Game & Wario Wii U To Retail For $39.99 At GameStop


Game & Wario will retail for $39.99 if a recent listing at US retailer GameStop is correct. The retailer had originally listed the game for $59.99, but they have already slashed the game to $39.99. It’s unclear if other retail outlets will follow suit, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out. Game & Wario launches on Wii U on June 23rd in North America.

Thanks, Ricky


  1. Kisses to you too mammajynx! Lol! In other words, that would be a good price for this game, $40.

  2. Good, that’s how much a game with like 12 or so mini games should cost. At a $60 price I doubt many woulda purchased it. Now for 39.99 I might swoop that up once they show the other mini games! :D

  3. This game was one of those games I want but not quite willing to pay for but know I am 99% sure I’ll buy it! Love the price :)

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