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Nintendo Tells 3DS Users To “Get Ready For Animal Crossing”


Nintendo has sent a message to Nintendo 3DS users, via SpotPass, telling them to “get ready for Animal Crossing.” The message reminds fans of the series that they will be able to purchase the digital version of upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf from the Nintendo eShop at midnight on June 9th.

Good news for Animal Crossing fans: You’ll be able to purchase the digital version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf at midnight on the day it launches, June 9th.

Simply add Animal Crossing: New Leaf to your WishList now, so you’ll remember to buy the moment it’s available. Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing news.


30 thoughts on “Nintendo Tells 3DS Users To “Get Ready For Animal Crossing””

  1. Glad to hear it.
    I wonder how many people will actually want the digital version, though?
    Probably not as many as Nintendo hopes.
    Still, the wait for physical should be worth it, and this is still a nice option for the ones that are eager to start ASAP.

    1. A game like this should work pretty well as a digital copy, it’s one that people play over a long period of time since it never really ends, so having it with you at all times sounds pretty good even if I’m more for physical games

    2. Pitfall near your door

      I heard that the blocks for the digital version might be around 4000 to 6000 but them again im not 100% sure on it so it will probably change, im picking up either the retail version or the 3DS XL bundle unless the bundle sells out like hot cakes in my area lol which it probably will. :P

    3. Lazara the Last

      I got Fire Emblem: Awakening digital, because it was delayed to over the weekend at my GameStop. I might get this digital too, as it’s a game that never ends.

    4. I’m actually gonna get the digital version because it’s a game you go in and play every day, at least for me, for a few minutes or hours. I did that with Fire Emblem too. You don’t realize how convenient it is to have TLoZ OoT and Fire Emblem in your 3DS at the same time till you try it haha.

    5. I would like this one digital but their digital games are tied to the system and not to me, the Buyer. Plus digital must be cheaper than hard copies. Once they fix these grievances then I’ll DL certain games.

  2. “Nintendo Tells 3DS Users To “Get Ready For Animal Crossing”

    “3DS owner Glenn tells Nintendo “Fuck you, don’t taunt us just release it already”

  3. Lazara the Last

    I’m most likely getting this game digital, I have really grown on digital games on my 3DS. After buying Fire Emblem digital, I realized how much easier it was to play on the move.

  4. My body is ready…

    But yeah, as a PC gamer, Digital copies are my go to, I look well after my consoles so I would be more worried about having to shell out the money for a replacement system instead of a replacement game. and by that time, preowned copies would be as cheap as chips. or I would pick it up in the almost non stop EB games sales.

  5. Mah bawdie is ready!

    …for the physical copy. I’m kind of like a collector that way. I prefer something I can see and hold, like my fiance as opposed to internet porn.

    …ok, bad example, but ANYWAY…

  6. Until Nintendo revises 1 of d nastiest digital video game policies (imo) I will only download the buy x amount of games get x free games deal……I’m old school gamer n now a parent n we all share games in our house….having to swap 3dsxl to play a game does not sit well…..swapping game cartridges much better. If they make it to where something like up three devices can share a game dl then I’m game, take a hint from Apple’s digital game policies or something, but come on this is ridiculous!

  7. I pre ordered physical copy but im thinking about digital, this game is really one that i would like to have possibility to play while there is some other game cartidge inside my 3ds..

  8. Okay, I know the game comes preinstalled, but is it installed onto the actual system or SD card? And if it’s on the SD card then would I be able to take that out, put it into another 3DS system, and play it on there?

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