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Nintendo Censors Fire Emblem Awakening Character’s Buttocks In North America


A new DLC map for Fire Emblem Awakening was released today in North America. The map is called Summer Scramble, costs $3 to download and contains a censored image, as discovered by NeoGAF users. The above image is of in-game character Tharja posing provocatively with her rear end being covered by either a curtain or a cape. The same DLC map in Japan displays the uncensored, original version of the image.

130 thoughts on “Nintendo Censors Fire Emblem Awakening Character’s Buttocks In North America”

  1. I didn’t notice her underwear in the NA picture. I feel like their censorship just made it more suggestive.

  2. Why Nintendo? This what gave you the “kiddy” name in the industry during the SNES gen, remember the Mortal Kombat dilemma? You want people to take you seriously? Take yourself seriously, Nintendo needs a new CEO, not a re-hashed Iwata who wasn’t doing well in Japan, why bring him to NA? Either way, It’s Wii U or the Highway. THINK NINTENDO!

    1. no dumbass, nintendo will not make stupid moves just because you are into this internet porn. No matter what CEO nintendo has they will never break that “family friendly” image at all, sega did with sonic license porn and what you think nintendo should too? same goes with M rated games, you think nintendo will make a mario that will be bloody related just because sony and M$ are doing it.

        1. I thought swimsuits are more revealing than under clothes. I mean nobody look at you weird wearing swimsuit in public but they look at you weird for wearing under clothes. -_-

      1. Manfred! Dun Dun DUN

        But it’s not porn. the uncut version showed her wearing a swimsuit. That’s all.

    2. So cause Nintendo ISNT listening to YOU that makes what they are doing wrong? Nintendo seems to be pretty damn successful for being “Kiddy”. Its the GAMERS who call Nintendo that…scratch that trolls/Nintendo Haters. If you need to see an animate girls ass in a video game to not be considered “Kiddy” well something is just wrong there.

  3. Nintendo, the game is rated T for teen. I think most teens won’t be scared for life if they see a butt.

    1. frankly I want to see dat ass cuz tharjas fine as fuck. if I didn’t marry lisa, shed be my second choice even through shes creepy. I DONT GIVE A DAMN. but I can just google the Japanese pic anyway XD

    2. Not even a butt, just the bikini bottom.
      He he, funny how censoring it gives people the impression she’s half naked.

    1. to prevent NoA from getting sue over bullshit fro parent trying to force big bother to ban video games along with violence video games.

  4. I’m really annoyed at this point. I’m not asking for Nintendo to switch to adult themed content in their games, but make it T for Teens. I want to hear Wolf curse in StarFox and things of that nature that wouldn’t be too offensive. I want Nintendo to prove their haters wrong, at least once.

    1. omg the games has foul lenguage, is so hardcore!, naah man, just games like Dead Space need foul lenguage

    2. One guy did say “damn” in metroid prime 3. Then again it was censored and replaced with “no” in the Trilogy version >.<

      1. She’s pretty creepy haha
        But a Dark Knight class Morgan, and a Sniper class Noire are so OP, it’s fucking great.

        1. Out of all my units, Griffon Rider Panne paired with Hero Gaius is ridiculous. 10 movement and hitting about 40+ twice against almost everything excluding SMs and Assassins.

    1. Mine too, on my second play through.
      Guess a husband isn’t allowed to see his wife’s butt in a bathing suit per This fucking stupid Censorship.

      The didn’t have a problem showing Anna’s Clevage. Not the suggestive conversations. But to see Tharja’s ass? Oh no. We’d all go to hell if we saw that.

      PS. I’ve sunk $$ into all the FEA DLC.
      PERFECT example of how a developer can release a game FULL of quality and content, then add additional DLC later to increase profits.

      I don’t mind throwing my money at them as I believe they have EARNED the right to charge for DLC by providing an amazingly, content-rich game to fans.

    I’m grossed out and offended by Nintendo’s use of unnecessary censorship.

  6. I’d like Iwata and company to discuss this in the same way of penises being drawn on one of the services was discussed. As if they didn’t know how to address it exactly or if they could actually say it.

    1. The artist were experienced in drawing Hentai. Micaiah’s DLC art is from a famous Hentai artist as well.

  7. This is bullshit. Oh well.
    It’s kinda weird that in Japan their live action porn is censored but stuff like Tharja’s ass isn’t.
    Yes in the U.S., our live action porn isn’t censored but we have to keep that cartoon ass hidden.
    Makes no sense. lol

      1. Lol. Both of you should read the news more often…

        …There’s messed up shit like one teacher who raped 100 schoolgirls. And some fat guy who promissed to pay underage girls to have sex and film it, but then he never paid any of the girls and released the videos on the internet for profit.

  8. The gaming world is in the majority adult orientated. Kinda ridiculous this had to happen. Not that it is a big deal. I’ll buy the dlc without even giving the picture a second look. Seriously though lol, you have honestly got to be kidding me with this sensory garbage. I just think Nintendo has a thing where it needs to attract young boys to the family friendly world of gaming so they can get their mack on lmfao.

    1. I am sick of people want everything to be sexually/adult oriented… I mean, come on! What’s wrong with you? You want every inch of the world sexuallized? Want something like that? Just go look at naked people on the internet or something. Why would you want to prevent younger people to play games just so can YOU be sexually satisfied? I say, just seperate both porn and video games, we don’t need more of that and I support Nintendo for this.

      1. *Sigh* Slow individuals such as yourself are really why the wii u is selling so poorly. Did i state that i want everything sexualized? Your poor intellectual abilities pulled things way out of context like an ignorant individual looking to spit some opinion they believe really did pertain to the situation. If you do not feel that the animated character’s ass shouldn’t of been shown then you don’t belong here lol. Not to mention this game is based off of death and violence so if you were to stand by your opinion of women and kids you shouldn’t be anywhere near this game; stick to wii bowling. Such a goofy attempt on your part to sound intelligent when you compared video games to porn lmfao. I do not feel sexual satisfaction playing a video game with attractive women. Depending on how it plays (Mortal Kombat 9) i enjoy it like every other gamer does. Yeah i’ll play the attractive woman in the video game that beats down on giant men. Why you ask? It’s enjoyably cool. I am sick of people like you rushing to some strange conclusion that this is to get some sick kick. The majority of the gaming world is adult orientated so you’re going to need to wake up and brush up on that. With all of your bad assumptions about attractive women in video games i could only presume you are female. Further more you don’t know my appreciations or likes and i find it very offensive that you’d take something like my appreciation for attractive women in games and turn it into some “this shit is disgusting and politically incorrect and so are you” kind of situation. Stay down.

        1. I understand that. I was stating what I thought was right, I apologize if I offended you in any way.

        2. I’m gonna be honest and say, my whole comment wasn’t directed towards you. I was replying to you, that was my mistake since I mixed up tabs on browser, so I apologize for that. The porn statement was a little over, but it wasn’t serious. As for the rest, deal with it, that’s my opinion and if you don’t respect it then you’re the unintellegent one. You can argue all you want with me, and we can just show each other our points of view, but there is no need for you to call me that when it’s my opinion. I know I contradicted that myself, and I apologize for that.

          1. *Sigh* i didn’t target out your opinion nor did i say once that i thought your opinion was wrong. I pointed out the redundancies and contradictions in your thesis and felt that you were almost speaking out trying to bash me for one of my likes in video games. I agree no one is going to change view points here and i didn’t once say anything to try and change you. If you felt that way then maybe you are giving it some thought, feel insecure about your opinion, and considering something different lol. The fact i did state though is that the majority of the gaming world is an adult audience. I could go on and on about ratings and generic retorts about why kids shouldn’t be playing games to debate your opinion on the female body being the most appalling thing in a game. There are animated characters that are beheaded and axe raped with fire to the point of non existence and i just thought it was funny you screamed about women and sexuality lol. I love the violent acts and beautiful women of gaming and always will. Video game making has become a beautiful art and the stories are venturing deeper and deeper to be quite movie like. Let us all just relax and discern real from fake here lol. They are just games and this ladies booty in fire emblem is but a preference.

  9. Nintendo Commander

    The US: Happily masskilling, torturing, racism, religious nuts, gore etc etc…

    But a tiny little foul language, gays, science or a bodypart perfectly natural for everyone and they think it’s the worst thing in the universe…

    Are you still stuck in medieval times?…

    1. Its funny that Fire Emblem has many instances of implied violence yet those are completely fine in comparison to a female ass (which isn’t even bare, she’s actually wearing a bikini). Says much about US values, specially since no censorship occurred in the EU version.

    2. Have you read the comments in this thread? These kids can’t handle this kind of thing, If they didn’t censor it, you would see these guys walking around with their 3ds, beating it lol. Nobody wants to see that!

      1. Maybe they should buy games appropriate for their age range then and get out, ratings exist for a reason.

  10. I’m hoping one day something gets better here in this country. Parents knowing that they have gone too far, or yet, past laws to restrict unnecessary sues. I like it better when media was more free when they had the science knowledge that this wasn’t bad. Yet these days, people think these are bad, for no real reason, it’s a really stupid thing.

  11. So?
    I think that if you want to fap you can find enough rule 34 of this woman in the internet to give a fuck if a low res picture from a 3DS game is censored.

  12. LMFAO @ all of the cartoon kiddy porn lovers……get a grip of yourselves….oh wait, that’s your problem in the first place…….

    1. no its the fact that nintendo went this far because no.1 they have something called parental setting for that, no.2 why when this a T for teen game. no.3 why go so far just something as minor as that, thats what the warnings on the box is for.

  13. lol! So rated PG13 movies can show naked women all they want and swear using the “F-Word!” at the most five times, but in a Teen rated videogame they can’t show a female buttox??? Soooo not Kisses! 💋

  14. why, then that means the parental setting were pointless if there are censorship. shes still wearing a bikini, so what. her normal costume is kinky-er then her swimsuit.

  15. unnecessary. understandable though cause they know clown parents out there will sue for practically nothing.

  16. I love how everyone on the comments is blowing this out of proportion. Claiming you can’t live without ass in a video game. It’s rediculous. Now yes it’s kind of annoying, but guess what? It’s not that big of a deal. The game isn’t ruined, nor unplayable because of someones ass covered. Plenty of other suggestive stuff happens in the game already through dialogue. So stop complaining. I mean, it’s not like Nintendo didn’t skip this map at all.

    1. To prove your point even further it is just a DLC. A DLC was made to make players have extra fun for farming friendship supports. Everyone can beat the game without DLC. I kinda noticed that almost all of the DLC is just help you out in the game rather than adding “bonus” contents.

    2. Where are individuals saying they cannot live without this? lol…all i see is minor disappointment and small complaints. I took some time to read through these and noticed not ONE person said they couldn’t live without the in-game ass. Your act of “God this annoys me” on a topic designed to stir out the complaints of the male adult audience is rather redundant.

  17. I hate when they do this. Not because I particularly care to see her bikini but I want the game the way it was designed to be. Even if its something small and insignificant like this in the end its just opening the door for more censoring of artists

    I also don’t think this is entirely Nintendo’s fault. They allowed it to go on uncensored in Japan so its not like they’re afraid. It’s really the culture of the United States that needs to grow up. Probably they would have been forced to pay a fee or something if it was left uncensored… I can’t think of any other rational explanation. There is tons more suggestive stuff in the game anyway, including Cordelia’s bikini image on this very same map lol…

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  20. If viewed as a question of principles, I think this is something that’s not right from Nintendo’s side. Of course, this is not a big matter, but it represents wrong ideas and conduct.
    I hope this is pursued by those who care enough to make a difference. Let them know that reducing quality is not acceptable. And that what the japanese can handle, we can too.

  21. Manfred! Dun Dun DUN

    This is what many of you don’t understand…… In the uncut version, absolutely NOTHING was shown! It was only slightly suggestive. She was just wearing a swimsuit. There was no nudity. In fact, in this one, it makes it look like a swimsuit isn’t even visible. This was screwed up so bad. And then the cape…… It’s like Chrom was there. And i’ve got NO idea why Chrom would be there. I’m surprised they didn’t censor Cordelia’s image! That was even worse. It just doesn’t make any sense. For everything Fire Emblem (This game especially!) has done content wise, ESPECIALLY in the DLC chapters, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. I know Nintendo wants to be “family-friendly” and all, and that’s understandable, but Fire Emblem: Awakening, even the localized versions which are censored quite a lot, push the T rating farther than I’ve ever seen. Nintendo, seriously, if a game is NOT for kids, nor is INTENDED for kids, you should, for the most part, just leave it uncut. And if they are willing to censor THIS of all things, WHY IN BLOODY HELL DID THEY PUBLISH NINJA GAIDEN 3!???!?!!?

    1. Is the localized version of Fire Emblem: Awakening censored a lot? If it is, I hope someone looks into this. Because I agree a lot with you.

        1. Manfred! Dun Dun DUN

          There is some other censorship as well. Lines of dialogue were changed, support conversations altered slightly, and cousins couldn’t marry in the english versions (this one was totally understandable, though). Awakening was probably the least censored in the series, however. Most other titles went through a fair amount of censorship. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

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  23. I don’t know why they got to have such a big deal to censor such little, and I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that they do censor so little >_<

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