Nintendo has just released the spring update for the Wii U. The update brings a number of improvements to the system including dramatically improved load times. Other features include the ability to copy and move data between USB drives and downloading and installing software even if the Wii U console is turned off.

  • Loading times will be improved when switching between software or when returning to the Wii U menu.
  • The ability to copy and move data between USB drives will be added.
  • The Wii U will automatically install new software that you have downloaded in the background while playing a game.
  • Software updates will automatically be downloaded (even without starting the software).
  • You can immediately access Wii Mode while the Wii U is starting up if you hold the B button.
  • The Wii U will continue downloading and installing software even if the system is turned off.
  • The Wii U Virtual Console will be added the day after the update.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.



  1. Will wait to see how the update is before I do it..I figure here in the US there is a mad dash to get this update so the system is probably overloaded..my internet connection is through Ethernet so will probably take about an hour


  2. someone said this on twitter..is anyone else experiencing this…

    While the Wii U update makes the Game transition back to the Menu 2-3 times as fast, the Settings>Menu seems to be worse! XD


  3. My Wii U won’t connect MiiVerse or the Nintendo shop. My internet connection is fine though. I can’t even start the update w/o it saying there’s an error. Anybody else experiencing this ype of thing?


  4. heeey!! i just updated my Wii U, is awesome! it has more Wii-like functions!
    now we can use a Wii Remote to browse Miiverse!! even post a comment using the Wii Remote!! it’s very uncomfortable to write with it, but it’s awesome!!

    damn, what a good day to be a Wii U user.


    • if it keeps doing that check your download management. it could be downloading on the slick and you not relize it. because i was getting an error starting it in the system settings then when i checked download management it was downloading. i have no idea why but it was working fine after that


  5. Shit froze when trying to load netflix. For fucks sake. Fix the freezing already Nintendo! Btw, I am aware they’ve supposedly fixed this issue with a previous update. It has not.


  6. The update finished for me and let me tell you this update is AMAZING everyone! Dramatically quicker OS functioning, Holding B to boot straight to the Wii menu, Installs while playing a game and download and installs while the system is off. Everything just feels so much faster.

    Extremely Awesome.


  7. “The Wii U will continue downloading and installing software even if the system is turned off.”

    I’m curious on how this will work, and worried about heat generation like the Wii had with its 24 hour connect thingy


    • Updating mines right now. While my console is in the living room, my Gamepad is in the bed room. Sweet! Now I’m bout to lay down in the bed, while watching my Wii U download.


  8. this new layout is horrible, if anybody was thinking about leaving this site, this is the perfect time because this makes me not even want to come back or even want to check here


  9. its…its….its sooo beautiful :,). i am on it right now after the update and everything is running so smooth and sooo fast!! vast and perfect improvements! i’m really enjoying it :)


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