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Capcom Releases New Ace Attorney 5 Trailer

Capcom has released another trailer for Ace Attorney 5, which is the first title in the Ace Attorney series to be released on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is scheduled to launch in Japan on July 25th, and it has also been confirmed for a Western release.

18 thoughts on “Capcom Releases New Ace Attorney 5 Trailer”

      1. I’ve watch a video and like it so far. Is like your a lawyer and you do your job but in
        anime style is awesome.


  1. Hey look at what it says at the end “and it has also been confirmed for a Western release.”
    WOOOHOOO!!!! uber excited!

  2. So did anyone else see the new prosecutor near the end of video(not Winston’s bother) he’s kinda badass looking O_O

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