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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate For 3DS Back In Stock Within UK

monster_hunter_3_ultimateMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS is back in stock within the UK at various retailers. The popular action adventure franchise hit a virtual bump in the road when it was released last month, as stocks quickly diminished for both the 3DS and Wii U versions. Nintendo UK tweeted the following yesterday: “We’re pleased to confirm that further stock of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Nintendo #3DS is now available at various retailers #MH3U”. The Wii U version was replenished earlier this week.

26 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate For 3DS Back In Stock Within UK”

    1. Yup! I’ve updated to the new Twenty Thirteen theme. The previous theme was Twenty Twelve so I figured it needed an update. New theme should look good on phones and tablets as well as your PC.

      1. nice done with the new webpage layout. i kind of miss the old picture but besides that its a very welcoming new website

  1. does anybody even care about nintendo anymore, ive been dealing with shit in a bag for to long, there is to many shit to count in recent years and it seems to be getting worse and if nintendo doesnt support there new system. by the time e3 come and nothing great is there, even if there is we will never get fatal frame, or any other good games if there is some. they will just keep putting out shit and pull a skyward shit that was horrible and sayit is good enough for 3 years or so, europe might get something good but noa will not care and we were lucky to get any of the rainfall games, because of xseed in ths and pandoras tower, and gamestop for seeing demand in xenoblade. fault after fault , shit after shit. losing squaresoft to sony selling rare, losing 3rd party, and to top it off it there is a good game thats not a nintendo made game they all will stay in japan if its for there console

    1. NoA only wants american type of games where they only shoot nazis or arabs or aliens that behave like those 2…

      The Xbots are ajoke and they are the ones destroying the gaming universe

  2. Not really digging the style change. The size difference of the articles and gravatars is too jarring to immediately take in.
    If MNN is going to do a style change, I’d prefer seeing a change of commenting system so that we’d have some way of flagging things or down/up-voting things.
    That said…….
    Glad to hear that MH3U is back in stock. That means more people can join the hunt.^_^

    1. I must say that I like the new layout, other than the size issues with a few things. Some things have expanded far too much like the gravatars and the sizes of titles.

  3. I like the new style. The other one felt so amateurish that if you didn’t constantly get the news fast enough, I would have left months ago.

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