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80 Percent Of Wii U Consoles Are Connected To The Internet


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that 80 percent of the 3.45 million Wii U consoles worldwide are now connected to the internet. Iwata says this is the highest amount achieved for a Nintendo console and he believes that as the install base grows, so will the amount of people who are connecting their consoles to the internet.

“This is a higher number than the previous hardware systems we released. As Wii U is a game console you can enjoy most with an Internet connection, we will continue to inform our consumers about the advantages of using it online and further increase the net-connection ratio.”

Satoru Iwata also revealed just how many Nintendo 3DS console are connected to the internet.  Iwata says that Japan has the highest connected with 87 percent of users connected online. The United States isn’t too far behind with 83 percent, but the ratios are rising in both regions, he said. However, Europe’s net-connected ratio stands at 57 percent, and though it is higher than before, it “leaves much to be improved.”

67 thoughts on “80 Percent Of Wii U Consoles Are Connected To The Internet”

    1. Just to provide a first comment? :P Look like having an internet is not an exactly an issue so look like Nintendo want to provide more digital contents in the future. Only things they need to know if they have an high speed connections for playing online.

      1. Doesn’t really prove that having to connect a console to the internet 24/7 works because the internet can go down at times and sometimes servers can go down which means playing games on a console that needs you to be online always means that you can’t play games.

      1. I’ve just updated the theme from Twenty Twelve to Twenty Thirteen. The header is just default at the moment. I’m still thinking about it.

          1. Thank you. I’m afraid because I’m using we have to use their commenting system. If I could implement Disqus I probably would.

        1. Ah, thankyou! Sorry if I sounded hateful, it’s just I check this site like 20 times a day so I’ve gotten used to the old look (especially the one with the Lego Zelda :P).

    1. Unrelated, but I somewhat agree, I wouldn’t say hate, and let’s not hate on sickr etc, but I guess change is good

  1. That’s really great! Too bad that nobody of those 80% can download the Wii U update!!! >:O
    Nintendo, what are you waiting for? I need it on Saturday, and I don’t have time tomorrow! D:

    1. I am actually surprised that everyone still waiting for the updates. Nintendo never confirm the date except “next week” and that VC picture on Facebook kinda screw everyone over. Everyone thought the picture mean it is coming out on that day but it is just a launch line up games. I was hoping by Sunday due to “next week” but this isn’t the first time for Nintendo or other companies delays the updates.

  2. I cannot imagine my Wii U not being connected to the internet.
    I just checked and I already spent 296:54 hours on my Wii U browser.

    I spent like 1200 hours on my Wii browser.

    But the Wii U browser is good. I can imagine coming over 3000hours someday.
    I use it for everything.
    I don’t use my computer anymore.

      1. More family meetings . More REAL communication between people , less fags to see , of course not referring to anyone here , less kids with a bad behavior , … But there is a good part too .

    1. The best thing is you can use your fingers to type on the touchscreen like a mini , perfectly accurate touch keyboard! Having to point at letters with the wii remote got a bit boring , but that problem is gone with the Wiiu gamepad.

      1. Bye we pointing key board, Bye long loading times, bye bad video quality, bye not being able to open taps, bye not being able to copy and past, bye not being able to zoom perfectly.

        Wii U♥♡♥♡♥♡

        1. Pat on the back.

          This is what people need to focus on more, rather than comparing it to the upcoming PS4 or Durango. ‘Course, theirs is gonna be more powerful, but wanna hear a fun fact? Every gen of consoles, the strongest has never won. Not to say things can’t change, but seven console generations of the weaker consoles faring better speaks for itself.

          Also, Sickr, I think the new theme is pretty cool. Though one thing is the comment layout; in the previous theme, there was a sever indent for replies, and this would lead to intensely squished answers after a long discussion (on iPad, anyway). In this theme, the indents are barely noticeable! Sure, if you really look close you can tell, but I liked the immediate aesthetic dynamic of larger indents, as you can easily and quickly track all the replies.

    2. lol just checked mine and I’m sitting at roughly 1106.- system hours used since beginning of January. I love my Wii U! XD

    1. XD *chuckle* Good one! Well we don’t know that for sure. Even it is meant to be connected to internet, I bet you some of the parents or kids didn’t know it have to connected to the internet. :P

  3. Very impressive statistics. 80% of the Wii U owners are connected to the internet. Let’s hope the firmware update, Wii U Panorama View and Virtual Console launches by tomorrow.

  4. Not Impressive to me that Users are enjoying Wii U online features, it’s easy to start the miiverse and the eshop, browser and TVii is really part of entertainment. However, we are facing DRM days, and if 80% of users are connected without even having to, the online components are really good.

    1. Yeah I really enjoy the layout of the comments section. Much more enjoyable than before. I’m a little concerned with the thread postings on the main page however.

      On my Wii U it just seems bulky and tedious and used a more streamlined approach with perhaps a smaller font size and editing the division between threads.

  5. Hm.
    This is Nintendo related, but.
    MNN is still grasping at straws for new articles. Don’t hurt your fingers grasping. Also the new layout is garbage.

  6. Miiverse and Eshop barely have played a game online. I hope Xenoblade 2 or Mario Kart hook me on online multiplayer.

    Remember the last time you played 4 player split screen? I do! Time Splitters 2 on gamecube. Fun gathering around with my friends and hell break loose 4 vs all 5/4 stars CPU on Hard :)

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