Great, I don’t have lazy and probably never will, I’m so hooked on Tetris Battle on facebook

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