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Iwata Is Aware That People Believe That Wii U Is Underpowered And Says This Is A Misunderstanding


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that he is aware that a large number of developers and consumers believe that the Wii U is significantly underpowered and says that this is a misunderstanding. Iwata says that Nintendo really need to remedy this idea. He also told investors that a number of third-party developers aren’t supporting the console, but he believes that once third-party developers start producing hit franchises on the Wii U then other developers will think again about developing for the platform. Iwata understands that this won’t happen overnight, but Nintendo is working on revitalising Wii U after the summer.

197 thoughts on “Iwata Is Aware That People Believe That Wii U Is Underpowered And Says This Is A Misunderstanding”

    1. I don’t think so cos the devs knows that nobody will buy their games on Nintendo console that’s why they don’t want to risk

      1. Devs don’t know anything, they speculate. And most of them are corporations which are afraid of little risk, afraid of innovation, afraid of experimenting, afraid of creativity, afraid of progress, they’re cowards and lazy bums.

  1. Well, obviously. Stuff on the Xbox 360 in 2005 looked like stuff that can easily be played on the GameCube or original Xbox.
    Nothing happens overnight.

    1. You’re not tech savvy are you? That’s understandable. Do research and expand your mind and learn about….. stuff

      1. It doesn’t really take a genius to know that the games that really show off what a console is capable of do not happen very early in a console’s lifespan.

        1. Super Mario Galaxy Wii released in 2007 at the beginning of the Wii’s life looks the same as Super Mario Galaxy 2 released in 2010 at the non-commercial end of the Wii’s life.

          Your argument is invalid.

          1. They didnt have to improve on the game…super mario galaxy got a 10 out of 10 ..why would they change anything???

            1. Another thing…u cant compare ps3 to xbox or wii u…ps3 only runs 30 frames per second…another thing…i work on consoles and i love my xbox but wii u has a newer faster processor and definitely more ram…U dont have to b genuis to see it…i have xbox360 and my kids have a wii u and i want to trade them…The games even look better, they have better shading and more color…Why do u think nintendo gave third parties wii u starter kits??? It was a hinthint!!Some gamers just dont like change,and i think nintendo is right on top of things with the touch screen technology(ipad,nook,kindle ect….)…I know u like your xbox or ps3, but let go man!!! Plus the online play on wii u is better and its free turds!

              1. Well, if you compare it to a PS3 or 360 the WiiU is OBVIOUSLY not uderpowered… But the thing is, the WiiU is not competing against them, its actual competition are the 8th gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox 3, which are indeed miles away more powerful than the WiiU (for instance, you were talking about how much more RAM the WiiU has than the PS3 and 360, right? Well, Xbos 3 and PS4 will have 8 GB of RAM, which is 8 times what the WiiU has). Sure, the games now look better on the WiiU than on PS3 and 360, but will look like crap when compared to the PS4 and Xbox 3. That’s the thing.

                1. Well if you actually look up your stuff just because they have 8 gigs doesn’t mean there better. They need them because there doing other things with there consoles other than gaming but Nintendo soul purpose is to make a gaming console and nothing else really. The multi core on the Wii U is atually more powerful than the ps4 and xbox ones for many reasons, look it up before you speak.

          2. Nintendo’s EAD or another of their studio’s made both Mario galaxy one and two. They have the best development geniuses in the world. Their see how your argument got squashed.

          3. firstly mario galaxy was released one year after the wii .. the wii U has been out for less than 6 months if i may remind you

            secondly, while SMG2 didn’t introduce any new effects and the old effects were only slightly modified it did allow for far more polygons on screen than SMG1 used to

          4. The Wii was basically a slightly overclocked GameCube. Of course the early games looked just as good, they already knew how to code stuff on it pretty well…

          5. Nintendo didn’t really want to make Galaxy 2. They made it because of the huge demand of it by their fans. They used the same framework from Galaxy 1 and just made new levels. and since it was the second Galaxy game it made sense to keep the look of the game the same. Like Megaman X and X2 they didn’t redo the whole game, they just gave it different levels and new weapons and such..

            grAiphics isn’t the only thing that denotes a console’s capabilities. Galaxy 2 is considered the better Galaxy game because it was much more innovative. It did things Galaxy 1 didn’t because the developers knew more about how to use the system so they could try new things out.

          6. Super Mario Galaxy was released almost in same time of Wii’s life spawn as Wii U’s first 3D Mario will be released so we’ll see then what it looks like.

    2. You should revisit the games on 360 in 2005 and play them side by side with Xbox games. The difference is obvious in most games. Thats not the case for Wii U games.

      But you are right obviously Wii U still has alot of potential. Aslong as people realize that It will pale in comparisson to future games on PS4/720/PC they won’t be dissapointed with the graphics.

        1. No Wii wasn’t on the same level as PS3/360. Nintendo is one gen behind since GC. My point was that the Wii U is technically not next gen just chronologically.

          And yes first gen games on PS3/360 did not look that good but it was appearant that its next gen (resolution/shader other fancy tricks poly count)

          Wii U has not the necessary horsepower to overshadow PS3/360 by alot. And its visible right now. Because the games unlike PS3/360 first gen games show no sign of superior technological potential. Its slightly better just as Wii was slightly better than PS2/GC/Xbox .

          For people with no PC this will be clear once they get used to next gen graphics.

          1. At least it can actually run 720p and not this sub bullcrap. Comparing the Wii to the Wii U is a bad idea anyway given it has an entire different make and they built it with size, heat and power consumption in mind, afterall they pretty much put everything on the mother board, which is also why there are lower tech parts in it because those are the ones that function in that set up. Read the iwata asks on the hardware

          2. considering how most games so far have either been ports of previous games, games that don’t focus on graphics very much (such as NSMBU) or in the case of zombiU a game that has been entirely overhauled during its last year of development (was supposed to be released as killer freaks from outer space if i may remind you) your theory doesn’t hold up very well

            in case of trine 2 however we have seen quite an advantage over ps3/xbox360

            we have yet to see the really demanding titles on wii U which are explicitly tailored for it and the current lineup is not fit to judge what the wii U is capable of in any way

          3. If you’re speaking in technicalities, then you can’t be speaking of Next-Gen in the same sentence.
            Generations have never been defined by the tech within the machines.
            They have only, and always, been defined via sequence.
            That’s what a generations IS, regardless of whether it’s higher or lower in tech compared to other things.

          4. You’re telling me that Nintendo is one gen behind and still able to compete with the gens in front of them? wow Imagine in how much trouble those gens would be in if Nintendo caught up! haha

        2. No Wii was just chronologically next gen with a next gen interface not in terms of hardware power. Same as Wii U now.

          The Initial point I answered was that Xbox360 games were looking like crap which is true but they were impossible to replicate on the previous gen at the same level. The Wii U is not in the same position.

      1. Dude Resistance on PS3(Flafship Title) looked lie garbage. Kameo for 360 etc also looked like crap. There are plenty of videos mon youtube and web to prove it took awhile for the consoles to start pushing their weight.

    3. The Troll Who Owns a 3DS (AND WII U!)

      …no…no it didn’t. Xbox was so much more powerful then the Gamecube, it even had HD so I don’t know how a game on a second generation HD console can have graphics that looks like a gamecube.

      1. LOL you obviously are either too young to actually remember, or you havent seen the comparison videos. Search web or youtube xbox games vs 360 games at their start.

    1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The console/handheld market is becoming flooded, this is starting to look like 1981 all over again…

      Wii U
      3DS, XL
      PSP, PSVita
      PS3, *PS4 COMING UP

      There’s just SO many different devices for developers to make games for, I’ve even probably missed one or two, and the Wii U also the psvita, are two very awesome systems, but sadly the developers see newer consoles as a high risk, but within time, a few devs will start making titles for them, as they abandon the previous devices and start on newer platforms, it’s just too early for anyone to tell right now, but it is very apparent that the market is heavily flooded.

      1. You’re exagerating. DS, DSi will soon be discontinued. PSP, Wii, PS3 and 360 will suffer the same fate. Ouya is an Android device, It’ll even get anual hardware updates just like cell phones. Steambox is basically the same as PC/Mac.

        1. PS3 and 360 are going nowhere for at least 3 more years. Maybe longer. The PS4 and 720 will take losses for years and like every console it takes several years to build a library and before software flow is constant.

      2. The Troll Who Owns a 3DS (AND WII U!)

        Wii U
        PSP Vita
        Xbox 720

        No, not really. You can’t count last generation consoles. It’s like if I said that platforms are getting to crowded.

        Gameboy Color
        Atari 2600

  2. I don’t see how the Wii U is supposedly underpowered when, it’s more powerful than all 7th gen systems. From what I’ve seen of the PS4, it doesn’t THAT much better that what’s on the Wii U right now. It may not be as powerful as the PS4 and 720, but I doubt it will be another Wii situation.

      1. As a developer, I can tell you this. The problem with consoles is not clock, its RAM latency. Pushing excessive amount of clock is just a way to by-pass weak latency.
        Wii U has the super fast eDRAM in abundance. And though the 1GB RAM, which is 4 times the size of the 360’s but bout half the clock, is slower, Nintendo by-passed this with MCM, packing the processors and memory chips so close to each other that they don’t really need speed to get things done. Its the most effixient use of tech I have ever come across.

        1. Thank you! So many people here are commenting and then don’t know a thing about what parts are more important in video game development, how architectural differences between processors makes it impossible to compare them by clock speed alone, and how numbers on paper, don’t always translate to real world performance.

        1. Wiiu will produce much better graphics than Current gen , especially With Nintendo’s artists pushing the system.

          I’m not too bothered about how it compares to competition. I don’t understand why gamers have let Graphics become the most important thing to them it’s really sad. I’m playing Kirby’s adventure as we speak , it’s an 8 bit NES game and I’m genuinely having more fun than I do with many current gen games.

          Nintendo doesn’t need 8GB of GDDR5 to remain relevant , they will just make amazing games as they always do.
          Look at the 3DS it’s not very powerfull but it is fucking awesome and has many great looking games . Wiiu is in the same boat as 3DS. Nintendo fans don’t care too much about the specs we just want good games.

          1. “Wiiu will produce much better graphics than Current gen , especially With Nintendo’s artists pushing the system.”

            Why the hell do you guys say “we wo’t see big jumps from current gen to next gen” then when Nintendrones say the exact opposite at the same time.

            I know because the first gets said to damage control and the latter is to brag about hot air.

            1. Honestly, if Iwata admitted it isn’t underpowered, as Reggie already said so in the past, there’s no reason to think it is ASIDE pure Sonygger / XBot hate. In the past they always said right from the beggining that the Wii was a piece of crap in means of tech and it wouldn’t compete in raw power.

            2. he sayed that the wii u will produce better graphics, not be a super huge leap. read harder because what you sayed was just putting words that he didnt say in his mouth. that doesnt help you win an argument it makes you look desperate to win.

          2. “Donkey Kong Country proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

            1. I know you’re trying to be sarcastic but thats just bad english. Its more efficient so it consume less power.

    1. Dude its not….I would fire anyone running my company that would be dumb enough to not develop games for the wii u…they are just comfortable with xbox and ps3…wii got huge and as soon as nintendo starts bringing out their franchise games it will to..

      1. But here’s the problem people don’t get, the best sold Wii games were all 1 st party game, they know that there franchise won’t sell on a nintendo console, I mean does any buy a nintendo console to buy the next cod orridge racer, no they get it for Mario and Zelda and metroid

          1. Ubisoft has a really great situation on Wii U because what it seems propably over 20% of Wii U owners this moment owns atleast one of their games. Now they just need wait for new games from Nintendo like Mario Kart to get Wii U sell more to get new buyers to their games.

        1. Um actually yea people buy Nintendo systems hoping to have 3rd party games. Whats with kids thinking that Nintendo fans only want mario and zelda and nothing else? Long time Nintendo gamers like myself enjoy all kinds of games. I would love to have metal gear solid series on Nintendo for instance. Assasin’s Creed same thing. COD isn’t worth playing. Final Fantasy would be great on Nintendo like it used to be. GTA. Fighting games like street fighter and mortal kombat. And plenty more non-Nintendo series that I would rather play on my wii u than have to buy ps4 or xbox 720 (which I won’t buy microsoft ever). I have a PS3 and its alright but aside from star wars force unleashed one and two (which aren’t even the best games in many peoples opinions) nothing really impressed me. I got the metal gear series to play through and thats great. Anyway I’m done, spent too much time in the comment section, back to real life (cause I have one).

  3. It’s just sad when their customers are doing a better job of informing others about the Wii U than Nintendo themselves.

    1. I think that is one of the best advertisements you can have! If you have people showing their friends and even explaining to strangers the joy to be had with the thing, or showing them via playing at their house( not the strangers mind you), then they see the draw and the desire to own starts! My buddies came over the other night and we played injustice for about 2 hours on my Wii U and every person was fighting to use the game pad because of the display of the moves list right there in your hands at all times. They both said before they left “I really want a Wii U!” You know what inhibits them next? The price! Just like the 3ds the Wii U’s price is just about $50 too steep on both SKUs. Drop the price, sales spike! Release unique titles that are fun too play, sales go up! My friends are 24 and 25 respectively, so they can afford it… It’s just still a little too high.

        1. I guess only time and the release price announcement will tell. I think that for what you get with the Wii U the price is great but a price drop almost always boosts sales and that’s what Nintendo needs.

          1. If Nintendo are going to do a price drop any time soon, it will be around a month or so before the launch of the next 8th gen console.

            1. Correct. They will also probably bundle nintendo land with each different version of the console, something akin to Wii sports.

          2. A price drop is only for cheap bastards. Wii U is cheaper then both the next systems. Plus Nintendo is already on a loss with the Wii U. If people can buy a $599.99 PS4 or $499.99 Xbox 720 the. You can but a $349.99 Wii U. Cheap fucking bastards.

      1. Well it sure is one of the best advertisements, but in the internet, on the otherhand, everyone’s bashing it saying negative things, making it look like complete trash.

        1. When your good at something people hate you for it. Its like that in every market/sport.

          People on the internet who look up video game news and such are the minority.
          Its like what 80% of the market is casuals?

      2. Some retailers in Europe tried that on their own. Didn’t exactly work until MH3U came out. A price drop isn’t gonna cure everything. Gotta get more games out to get more people interested (Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, and Wind Waker HD being the main games needed right now).

      1. Genesis ~ N64 = Bit Wars
        PS2 ~ Xbox = Media LOL WE HAVE DVDs Wars
        360 ~ PS3 = Processor Wars
        WiiU ~ Nextbox = RAM wars

    1. 8GB of Ram? Overkill man. No game even on a PC needs that much. Video Games are about having a fun hobby not a top not high specs expensive as shit competition.

  4. THey haven’t proved it’s not underpowered – all games suffer from fps problems, and most of those are ports that look just like on 6-7 years old xbox and playstation. Except need for speed, where developers took some time to enchance it slightly.
    So yeah they will have to prove that it’s a good system. If not then they will again have to hit casual gamers and create some game for working out, exercising..

  5. I knew it.
    I did some research and discovered it.
    The Wii U uses the evolved CACHE based cpu, where as the others depend on CORE/CLOCK based hybrids.
    The large eDRAM can be used to cache operands, and this will help a lot seeing that the Wii U uses out of order execution.
    I also hear that it has a good tessellator.
    Being an indie, its a wonder that the whole indie community have not bought into the wonder that is Wii U

    1. From all the news I’ve read, and all the kickstarter projects. The WiiU is pretty much becoming an Indie Haven.

      1. Well it should seeing as Nintendo has been giving free Dec kits and plus Indie developers must have played Nintendo games as kids hence whypst Indie games are 16 bit. N 8bit

        1. Not at all man, its because Nintendo really opened up the platform to their engines and made it very easy for them to develop on Nintendo console while keeping out the rest of the rabble

        2. Lets not forget unlike Xbox and Microsoft Nintendo doesn’t charge Indie Devs $50000 for a single patch lol.

  6. Just show the world zekda and mario stop farting around and shout Look At This! !! For christ sake show your Nintendo fans our trust isnt waisted.

    1. Actually blast processing is true. The genesis did a lot of things faster than an snes because it didn’t have to worry about colors and other stuff. There are games on genesis that can’t run of snes.

  7. A tablet, a social network, and decent specs. Its like they are competing with Facebook, Smart devices and Consoles all at once… And then there’s NFC…..
    I just hope its not too much for them to handle.

    1. The gamepad isnt competing with tablets, and really it does pretty much streamline how you interact with your television. the Near field communication could work with adding funds to the system. The social network is nintendo only and it has its own charm. As long as they strictly keep it that you have to make an account on a Nintendo system

      1. I’d say you could probably effectively market the Wii U to compete with an apple tv because the gamepad’s internet browser is that damn good XD

    1. I find it highly ironic, not to mention pathetic, that the majority of these Nintendo haters would also be some of the first hypocrites to line up the night before release if Nintendo decided to make anything that’s currently first-party for any other system.

      Two-faced little children.XD

    1. Because Nintendo themselves are behind in their understanding of HD development and its nuances. They need to find some people from square enix, or some other dev that has recently produced HD games for last gen and get them to squeeze the power right out of the Wii U and into our retinas! I think that X(enoblade 2) is a great example they could use for a tech demo, that game looked beautiful!

        1. No doubt, games are what moves units, as well as price. When the games actually start coming out then the problem will get better… Hopefully. It will for me anyway, I just want more games made specifically for the Wii U and not so many ports. Still getting deus ex though!

  8. This actually is a problem that can be solved by throwing money at it. Talk to 3rd parties, offer them full support (not all monetary support) for new ideas, and help them to see the potential and draw of the Wii U that ubisoft has seen!


  10. so will nintendo have anything new in store by e3 time….. for wii u……. my hopes are low as fuck. dont be like the wii. come on nintendo stop being a bitch and release all your good games this time out of japan and stop canceling them. mario and zelda isnt enough anymore and i think they are starting to realize that.

    1. your always talking about the “good games out of japan” ALL of nintendos games are japanese and nintendos never cancelled a game for us and only put it in japan eccept for the operation rainfall 3 and we got those. im probably just uninformed so please tell me a few games nintendos canceled for only a japanese release.

      1. fatal frame 4, cancelled, no fatal frame 2 remake, disaster, tales of graces, captain rainbow, earth seeker, zangeki no reginliev, another code r, probably more, some games got cancelled do to the fact that the wii was a pile of shit like winter, and the rainfall games in america had nothiong to do with nintendo, the only reason we got xenoblade is because gamestop saw the demand for it, wonder why it was a gamestop exclusive and not even on amazon! xseed did pandoras and ths and those are on amazon and stuff because they picked it up by themselves. nintendo didnt do anything but make a deal with gamestop for xenoblade because gamestop made the deal first not nintendo. if xseed would have picked it up it would have had a reprint also and would of sold on amazon also.

    1. Correction. It CAN run UE4. The guy from EPIC already clarified that eons ago. It just won’t look as good as games on the PS4 and X720, which is understandable.

      1. Brentmeister General

        With the downscaling of the resolution, worse lighting, lower texture resolution, less tesselation (if any?) it would require, the difference between UE3 and UE4 on Wii U will probably be hard to tell.

        1. that’s not of significance.. what is of significance is that games using UE4 would be able to run on the wii U

      2. the guy also said that UE4 can be run on xbox 360. Which was indirectly telling that Wii U is as weak as previous gen consoles.

        1. where do you read that in that statement? the UE4 can run on ps4 aswell.. does that mean that the ps4 is as weak as previous gen consoles? think before you type

        2. You tried to have a point just now, but you shot yourself in the foot.

          UE4 can also run on PS3, PC, PS4, X720, Mobile devices and Wii U. Yeah, that’s why it’s called a SCALABLE engine. Meaning it’s assets can be modified to suit whatever capable tech it’s running on.

          Think before you type, Research before you babble.

    2. It’s good to see that new engine can make artist work flows faster, it may also shorten the production but the whole production value is way too expensive. That’s the reason most of the games are way too short on gameplay coz they spend there time to look better in graphics.

      Why upgrade, yet, I still don’t see graphics quality of UE3 Samaritan demo.

    3. Not every game on the PS4/Nextbox will run on UE4, so not every game will be incapable of running on the Wii U.
      That’s just what EA, amongst other companies and analysts against Nintendo lately, WANT you to think.

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  12. Brentmeister General

    Doesnt take a genius to understand it. Compared to current gen Id say it can hold down the fort, but just like last time it wont be comparable to next gen. Hopefully it ill be able to pull off the 3rd party games in 720p or just under (instead of 1080p) with a little worse lighting.

    Im sure Wii U will get some more 3rd party developers, but just like with the Wii the versions wont be the same, unlike the next gen consoles where they will be more or less identical.

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  14. The thing with Nintendo is that they market Japs and they care for developers. Nintendo doesnt care for the west. Devs in the west care for money and graphics. I mean look at the 3DS in japan, devs are jumping onto 3ds, why ? because it has low development cost, graphics are good and portable. They don’t care about graphics and specs shit. 3DS in the west is succesful because of 1st party games. If Nintendo really wants a succesful GEN. then they should’ve delivered us a WiiU tech demo with amazing graphics (thats what west wants) and release official specs. TripleA games are killing studios and big corporates just wants to swallow their games.1st party and JRPGs will save WiiU, not FPS/TPS Gorry stuff…

  15. Well it can’t handle GC Titles, its too much work for them to make them run on a Wii U so I’m thinking the Wii is about as powerful as a wet fart.

  16. The WiiU works, but it is a catastrophic mistake. Should have been designed to get developers excited. They want power and Nintendo told them to Foxtrot Oscar.

    1. lol If you’re gonna argue with the president of Nintendo that the WiiU is underpowered, then I feel sorry for you.

  17. why can’t they just explain what the unknown parts on the GPU die are then? no one really knows but they take up 1/3 of the space.. could be fixed functions which would dramatically increase the raw processing power of the GPU.. but what they are is just speculation

  18. who cares ps4 and xbox3 are underpowered like crazy. pc> consoles made for graphics. nothing but sports and fps games again for sony and ms yay. pass.

  19. After the summer? We need it now after the summer it’s saving up for the neXt box and ps4.

    There is nothing a WiiU does to stand out and show of itself to its true potential. I think the WiiU can produce mutch better graphics than the ps3 and 360. Because it’s a mutch newer graphics chipset.

    1. Why? Why use UE3 when they have been successfully using their in-game engines for some time? Even other big 3rd parties are switching over to propriety engines. Nintendo don’t need to fatten the wallet of Mark Rein and his ilk.

  20. good, good. it’s time to shut these incompetent tards and let the video game industry thrive as it should. can’t wait to see what happens after summer.

  21. I’m confident aswell as other Nintendo Commanders, that High Command will deal with all these insignificant attacks against our Empire soon enough!

    The 3DS is leading us to victory and the Wii U will shortly support it even more…

  22. I look at it like this wii u has black ops 2 and it looks better than even pc in my opinion. second there is quite a few other games on wii U that looks better than xbox and ps3: walking dead need for speed MWU ZombiU and yes that game looks really good. and one Im sure everyone is sleeping is mass effect 3. but even if ps4 is more graphically better trust me when I say ps4 games will also suffer some ps2 graphic type games. I mean look at ghost recon future solder or rainbow 6 vegas 1 and 2. hell when I got a ps3 after two months of owning it most of the games look like shiny ps2 graphics if u ask me. but killzone 2 and 3 did look more like next gen games but well see.

    I am also afraid that once games to get to a graphical peek just how much is those games gana cost just to develop for I mean we lost THQ and well as EUROCOM all due to over the top development cost. so we will see who is developing what. and how good it LOOKS AND PLAYS.

  23. The Wii U has already been proven to be strong than last gen, it’s not a mystery, it’s a fact just look at Need for Speed.

    But what I really wanted to discuss was the whole Wii U won’t sell because it to weak for next gen games. I won’t lie, but I don’t thing it will be able to handle next gen in its entirety ( but then again neither will PS4, just look at the Elemental demo running on it)
    But that doesn’t matter if the next gen Console COST 400-500 dollars! Better tech means more cost and higher development cost too. When we finally get into this gen for real, people mighty actually just buy a wee you because it games sill look beautiful without such a large price tag

  24. This is just getting ridiculous. Scratch that. This IS ridiculous. The system is great but the pr and market strategy are TERRIBLE. Nintendo, at this point, have proven theyre clueless.

    Every month we get told to wait for next month and when that gets here, we have to wait 2 or 3 months for things to get better or improve. No matter what youre talking about. Games, release dates, announcements, it doesnt matter. Nothing theyve been saying makes any sense whatsoever. Especially when you compare it to what theyve actually been doing.

    Third parties arent going to run to put new ip on a console with slow sales when the manufacturer isnt even appearing on stage at e3 to talk about ANYTHING, and sales arent going to get better when the small segments of the casual market that have heard of the wiiu think its an overpriced controller for the wii that you can take with you like a gameboy.

    Theyve almost had two years to figure out how to set this system up for success, and they dont even know how to sell it to people that would want it. I mean, c’mon. Theyre pinning their hopes to a checklist no ones gonna look at and web videos no one but nintendo faithful are gonna watch.

    This is not okay. Theyre not even trying to compete for the gamers they said they were going after…but it’ll all be okay because in three months pikmin, zelda, mariokart and 101 videos might come out and move 2,000 units on anticipation alone and thatll show everyone what nextgen is gonna be all about.

    Oh. We might get more miiverse stuff, year old ports AND iwata promises, too!

    I dont think the wiiu is underpowered, but theres NOTHING out there or coming out that shows what it can and cant do.

    Why the hell is that?

    1. “Third parties arent going to run to put new ip on a console with slow sales when the manufacturer isnt even appearing on stage at e3 to talk about ANYTHING, and sales arent going to get better when the small segments of the casual market that have heard of the wiiu think its an overpriced controller for the wii that you can take with you like a gameboy.”

      why do they need to appear on stage? they will be present.. i don’t see why they have to host a big presentation, as long as they bring some juicy stuff along with them

    2. Concept 1, they need more titles to market , specifically nintendo titles. 2 those are coming out in summer that’s the time to effectively market the system not now. Whats an ad campaign going to do now? With no new games?

  25. Nintendo’s problems with the Wii U (including people’s misunderstanding of the console) is all due to their poor marketing. They didn’t advertise nearly enough. Many people didn’t even know about the Wii U until it hit store shelves. And even then, they didn’t know it was an entirely new console. To this day, I still haven’t seen any playable Wii U consoles (kiosks) set up in any store that I go to. I myself haven’t even had the chance to see what it looks like in person because of this. Nintendo really needs to change their strategies with the Wii U.

  26. Nintendo needs to focus on attracting customers more. I agree with everyone saying that it needs more marketing. Making ads that make people see how special the Wii U is aside from the other 2 consoles and if is worth it’s price. I wish Nintendo would display ALL features of the Wii U in big style.

  27. I can’t understand Nintendo’s defense about developers accusing Wii U being under powered. Simply produce a 1st party game showing Wii U’s capacity as well as unveiling the GPU. Duh!

    1. at least the specs of the GPU they could reveal right now.. they can’t very well conjure a beautiful 1st party game out of their hats

      the wii U GPU has been analyzed in detail but about 1/3 of the chip surface are still unaccounted for.. no one really knows what they do.. identifying unified shaders and TMUs isn’t that difficult, but those areas seem to be special.. it could be occupied by specialized shaders each set to perform a specific function much faster than unified shaders could

      nintendo! tell us! right nao!

    1. i actually believe him.. and there’s reasons why i do (i elaborated on that in another post here)
      but people who aren’t tech savy or didn’t closely follow the information about the wii U that hit the web won’t understand and thus won’t believe him (and rightfully so)

      it’s not enough to say it’s a misunderstanding without clearing up what has been misunderstood..
      he should just let his engineers put together a flyer with the most important technical specs and let his EADs explain what these mean for game development so the less tech savy understand

      1. I certainly think the the Wii U is more powerful than people think, but the fact that they can’t just come out with a simple straight answer about how powerful it is (along with a great many other things regarding the Wii U) has made me generally uninterested at this point.

        Like you said, no excuse for them not to just come out with a tech spec flyer or something similar.

  28. The context of the question is about game support and sales not the hardware power itself, just that the shareholder is linking underpowered console to power showing of games and bad sales. Iwata says they are ‘on it'(plan to get sales and games up).

    He didn’t really address WiiU’s “power” because he knows that is not the problem(even if it really is underpowered). It’s been proven time and time again, the success of a console is not in it’s power but games. If the games are there, the hardware will sell. If the hardware sales are good, games will come. They work together both way.
    The real problem with WiiU is low console sales due to poor games and vice versa.

    However, low console sales shouldn’t have been a issue in the first place. Really Iwata and everyone else high up at Nintendo really screwed up the WiiU launch window. Their OS and apps for WiiU should have been ready and optimised by launch and their 1st party games shouldn’t have to be delayed. Now, they have to play catch up. Hence, Iwata said ‘re-vitalizing’ after summer.

  29. Listen Guys, The Wii U is definately more powerful then the xbox 360 and the ps3, so don’t lie to yourselves! The Wii U uses 2gbs of ram which is almost all geared towards gaming. Plus the Wii U is more efficient. Specs dont matter. It’s how you use your hardware. Nintendo’s problem isnt its hardware right now. I guarentee you the PS4’s specs will make the Wii U look like crap. But when you actually look at the graphics side by side, they wont look that much better. Nintendo’s problem right now is its poor library. Once Nintendo puts out there legendary IP’s things should be smooth sailing just like what happened to the 3ds. The only thing Nintendo is doing right to promote the Wii U right now is its Indie Dev. Support. Other than that Nintendo is doing a horrible job advertising. But dont deny that the Wii U has potential, because it does.

  30. No one is talking about it but there is just one glaring flaw with the WiiU that Nintendo could address and solve its problems. The controllers for Wii U are the same motion controllers that Wii used. The new controller is great idea but you only get one then everyone else has to use wii motion controllers. The public has moved on from those wii motion controllers. They were a great idea in their time and hit a niche for young gamers and families. That time has passed because he families already have that system it’s called the Wii. Nintendo failed to recognize this and evolve and just released a console that comes across as an upgraded Wii. If Nintendo will scrap the wii motion controllers and go for a serious dual stick controller that gamers can play more serious games on then they could turn the system around overnight. No developer is going to design for it with a gimmicky controller like the wiis old motion controller. Release a controller with headset support and standard fare buttons, its really that simple. Nintendo has a great catalogue of games and I’d much rather play them with a standard controller than the wii motes. That’s simply why my kid and myself don’t play the wii very much. Nintendo went so far off the beaten path they got lost and lost the core of their audience which grew up and evolved. One touch screen controller and HD is just an upgrade on an old system in the consumers view. With the cost of systems today the console market is about to get reduced down to two major players in the market. People aren’t buying all the systems like they used to it makes no sense now. Most games are on all platforms so the system that has the best exclusives and online play will be dominate.

  31. simpleminded sony fruit cakes

    lol at the derp industry talking its shit

    wiu total processor embedded fadt ram 38mb edram and sram combined all directly embedded into gpu and cpu

    x360 edram wasnt enen embeded it was external on a bus and its cpu catch was half speed like some 70s cpu lol

    facts are facts so let the indutry talkits nonsense!!!!!

    total edram to processors combined lets also include cpu catch and cell caches shal wii

    ps2 4mb edram and a tiny pathietic sram not even worth mensioning
    psp 2mb edram again sram was tiny
    gamecube 3mb edram and a 256k cou catch
    wii 3mb edram and 256k cpu catch
    x360 10mb edram and 1mb sram to cop
    ps3 no edram and small tiny gpu sram catces no special gpu memory total to cell cpu sram catch and all spe threads is about 2mb

    lets do some basic math shall wii and u

    wiiu 32mb edram +2mb edram+1mb sram thats on the gpu then theres 3mb edram on the cpu so total on board embedded into logic gpu and cpu is 38mb of fast edram and sram

    38mb total on chip on mcm embedded fast high bandwidth memory…all trylly embedded directly into logic not outside on buses COUGH X360

    38mb vs ps2-ps3-xbox360-gamecube-wii-psp lol @ ignorence wiiu wipes the floor with all thise systems conbined FACT

    ps2 4mb- psp 2mb -gc 3.25mb -wii 3.25mb -x360 11mb-ps3 2mb =25.5 mb






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