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Amazon UK Slashes Wii U Basic Pricing


Amazon UK has decided to cut the price of the 8GB Wii U Basic package. The Basic Wii U console normally retails for £249.99, so consumers will save a staggering £100. Amazon hasn’t reduced the pricing of the 32GB Premium Wii U console which comes bundled with Nintendo Land, but it’s only a matter of time. UK retailer Asda recently slashed the pricing of the Wii U 8GB Basic to £150, and the Wii U Premium 32GB with Nintendo Land to £200.

16 thoughts on “Amazon UK Slashes Wii U Basic Pricing”

  1. I guess it’s mostly just UK retailers doing these price cuts, but I can’t help feeling they’re going to regret it once the strong games start coming out.

    1. it’s not

      the console has been cut to ~190€ in germany

      but i know for a fact that the console is still priced at 299€ in france which is the initial price unchanged
      not sure about the other european countries but it’s not that hard to check

      just translate “compare prices” into different european languages and enter it into google :)

  2. Nintendo needs to address this in some way asap.

    People are starting to panic and it’s really annoying cus the Wiiu’s big software isn’t even ready yet. Games like Wii fit U and Mario Kart will shift big numbers , these retailers just need patience. They’re acting like idiots.

  3. The console is 5 months old in days in the UK and the’ye panicking like this , really retarded it is.

  4. I wish Nintendo would give the people who bought either Wii U models at full price some type reward.

    1. it’s not up to nintendo

      nintendo sells the consoles to the resellers at a fixed price

      if they decide to go down and cut into their own profits that’s just how it is

  5. This is good for both Nintendo and consumers. Nintendo will have more people to sell their software to and the consumers will get an amazing console for £150-£200, the only people losing out are the stupid retailers that just want to earn some quick money.

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