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Nintendo Accepts Responsibility For Not Trying “Hard Enough” To Explain Wii U


During a recentย financial results briefing, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said his company feels “deeply responsible” for not trying hard enough to explain the Wii U to consumers. Unfortunately, for Nintendo, there are still some people who think the Wii U GamePad is a peripheral for the Wii console, and some think the Wii U is merely a Wii with a tablet controller. Iwata says it’s been a “grand challenge” for Nintendo in terms of trying to communicate the product value of Wii U to consumers.

Regarding Wii U, the release intervals of first-party key titles have been so much longer than we expected at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in January that we have not successfully maintained the momentum of the platform. In addition, we have not been able to solidly communicate the product value of Wii U to our consumers yet, which has been a grand challenge for us.

Some have the misunderstanding that Wii U is just Wii with a pad for games, and others even consider Wii U GamePad as a peripheral device connectable to Wii. We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product.

Wii U might still have no such captivating game title as “Wii Sports” for Wii, with which people immediately comprehended its product value, but it surely has a lot of factors appreciated by users. We would like to take time to work thoroughly for its penetration, by making various efforts to have many people understand its product value as well as enriching the software lineup.

-Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

104 thoughts on “Nintendo Accepts Responsibility For Not Trying “Hard Enough” To Explain Wii U”

      1. Oh. You want confirmation do ya? You spend pretty much all of your time on this site insulting a Company that doesn’t even know your pathetic little ass exists. The only thing you’ve confirmed is how little of a life you have! lol

        1. Dude nobody had insulting you why you have to insulting people he is right Nintendo are very stupid that’s why happen that thing cos instead to show real games on E3 they had showed only Wii ports and how you can say this is new console when you seeing Wii games HA from other hand Sony are the best and 20 February when they had press conference they showed to the world that Playstation 4 is coming not like this IDIOTS Nintendo oh yah now i am reading that not gonna be E3 for them this year

          oh yeah here what Sony had showed F28

          and what this idiots Nintendo had showed E3 2011 and 12 nothing

          PS2 graphic

          This was little better only little

          The same old shits

          and few trailers only trailers and after that BS people have to believe this is new console

          Enjoy your day fanboys

          1. You are telling that Wii U owners are actually fanboys and you are acting like sony fanboy.. I would call that paradox ;)
            Enjoy your console, i will enjoy both of them :)

    1. I agree. Nintendo is respectable on that. When the fiasco of 3DS, instead of firing the workers, the higher ups took the hit with their paycheck and moved on.

        1. And Nintendo didn’t do that either. As Mike said, the higher ups took losses to their paychecks. Satoru Iwata himself cut his own wages either last year or the one prior by a large amount to help the company.

    2. When you are a child you are constantly saying you are sorry because you simply don’t know better. When you become an adult you still say up are sorry but not as frequently because you do know better and learn from your mistakes.

      After a certain point you need to stop apologizing, man up, and do what you know is right in the first place. Saturo Iwata has been apologizing for the past two years straight. He needs to admit that he is failing Nintendo right now. No one can take away what he has done in the past, but that is the PAST. Right now it is one bad decision after another. It’s not time for him to take on more responsibility. It’s time for him to step down. Nintendo needs a new direction.

      1. He is taking action, though. As CEO of Nintendo of America now, he is aiming to focus on the marketing over here to sell more of the few games the Wii U does have already, that very few are aware of.
        He will step down if this gets worse, though, so I’ll give him credit for putting such a gigantic weight on his shoulders. I have faith in him, though, and I have a feeling the Wii U will likely make a 3DS style comeback.

        1. It’s obvious that Iwata cannot handle the competitive nature of the CURRENT video game market. Taking on more responsibility isn’t going to make things better. It may make things worse. I think he should step down now before it gets really ugly. Nintendo needs a new direction. It’s a murmur that has been going on for awhile now but I think I’m fully on board with Iwata needing to go. That is not a slight on what he has accomplished, but that is all in the past. Granted the 3DS is doing very well, but his decisions are running the Wii U into the ground and it’s not even necessary. He is making the EXACT same mistakes with the Wii U he did with the 3DS. Mistakes that he said he would not make again. He eve took a 50% pay cut to prove it. Now what’s he gonna do after posting a second-operating loss?

          Where there is smoke their is fire. There may be a valid reason why so many 3rd party companies won’t touch Nintendo with a 10-foot pole.

          1. The reason 3rd party developers refuse to develop for Nintendo is because they know that people buy Nintendo consoles for their games, and it has been shown many many times.

            All the mistakes made by Iwata for the 3DS were fixed by him. He took responsibility for his actions and is again. If you honestly think that the PS4 and 720 will have much more success than the Wii U, then you need to really look at the economy. No one has the money to pay $300 for a console, let alone the higher prices for the other next gen consoles. Iwata’s the reason Nintendo have managed to survive the last 10 years.

            1. The time for excuses is over with. Nintendo has been given enough free-passes on criticism around here. Yes, Iwata has done well with Nintendo ‘in the past.’ This is not the past this is the present and his decisions are running the Wii U into the ground. All three companies have to deal with the same economic conditions so that is neither here nor their. Sony doesn’t even have the MONEY to invest in the PS4 as much as they have. Yet they did. Instead of choosing to “play it safe” they chose to “step out on faith.”

              It could be a terminal mistake that drives them out of the gaming business, or it could be a brilliant move that puts them back on top of the gaming world. Time will tell. Normally it’s 3 strikes and your out but Iwata has had four or five.

              It was NINTENDO that said they wanted to attract the core and bring in more 3rd parties. Excluding moronic organizations like EA and so forth, even reputable 3rd party companies have said “no thank you” to the Wii U. Partially because their software doesn’t so as well on Nintendo consoles as they do with Sony and Microsoft, but I feel as though that since Nintendo has done such a horrible job marketing the Wii U, that increases the risk of not selling well. So it is Nintendo’s own fault. Why would you want to put million of dollars into development of a game for a console where it’s management isn’t even sure on how to proceed with their own titles. Much less don’t see to feel it is important to stop being so damn reclusive and get out there where the people are. I wouldn’t want to develop a game for the Wii U at this point either. Stakes are too high. With the economy being the way it is that margin for error is zero.

              The Wii U at this point may wind up with LESS 3rd-party support than the Wii had. The trouble, unless Nintendo does something magical within the next few months they won’t have the casual market to fall back on.

  1. Do your best, Nintendo. Do not give in to the negativity. Do what needs to be done and stick with it. Continue to support both the 3DS and Wii U. Solve any problems that come up and don’t get sidetracked by them. I speak for everyone else, including myself. Negativity can be distracting and continuously whining and complaining every day won’t change anything. Do something about your problems instead of complaining about it.

  2. well don’t apology make a different. if people see no differents make them see it. in the west the commercials in my opinion could be alot better i feel as if nintendo not sure how to advertise there console. it’s not hard you don’t allways got to advertise wii u with a game. how about showing miiverse in a commercial with tvii? how about how the gamepad can be a cable box remote & a tv remote ? that’s something that can grab the casual if they know about it and the only way they will know if you show them.

  3. The funny thing is, E3 was the perfect place to turn the console around. But we all know what happened there.

    1. What happened there was that Nintendo decided that it would be better for business to not go for a big show and instead allow people to try their upcoming games, play with the Wii U etc.

      Everyone has seen that the Wii U is not something that can be sold with words. When I first heard about the Wii U, I was kind of disappointed. It wasn’t until I got mine that I realised how fantastic it is.

      1. The problem is that the people their most likely already HAVE the Wii U and or know what it is so what is the point? It’s not like the average Joe Smoe walking down the street can walk into E3 and start playing games. E3 is is ABSURDLY expensive and the people whom know about it are already gamers and have already saved for months to go. At the end of the day there won’t be anymore of a presence in the general populus about the Wii U than there is now and they will be back to square one. AFTER revealing all their big titles. People still won’t know what the Wii U is by and large. The vast majority of their E3 will be behind closed doors or on mediums that the casual gamer doesn’t bother with or would even think to check.

        Why would a random soocer-mom, senior-citizen, or ay other non-gamer or casual gamer just out of the blue say, “You know…I think I’ll just check on the internet to see if Nintendo is doing one of those Nintendo Direct thingys.” That doesn’t happen.

        There is no way to spin this into a positive. They screwed up. Period. The only thing that can help them now is if logic and common sense fail.

  4. One thing I will always love about Nintendo is that they’re always willing to admit their mistakes. It’s better than ignoring them and looking stupid in the process. Right on Nintendo. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings.

      1. If Sony is going out, at least they are going out with guns-a-blazing. They seem to have a focus and a clear direction of where they want to go. Nintendo doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do and is trying to figure it out on the fly. Microsoft is all over the place. They want to do EVERYTHING.

    1. Money from morons spend just as well as money from non-morons. Customers don’t have to buy your product so you need to cater to them. Not the other way around.

  5. They should.have had hal develop nintendo land. That team has crazy fun ideas for mini games. Look at the kirby mini games how fun those are. Even pokemon stadium 1 and 2 had good ones.

  6. challenge? challenge? You put some damn commercial here and there showing that the Wii U is a Newer console and not a new Wii U add on, playing some good first and third party game .

    How challenging could be that? Did Nintendo forget how to do those crazy ass commercial they made in the 90’s to promote the NES, SNES and N64 consoles and games?

  7. Even if the Wii U was clearly explained Id still not buy it. It’s missing so many things that make modern games enjoyable.

  8. The name isn’t the fucking issue. Otherwise PS1 and PS2 and PS3 and PS4 and Xbox and Xbox 360 would all be having the same issue. Adding U to Wii is no different then adding 720 after Xbox.

    1. you are god damn retarded. adding numbers makes it easier to understand PS(2) is a successor to the ps(1) ect… adding the U makes it difficult. Wii 2 would have been a better name.

        1. Sorry Dragonsilths. It is a known fact that the “newer, upgraded” product has a new number added to it. PS(3) Xbox(720). Even in Movies it is the same. Iron Man, Iron Man (2), Iron Man (3). Grudge, Grudge (2), etc… Wii U has no number so people simply think it is a Wii add-on. ๐Ÿ’‹

  9. Well the problem is
    1. No fucking asvertising.
    2. People only understand numbers.
    “X2? Oh it must be the new one”
    “XU? I dont get it, how do i nintendo?”

    Unfortunatly, people are fucking stupid, but its a legitimate market stradegy.
    The iPhone 4, people knew it was new
    iPhone 4S, people know it’s some different version.
    Should’ve given it a new name, simple.
    I know the Wii brand is easy for people o understand but people dont give a fuck about the Wii brand, it’s always “that thing i bought for the tennis then never played”.
    Sure, to active gamers its fine, we care about the games, and take interest in the inferface, and new ideas.
    But guess what, the public is dumb as FUCK.

    My guess is that realisticly, the WiiU is goin to be conparable to a more successful Gamecube. People will buy it for exclusives, but more people will buy it because its comparitively cheaper.

    1. I believe that when the prices for the other consoles are announced, people will realise that the Wii U isn’t that expensive and will go for the cheaper console. And we all know that the other consoles will be priced higher.

    1. I’ll keep a look out on IGN updates, but otherwise i dont care about the system, but if they show some games that’ll be on PS4 or WiiU then yeah i’ll keep a look out on it.

  10. Nintendo Commander

    If High Command could turn the 3DS into a succesfull product just when most thought it was only a DS with 3D then they can certainly do it with Wii U…

    I’m not worried at all…

    The day I will be worried is when High Command decides to cancel the Wii U…

    Which is very unlikely…

  11. Pitfall near your door

    It’s good to see Nintendo man up and show they are human and make mistakes, at E3 im pretty sure they will have time to tell the public the difference for the Wii and Wii U so their won’t be any confusion. the Marketing still needs some work with the games and pretty much hope the small press conferences at E3 will talk alot about the New Wii U 1st party titles to get their juggernaut of a system running it’s full potential!. At least we can all tell Nintendo is human because everyone makes mistakes right? another Said company would have just blamed it on their fans.

  12. the wii u will probably only get japanese developers support, so they better localize the fucking games or else nintendo fucking sucks!!! im not going to deal with another fucking wii that has hardly any good games because of them!!! either bring the good games over or else lose yet another fan thats had to deal with so much of your shit

  13. What, was there ANY momentum to start off with?. News to me!.

    Owners still left waiting on a release date, for a game that was repeatedly touted as a launch window title…lol

    I still see no games I want to play on Wii U, apart from first-party, and the odd DL game which I can get on other platforms.

    People think it’s a weakly Wii with a bulky tablet controller, o’really, now there a surprise!, haha.

    People know it’s value when they see far better products on the market, like the many high powered gaming tablets with their i7 CPU’s and traditional controls, that allow great games to be played with 100% portability.

    It’s crudity and been comunicated very well, that’s very much part of Nintendo’s problem.

    Not sorry enough to step down though lol. The audience understand the thing perfectly, they just don’t understand how poorly Nintendo continue to sell it.

    So, Wii U now needs a Wii Sports saviour, some casual BS to incent families. Wasn’t Nintendo Land meant to do that?. A far larger bulk of the audience now recognises what quality, a Wii Sports rip off was never going to wash now.

    Shambolic strategy.

  14. Iwata still telling Investors what they know already. Nintendo should sack this fool, he does nothing good for the company.

        1. isnt reggie the reason for all the games not being brought over even if they are in english isnt he the reason why noa is a pile of shit? so your saying iwata tells reggie not to bring games over to america even if there in high demand and all ready in english? yeah i fucking doubt it, noa is a piece of shit and he is now the ceo of noa now and the numerous shit that they cancelled the list goes on and on and nintendo has been better anywhere else than noa.

          1. Japanese developers are the reason games don’t get localized. Reggie sure as hell WANTS to localize all the Jap games!!! ๐Ÿ’‹

  15. Nintendo Commander

    You can’t explain anything to western people unless it is explained in a baby’s way…

    I had no problem understandin the whole concept and use of the Wii U in any way…

    1. Pitfall near your door

      To be fair it would be really confusing. With their E3 thing i really don’t mind if they are doing it more smaller then their last ones because really im just looking forward to the games they will be announcing! Also i really like how they will use the Direct to their advantage their too because really i fell that (and this is just in my opinion) that Nintendo direct is alot more better then E3…just saying.

      1. For us “fans” you are right. We have an eye on Nintendo yet. But the mainstream? The people that still do not know what a Wii U is? An E3 press conference is the biggest chance to get attention from everywhere. Nintendo Directs are for us who already own a Wii U or know what we could expect. But it is irrelevant for people who still have to be catched by Wii U. Do you understand what I mean?

        I like Nintendo Directs, too, but from a PR-perspective it’s just for the one “hardcore”-audience and not for the others. If only some journalists are able to play the new games behind closed doors the publicity and attention the games will get depends only on their articles and reportings. A major press conference is a good publicity itself because it is watched by everyone who is interested in games in general, perhaps “only xbox” people, too, for example.

    1. they have been fucking slipping ever since the wii came out!! they dont even care about there fans and will let them have nothing to play for ever, skyward shit is enough, no its not it sucked too!!

      1. “dont even care about there fans”
        riiight then explain why Nintendo is publishing Bravely Default the fans been wanting so badly and releasing Earthbound for the VC.

        1. BD is square enix, not Nintendo. Earthbound will be a slightly different experience because they have had to make certain minor changes. Even if the game is announced in a Nintendo direct, that does not mean that Nintendo is releasing it, or that they made it.

          1. honestly really in noa i really am getting sick of there shit, we will see whats in store and what they do and if nothing improves than i dont give two shits what happens to them

          2. @BD which is the more of a reason why Nintendo had to butt in and publish it, the could’ve simply ignored it. Earthbound: what do you mean by not releasing even it is announced at Nintendo Direct, you’ve just proved sorta proved my point that Nintendo cares about it’s fans

            1. I know earthbound is announced. I was saying that even if a game, any game, is announced for a specific release in a Nintendo direct… Does not mean it is or has been created and published by Nintendo. That is what I was stating. I didn’t prove anything of the sort, if they cared they wouldn’t have waited so long to further pursue earthbound’s vc release for one of their systems! They may care about their fans but not about the fans as people, but as dollar signs for business longevity. Don’t kid yourself about them caring about their fans, investors sway all the decisions… Period.

  16. shouldn’t have tried to live off of the success of the wii by putting wii in its name. actions have consequences.

  17. change the name, its never too late for a name change (as long as it has nintendo in its name people will buy it. no one liked the name wii ever it was just innovative enough to get attention). market it as more then just a gaming system, (it plays netflix, and google maps… ect) stop marketing to children in the united states, and show thats its an everyones system, but appeal more to the hard core… i need to be nintendo’s marketer…

    1. Changing the name now would be a DISASTER! It would cause even more confusion than there already is. The damage has been done so let it be. ๐Ÿ’‹

  18. The first step is admitting your mistake and apologizing for it.
    The next step is rectifying the wrongs that you have perpetrated.
    Better advertising and a more visual display of the actual console instead of just the gamepad, would be, and have been, a tremendous help to the Wii U. I would fire the entire marketing department at Nintendo and get new people with fresh new ideas in their places. Also, hire more developers with better understanding of HD graphics programming and game development… He’ll, there can’t be a shortage of them, all the other consoles on the market from last gen provided HD experiences! Now, Nintendo, it’s time to right your wrongs and thanks for owning up to them!

  19. if you need wiiu explaining things to you then you are a dows syndrome

    whats to explain its a wii and a DS rolled into one

    did ps2 need explaining

    cmmonsense wiiu is thebonly nxt gen system ak others including the twin joke indutry mong machines later this year are OLD GEN

    xbox durrango funa have services SO WHAT WIIU IS A NEXT-NEW-CREATIVE-NEXT GEN SYSTEM


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  21. Hopefully we will finally get some more games. I am a family gamer, and bought my WiiU because I saw the potential in WiiUFit. I hope others do soon. I still believe in Nintendo they make family games, not violence. they have their spot but it is not hard core games, they have tried but 3rd party developers havent seemed to get it. Lets give them time and how things work out. I respect Iwata for taking responsibility.

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