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EA’s Star Wars Games Coming To All Major Platforms


Yesterday Disney announced that EA is now the primary publisher of the Star Wars video game franchise. One of the issues with this is that DICE and Visceral Games have stated that the new batch of Star Wars titles will run on the impressive Frostbite 3 engine, which according to its technical director, Johan Andersson, will not support the Wii U. However, EA has said today that the game will span all major platforms, including consoles, mobile, and PC during the company’s Earnings Conference Call. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out if there’s a Wii U version in the works.

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97 thoughts on “EA’s Star Wars Games Coming To All Major Platforms”

      1. It said major platforms, so it will be likely if it missed Wii U cause PS3 and Xbox 360 are major platforms. It would be sad if the Wii U was a miss cause the console need more 3rd party support

    1. yeap…i see it coming to…it will be like this ” the new star wars will be realese in all major plataform” ps3, xbox 360, ps4, xbox fusion,vita and pc” (maybe 3ds) and somebody will say ” but you say all major plataform” and ea will say ” yeap but we don see the wii u as a major one sorry guys but we have a grate relasionship with nintendo and we will do other project” the he will turn and say off mic to his bodies “yeha right get origin and the we can talk about” and thats the truth. am a big fn of star wars but i will not buy a game tha is from ea new i will buy it used…you will se now…we have new dlc for star war for 5 bucks you can change your light saver cor from blue to red…and for 5 more you can use dsrk vader with nooo mask

        1. Cosidering episode 1 racer did sell a lot on just the n64 and rogue squadron was just on gamecube and it sold a lot compared to bf1 and 2 on 3 .

      1. They will give Nintendo a crappy version like the rest. If they don’t it’s because Disney works with Nintendo a lot. So, EA would do it out of respect of Disney.

          1. Disney will certainly will have a quality controll team. They would not let someone from outside ruin it.

        1. i doubt EA has respect for anyone.. it’s about profits.. if the wii U sales pick up expect a couple games coming from EA.. if they don’t then don’t

        2. Disney isn’t going to allow that. They will have a clause in the contract I’m sure. It will be the same on each platform. It’s funny, I actually said that this would likely urge EA to support Nintendo lol.

    1. They are. If EA was in the form of a person right here with me now , I would punch him so hard in the face.

      1. The worst company in gaming? Probably. The worst company in America? Not a chance.
        One of the banks definitely should get that distinction. They literally lie, cheat, steal, and ruin innocent people’s life everyday just for financial gain. EA has made some awful decisions , but anyone who truly think they’re the worst in America is a complete moron.

  1. Disney is not anti nintendo in anyway, i expect Disney to bitch slap EA if they try pull any bullshit

      1. Hahaha realy so many thing to whine about and we fight for a hd remake? Duck tales is better imo.

      2. How many Disney games are already on and will be coming out on Nintendo platforms, and you single out one? >.<

        Not every single game has to go on every system. Disney loves Nintendo.

          1. Ummm.. I don’t think Destiny is Wii U exclusive. Your talkin Bungie’s new product right? I don’t know if you are trying to be sarcastic or what not lol! 💋

          1. Who cares? Most of them aren’t anything special. Star Wars on the other hand I am very interested in. Just hope Disney keeps on EA to make a quality product.

  2. That was just EA indirectly bitch slapping Nintendo by implying that the Nintendo console are not “major platforms”

  3. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Even if they did come out, dont expect them to take advantage of the WIIU’s power. If anything the ports will be crappy judging by how EA does buisiness.

      1. You know as someone who is basically obliged to play Fifa with friends and family all the time , the Wiiu version of Fifa was the best looking console version. The Crowd and especially the turf looked awesome on Wiiu. I have fired up the 360 version and looked at the blury turf. And then fired up the wiiu version and every blade of grass is there in high rez.

        It does however miss certain features. But I guess it is a cool , casualized version of fifa that still has most of the hardcore-ness .

        1. I can’t stand playing FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer on PS3 or 360 due to it looking blurred, which is why I usually buy them on PC. Glad to know that the Wii U is closer to the PC version than it is to the other consoles.

      1. lol it is sooo true though! Let’s face it. Star Wars fans are nerds at heart. Technically more nerds play on Nintendo consoles. All these “new-age pre teen” Microsoft and Sony “gamers” probably have no idea what Star Wars even is!!! 💋

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. Not a Star Wars fan anyway, so I wouldn’t have been upset if there was no SW games on the Wii U.

    1. Well what about the 3DS. It’s the fastest selling gaming hardware ever (within a first 2 year time frame). They would be fucking insane not to support that. They would be insane to not support the hungry fans over at the Vita.

  5. I`m not holding my breath. If it includes Nintendo among the consoles and they start improving their business practice, then I`ll consider.

    1. Well if they don’t consider the 3DS as a major gaming platform then there is something wrong with them. Litteraly ,

  6. I believe they only say Frostbite 3 wont run on Wii U because they havn’t seen it/Tried to. Battlefield 4 will run on FB3 on both ps3 and 360, and Wii U has more horsepower than any of them. Not by much, but still obviously enough to run BF4.

    1. Not by much??? Thats a FALSE statement. We havent SEEN the Wii U’s power. If you think what it has been so far is its max power then your delusional. Wii U will be way noticablly more powerful then the last gen hunks of junk.

    2. They say they tried to run FB2 on it and it wasn’t up to quality. In other words, they were to lazy to modify it to fit the system better.

  7. I’ll be happy to see any Stars Wars games back on Nintendo consoles.

    Oh, the good old days of playing Rogue Squadron on the N64…

  8. lol! Why didn’t they just issue a statement saying they will release it on the Wii U. We already knew it would come to PC and Xbox and PS(Something) because they’re all “cutting edge graphics” blagh blagh blagh. For all I know they’ll still ignore Nintendo and then issue a statement later saying that “Wii U isn’t a major platform.”- watch, this could happen. 💋

        1. Maybe the specific game that DICE will be making will not be on Wii U. But we don’t know anyway; EA said they’re under NDA regarding the specifics of games and consoles for now.

          He mainly said that Frostbite 3 won’t run on the Wii U. That doesn’t mean another Star Wars game running on a different engine wont come. We’ll see.

    1. What a stupid question. Obviously many people will care about this news. Who cares about your opinion? That’s the real question.

  9. I’m sick of people saying that wii u won’t have games.
    Resident Evil Revelations
    Pickman 3
    Splinter Cell
    Rayman Legends
    HD Remake of Windwaker
    Batman Arkham Origins
    Watch Dogs
    New Super Luigi U
    Deus X Human Revolution
    New Mario Kart
    Assassins Creed Black flag
    New 3D Mario
    New xenoblade
    Bayonetta 2
    All these games except the last two will come out this year.

    1. Possibly not all this year, maybe early next year, but I can see at least 5 that I will go out of my way to get.

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  11. Would people just give them a chance before losing their shit?
    Visceral, BioWare and DICE are all competent developers, BioWare especially, when EA isn’t treating them like shit.
    I don’t like Electronic Arts’s business practices, but I have huge faith in this franchise and I’m gonna wait for the games to be revealed before being pessimistic, which unfortunately most “gamers” nowadays are.

  12. I doubt EA considers Wii U a “major platform.” They want the Wii U to fail. Disney will be the only think getting the Wii U Star Wars games.

  13. Nintendo has a major software problem. There was practically no games released for the last two years of the Wii, Skyward Sword, however awesome, can not alleviate droughts like this, Nintendo lost their audience. The Wii U has a major software problem, not enough software games to justify the system. Unless Nintendo spends serious money to buy development studios and grow their own, then the Wii U might be the end of Nintendo home consoles.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Nintendo has a lot of great 1st party and 3rd party titles coming up, EA is just being a whiny little bitch because Nintendo disagreed with their BS.

  14. As a Nintendo fan, why is it that Nintendo doesnt have to put out the best graphics, advertisisng, hype or sales and it is still the most talked system over SOny and Microsoft. For example on cars, Toyota Highlander and Suzuki XL7. Toyota is better. The highlander has better features, performance and mpg. As a result the XL7 no one talks about. If the Wii U is like the Suzuki and PS4 is like the Highlander, why is there so much talks over Nintendo? This is why Nintendo is pulling out the traditional unveiling at being on television. Doctre81 has over 1000 commets in less than 24 hours on his channel. Sony/Microsoft fans visit a Nintendo blog more than a Ninty fan will go to a Sony/Xbox blog. What are websites to Playstation/XBOX blogs btw?

  15. so if EA star wars comes to Wii U, they’ll be saying, “oh, but Frostbite 3 ACTUALLY works on Wii U”. it works, not just the way they want it… and they way they want it to work is with $$$

  16. I guess Disney want it to come to every single platform, inclusive Wii U and 3DS. Frostbite 3 do probably run without problems on Wii U.

  17. Nintendo Commander

    Considering it’s Electron Swat Team, DICE , it’s highly unlikely this will come to our holy machine…

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