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Nintendo Land Wii U Basic Set Planned For Q4 2013?


Nintendo is apparently looking to introduce a 8GB Wii U Basic pack which comes bundled with Nintendo Land this holiday season. This means that the 8GB Basic won’t receive a price cut, but it will instead be bundled with the well-received Nintendo Land. However, the Wii U 32GB will apparently continue to be bundled with Nintendo Land, but it will see a price reduction.

47 thoughts on “Nintendo Land Wii U Basic Set Planned For Q4 2013?”

        1. Don’t totally agree with te whole better than cods online, but it could benefit from online play that’s for positive!

      1. It’s something to do with promoting the Wii Controller… Which I hate using. I wish I could just use a pro controller for offline as well as a replacement for the Wii Controller.

  1. I do like Nintendo land , Pikmin adventure is by far my favorite attraction ^_^ . love the way you can shoot pikmin like bullets and fireworks…

    This bundle will be good , I think Nintendo has some big Wiiu games planned to release at the end of this year. Mario Kart U being the pick of the bunch.

    1. This bundle dosnt make sence at all. How is a good idea? Delux makes a price drop normal stays the same but whit a added game? It still would not sell the whit bundle.

  2. it would be cool if they give everyone who bought a basic already the game but how will they download it?

  3. I say instead of dropping the price of the Deluxe set they should add either NSMB U or Mario Kart U to the set to make it even better.

  4. Im confused? So what? The Wii U Basic Bundle would be $300 with Nintendo Land? And the Wii U Deluxe Bundle would go down to $300 also? If that was true then why would anyone get the Basic? Since you get more for the same price as the basic? I still say there will be NO PRICE DROP TILL 3 YEARS INTO THE WII U’S LIFE. Wii went 3 years, Reggie said people who are waiting for a price drop will be waiting quite a long time.

  5. Do not fear my broods, everything will end up satisfying enough and the “obsticles” in the pathmof the Wii U will soon be a fading memory just like it was with the 3DS…

  6. I get a Wii u at the end of the year but i don´t want Nintendoland, i think (yes I THINK so Nintendrones don´t need to freak out) it´s a terribly boring game.

      1. Just about anyone would prefer Nintendoland to Mario.

        Bayonetta 2 bundle would be nice, although I doubt too popular.

        1. Considering the the “lower than expected” sales of the first game it would be a nice business move.

      1. I played it…..but not as my own game. i played it with my friend and I only like that metroid game but if i only like about 8-9% of a game then I don´t think it´s worth the 50-60 bucks. honestly when others love it it´s fine but it´s nothing for me.

      2. You gotta admit it is not one of the game you will be playing for a long time. I think of this game as “once in a while” game. Also this game is more like a tech demo than an actually game.

  7. Why is it so bad? They just trying to get it cheaper and convince people to buy it and with some major game released, Coming up with a new bundle can be a huge amount of help, like 3DS with Fire Emblem, That caused so many sales and even with the 3Ds XL bundle. Be surprised what bundles can do when released in the right time and the right amount of good games.

  8. They should either burn them or just bury them! The Wii U basic is just bring the Wii U down in general, just make the deluxe the only version would give it some standards…

  9. I think this makes sense. I would have gotten the Basic 8GB version as I planned to get a hard drive for all my digital game downloads anyway and 8GB isn’t even enough for some of the games available on the eShop, so it really isn’t that useful for people looking to collect digital copies of games.

  10. This is who it should have been doing since the very beginning, Who in Nintendo thought that launch a console without a game was a good idea?

  11. So, basic will stay at $300 but comes with Nintendo land now, while the black one comes with Nintendo land at <$350? The hell? They'd be around the same price.

  12. If Nintendo wants me to purchase this system they need to add a patch to nintendo land to include online capabilities. Nintendo really thinks that i have friends over at my house everyday of the week to play with? They should also drop the price to 249 because its already a year old! OR they coukd just make a new system capable of handling everything you can throw at it.

  13. Wii U needs a price drop. Also, just drop the basic 8 gig, make the deluxe the basic at $250 and make the deluxe have 64 gig at $300.

  14. I think they just need to ditch the Basic entirely. Just have a white or black 32gb model with Nintendo Land for $300. Perfection

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