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Nintendo: More Unnannounced Third-Party Titles Coming This Year To 3DS


During Nintendo’s financial results briefing, company president Satoru Iwata said he’s heard that there are more unnannounced third-party games coming to Nintendo 3DS this year. Some of the confirmed third-party games hitting the handheld device this year are Disney Infinity, Disney Planes and Skylanders: Swap Force.

Recently, third-party software developers overseas have had fewer of their best development studios develop software for handheld devices. However, for this year, the release of several key titles has already been announced, and I have also heard there are more unannounced titles to come.

Also, as I mentioned on another occasion, we plan to more actively support the Japanese software developers in distributing their key titles overseas.

… I’ve also heard that our third parties are planning to launch other software titles that they have not announced yet. With these titles in the lineup, I think that, although much later than in Japan, the overseas markets are finally ready for Nintendo 3DS to get on an ideal sales track.

-Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

35 thoughts on “Nintendo: More Unnannounced Third-Party Titles Coming This Year To 3DS”

      1. Apparently Nintendo doesn’t know either. nor do they want anyone else to know. After that crap they pulled earlier today about not having a E3 conference you have a free-pass to troll your arse off. Nintendo deserves it

          1. Excuse me. A neutered E3 conference. Like it really matters. if they consider that garbage they did last year a ‘major’ conference, they might as well not even show up if they are going to streamline it.

              1. All the more reason they should go out with a bang this year, not a burp. Also, it was their own fault they had back-to-back stinkers. Especially last year. They had that conference in the bag after a MISERABLE performance by Microsoft, and Sony with the whole ‘Wonderbook’ fiasco. They still found a way to botch it up.

    1. Sigh, can you just give it a rest? Ik talking shit about nintendo and insulting people without getting your ass kicked makes your dick hard, but seriously dont you have ANYTHING better to do than troll a site for a company you hate? Being one of the first 5 people to post on an article on a website sentric to a company you hate is just sad.

    1. Just be better about localizations. Bravely Default is a good start, but we want Dragon Quest VII, Layton x Ace Attorney, and Fantasy Life. That is all we ask, Nintendo.

  1. The title got me so jacked, then I saw 3ds. Can u guys just focus on wii u already!? First the E3 shit then this.

    1. e3 is not ruined they just trying something new. let see what happens we still get some new announced games. they no reason to sweat just yet.

  2. wow 3ds is truly one of the best handheld i ever had. but im still upgrading to xl for x&y & link to the past.

      1. im trying to see if a pokemon x & y one come out but a zelda one i wouldn’t know what to choose.. nintendo knows how to make a person upgrade.

  3. Obligatory whining about the Wii U.
    Then Walter responds.
    Then I tell people to wait until E3.
    Then I get more pessimistic responses.
    Then I pretend to migrate to Wii U Daily.
    Then I come back because there’s nobody at Wii U Daily.


  4. what about dragron quest 7 iwata? i hope nintendo dont forgot the series like square does.
    i happy we get Bravely Default but the main reason i get the 3ds is because DRaque

    please nintendo bring dq7 to eourope please please please please please please please

  5. Oh my god, even though i love the system, seriously, FUCK the 3DS.
    Talk about the fucking WiiU!!!
    Do a WiiU direct, now! Show us something, for fuck sake.

    “Lets release a new system, and not announce shit for it, till E3, even though we’re doing 2 closed door conferences”.


  6. Love how everyone keeps complaining about no games on the Wii U when they are just around the corner at E3. Because, YES, Nintedo is having a Wii U E3 conference. It will just be run differently this time. The games are coming, people! 💋

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