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Wii U System Update Is Now Live


Nintendo has just released the spring update for the Wii U. The update brings a number of improvements to the system including dramatically improved load times. Other features include the ability to copy and move data between USB drives and downloading and installing software even if the Wii U console is turned off.

  • Loading times will be improved when switching between software or when returning to the Wii U menu.
  • The ability to copy and move data between USB drives will be added.
  • The Wii U will automatically install new software that you have downloaded in the background while playing a game.
  • Software updates will automatically be downloaded (even without starting the software).
  • You can immediately access Wii Mode while the Wii U is starting up if you hold the B button.
  • The Wii U will continue downloading and installing software even if the system is turned off.
  • The Wii U Virtual Console will be added the day after the update.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

141 thoughts on “Wii U System Update Is Now Live”

    1. I’m doing that myself at least a day but if nobody took the first step we wouldn’t know either way lol. I’m hoping no problems with this seeing as it took a long time.

    2. Now that you’ve mentioned it, that sounds like a good idea. Now, I’ll wait a few days to see if there are any issues. If not, then I’ll download.

      1. I live in Venezuela and the games are REALLY EXPENSIVE! They are like 250% more expensive than in USA and I’m lying to you… without mentioning that getting dollars is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Hell, even getting our own currency is a pain in the ass. I WANT NEW GAMEEES T.T

      1. This site makes ign look like a joke. Actually all the Nintendo sites I look at are better than ign. Ign is always late with news. This site, Nintendolife, Nintendoenthusiast, and are all better and have more news than igns Nintendo branch at least.

      1. The PS1 and PS2 were pretty terrible consoles, and were only any good due to the amount of games they had. The Genesis and DreamCast were alright, but lacking in game variety. The NES and SNES were brilliant though, due to Nintendo dominating the market and having the best games on the consoles.

        1. im sry i think i worded my statements a little wrong there. that is after all my opinion and i kind of jumped the gun and didnt quite get what you sayed. now that i look i agree with you whole heartedly because it DOES have the potential. once it gets som games and maybe some more fine tuning, itll be a beast

  1. how much time is it taking to download the update guys? I just want to know because my internet is not that good…

  2. Will wait to see how the update is before I do it..I figure here in the US there is a mad dash to get this update so the system is probably internet connection is through Ethernet so will probably take about an hour

  3. What? I subscribe via email and it said “The major update to the system is due to be released sometime next week.” but must have since been removed.

  4. Im going to wait a while to update. After what happened to me with the 3DS update. Is anybody having any problems?

  5. Right now watching my bulls but started a minute ago down to 46 minutes. Hate comcast but love there internet speed.

  6. WOW! Obber improvement! System is running PRIME!!! Love the Update. Everything is very fine tuned! Now that that is taken care of….BRING ON THE GAMES BIG N!!!

  7. someone said this on anyone else experiencing this…

    While the Wii U update makes the Game transition back to the Menu 2-3 times as fast, the Settings>Menu seems to be worse! XD

  8. about fucking time. next time test your console after implementing an update before releasing it to the public.

  9. my Wii U is downloading the update as wee speak. people you might want to have your gamepad charging while it is updating!

  10. Wish it was delayed another 2 days or so…My Wii U is on its way back from being fixed by Nintendo so I get it in another 2 days I would guess. Maybe on Saturday.

  11. My Wii U won’t connect MiiVerse or the Nintendo shop. My internet connection is fine though. I can’t even start the update w/o it saying there’s an error. Anybody else experiencing this ype of thing?

    1. I had that problmem when I first got my Wii U. Worst case scenario, you might need to do some manual configurations.

  12. heeey!! i just updated my Wii U, is awesome! it has more Wii-like functions!
    now we can use a Wii Remote to browse Miiverse!! even post a comment using the Wii Remote!! it’s very uncomfortable to write with it, but it’s awesome!!

    damn, what a good day to be a Wii U user.

    1. if it keeps doing that check your download management. it could be downloading on the slick and you not relize it. because i was getting an error starting it in the system settings then when i checked download management it was downloading. i have no idea why but it was working fine after that

  13. Shit froze when trying to load netflix. For fucks sake. Fix the freezing already Nintendo! Btw, I am aware they’ve supposedly fixed this issue with a previous update. It has not.

  14. SortableShelf19 (Typing on Wii U Gamepad)

    The update finished for me and let me tell you this update is AMAZING everyone! Dramatically quicker OS functioning, Holding B to boot straight to the Wii menu, Installs while playing a game and download and installs while the system is off. Everything just feels so much faster.

    Extremely Awesome.

      1. Oh really? I never knew that. I should check that out. Thanks. =) (Before you weren’t able to use the Wii Remote on Miiverse and other apps).

  15. “The Wii U will continue downloading and installing software even if the system is turned off.”

    I’m curious on how this will work, and worried about heat generation like the Wii had with its 24 hour connect thingy

    1. its probably like hybernation mode on a computer, except its downloading things. but i dont know for sure so the best thing you can do is test it and let everyone know how it worked!

    2. Don’t worry if you turn it off it will not go on standby, only when you’re downloading. So no 24 hour connect

    3. It’s a modern Chipset that operated Direct X11 equivalent features with 1/2 the wattage of the PS3 and Last generation console xbox 360.

    1. realy? did they say anything that the second part will entail? and i would like to see your source for this info, because i havnt heard of this O_O if i have i dont remember at all XD

    1. Updating mines right now. While my console is in the living room, my Gamepad is in the bed room. Sweet! Now I’m bout to lay down in the bed, while watching my Wii U download.

  16. this new layout is horrible, if anybody was thinking about leaving this site, this is the perfect time because this makes me not even want to come back or even want to check here

    1. So Nintendo wanted the update before exclusives arrived. Now we have another download thus summer. Man u can’t wait to experience the improved Wii U! ALSO I notice reading the Wii U update allows the console to do some shit Ps4 is supposed to do.Downloading while still playing? Yeah Wii U is next generation.

    2. That’s a matter of opinion. In my opinion, this new layout is much better with the exception of the title and quote font sizes.

  17. its…its….its sooo beautiful :,). i am on it right now after the update and everything is running so smooth and sooo fast!! vast and perfect improvements! i’m really enjoying it :)

  18. I ought to do it now, because otherwise I’ll have to do it on the weekend when my internet is slower than a dead cat.

      1. you may call it that, but it doesnt make it night and day.

        the term night and day suggests a drastic difference. This is an improvement, but certainly not drastic. Night and day suggests something being nothing like the other, its still slow, just not as slow.

        its still taking way to long to do something as simple as going through the system settings. Still taking too long to load up the mii maker. Its not like its leaps and bounds better than the original wii one, yet that one loads up nearly instantly.

              1. lol..well thats convenient…got your excuse all lined up

                …..your pic is a pokemon…

                your probably like 13 years old, talkin about taking me serioiusly?!?! lol

                anyway, you clearly having nothing of any worth to say if your first comment towards me is a comment on my pic.

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