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Warren Spector Angered By The Unveiling Of The New Wolfenstein Game


In reaction to the announcement of the newly revealed Wolfenstein game from Bethesda, video game designer Warren Spector went on Facebook today to say that the world does not need a “generically dark, monochromatic, FPS, kill-the-Nazi-giant-robot game.” For those who don’t know, Spector was the lead designer behind Epic Mickey, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and he established Junction Point Studios, which closed its doors earlier this year.

“Did the world really need another Wolfenstein game? Did we need a generically dark, monochromatic, FPS, kill-the-Nazi-giant-robot game? Uh. No. The world did not. I am so tired of stuff like this.

“You’re welcome to write off my opinions but I have a right to express complaints about people recycling work as old as I am. I’m allowed to complain about the difficulty of getting new stuff green lit — new IP, new game styles and so on given my perspective as someone who’s constantly fighting the pressure to ‘just make a shooter.’

“And given the venom aimed at Disney Epic Mickey by people with no concern for how hard the team worked I don’t think I need any lectures about that. I know how hard developers work — better than most people — but I wish all that effort were spent on something that pointed toward gaming’s future rather than looking toward our past.”

-Warren Spector

152 thoughts on “Warren Spector Angered By The Unveiling Of The New Wolfenstein Game”

    1. I hope you realize that no one gives a shit about your comments. They’re completely meaningless.

      1. But as for the warren spectrum they are just wasting their time making a poor wolfstien game that will dooo poory in sales and with the criticss i guarentee it as much as mens warehouse.

        1. Damn it this site needs more moderation. I don’t mind the trolls or fanboys but spamming dipshits like you, Sly Cooper, and Mother Hen really piss me off. Go find something productive to do with your time.

          1. I agree with you for a change. That loser needs to fuck off. Hopefully he won’t become as bad as Sly Cooper.

            1. What is it with these people. Fanboys and trolls are the bread and butter of sites like these , but for the love of god what it with these ”Cancer Spammers” ?

    2. Not gonna lie. The extended intro to all along the watch tower was pretty B.A. Anyway, as far as the game goes. If you don’t want to play the game, don’t. It’s really that simple. I know that I’ll be playing Wolf over Mickey.

  1. “Did the world really need another Wolfenstein game? Did we need a generically dark, monochromatic, FPS, kill-the-Nazi-giant-robot game? Uh. No. The world did not. I am so tired of stuff like this.”


    1. The world needs another wolfenstein. You kids wouldnt understand. I grew up in college playing this series. Epic mickey 2 was a godawful game. You could work every day in your life taking the most fantastic amazing dump, it would still be shit. Hes whining because he thought his game was more original. Original does not always mean better.

      1. I played the original wolfenstien games and they were awesome but this is really a disservice to the great memories I have of the original. “Mein Lieben!” If you played the original you get that reference;). But reboots don’t always go as expected. :(

  2. Yeah, I believe that there’s a large percentage of games that were released for the PS360 were FPS.

    1. Games are getting dull and boring? You can’t possibly be talking about video games in general.

      1. yes, this gen of games are more stale than ever. just everything rehashing feeling the same and boring overused fps that are dull. there was also a bunch of shovelware. adding multi player bullshit to every game. trying to be cod bullshit. nothing feels new, and most big known companies are making overused games. cod battlefield 4, shit creed the list goes on. i wouldnt expect another game like bioshock infinite again. all the mainstream games are the most stale of recently. it kinda seems like nintendo is doing it with zelda now and shit bros, dull same old shit. that companies know they can take money from people because its well known and it will sell.

      1. I kind of liked the original though :/ I was hyped for the sequel thinking it would heavily expand on the first game, boy was I wrong.

        1. Well I guess that’s your opinion. Personally, Epic Mickey is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. I didn’t even bother trying the sequel because it looked like more of the same crap except with multiplayer tossed in.

          1. I’m so happy that I bought second game for a huge discount and then GameStop had a trade in deal where I basically got all my money back. I was incredibly lucky XD

  3. Gee, I wonder how he feels about CoD, AC and all the sports games.

    BTW Warren, your team may have worked hard, but those two Epic Mickey games sucked. Still can’t believe Disney/ESPN had to trade Al Michaels to get the right to a character in that game (can’t remember off the top of my head).

    1. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and it wasn’t just for the game. It was so the first character Walt made would return to his rightful place.

      1. I’m somewhat disappointed Disney hasn’t done much else with Oswald. I’m hoping he’ll be in those new Mickey cartoons, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s nowhere to be seen.

      1. guillermoleylamphar

        Hum… no? They have about the same capabilities. Deus Ex, have you played it? I would love to see how would a game involving both of them would be. Levine is much more about justified violence tough, Spector really prefers peace.

  4. While I do agree with this man somewhat, that there are too many shooters, the FPS genre is nowhere near dead.
    Yes, there’s boring shit being released by every studio ever, but shooters can be unique too, like BioShock.

        1. @Ninwannabe I don’t understand his logic either. But I am glad Irrational Games decided to put a vast majority of their time & effort into the single player experience rather than wasting resources to create a cheap multiplayer mode.

        2. It does to me. There are certain games that need Multiplayer to be good. I have friends who have never played a COD campaign. What is the point then of Infinity Ward or Treyarch to spend their time with it? I personally dont play online very much. So for a developer to spend their time adding it in and wasting money and resources just kills games for me. I get a half assed/or short, single player game and multiplayer i wont play. Multiplayer doesnt make a game better, it just enhances the replayability. I will say though that games with an online component that adds to single player experience is welcome in my book

            1. Great games, I have them. Fire Emblem is an amazing game as well. I havent been so engrossed in a game likethis since Twilight Princess

      1. Really? That’s the your only reason? Have you actually played Infinite?

        What about the gorgeous art style, compelling and deep story, the fresh gameplay, and the fantastic music?

            1. I agree but i also think they added to much gun-fu that saturated the gameplay and hide to much his freshness imo.

            2. It was, but it was quite a bit more gun-heavy than the other 2.
              It made up for that by being a lot more awesome in the other departments, but you do have to admit it kinda overdid it with the guns.
              At least in my opinion, it did.

    1. Wrong. Sure there is a lot of generic military crap like CoD, BF, and Medal of Honor, but there are also plenty of unique and interesting games. Even some shooters are unique like BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2.

  5. I think he might change his mind about bringing back games “as old as he is” if he were given the right project.
    Dude sounds seriously jaded against shooters, and if that’s all people expect him to make then I can’t really blame him.

  6. Yeah, the mickey games were ehhh, however we are being oversaturated with somewhat soulless and repetitive shooters. And don’t bring up Mario because he’s in an entirely different league =)

      1. Everything is milked this age it all depents of what milk you like more and i think you like bill milk.

      2. The character itself might be milked, but he isthat face of the company. When you actually count how many core Marios we have had since N64 you can count it on one hand. Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy1 & 2 and 3D Land. Then the New Super Mario Bros Series there has been 4 NSMB DS, Wii, Wii U, NSMB 2. They are very different series as far as gameplay mechanics go. Same goes for all the Sports games, and Party games. You want them to call it Wario sports? Or Donkey Kong Party? No its Marios house and its his party. Look at the core games and you can see 5 games since 1996. There have been 5 Call of Duties since 2008 open your eyes. Just because its Marios name on the box, doesnt meant its the same. Now re-releases, thats a different topic

      3. He’s Nintendo’s Mascot. He’s everywhere, but in 32 years he’s only had 17 games. COD has had 12 in 10 years.

        1. How are you counting those 17? Which games are you not including in that 17? Are you counting sequels as one entity or something?

        1. A new IP from Nintendo wold be nice. Maybe they could be a collaboration with him but I’ll doubt Nintendo would hire.

          1. A new MAJOR IP from Nintendo on par with Mario , Zelda , Starfox , Metroid , Pikmin , Pokemon in ambition you mean ? yeah , that woulds be nice.

            But let’s not forget. Between the DS and Wii and 3DS. Nintendo has made about 50 new IP. You might say 50 ? WHAT ? think about it …..

            When people say Nintendo need new IP. I think they mean a new BIG IP . Nintendo does indeed churn out new IP’s almost constantly.

            1. You’re absolutely correct. I’m sick of telling people this.

              When self-absorbed ‘hardcore’ gamers demand ‘new IPs’ from Nintendo; they ignore the constant stream of new franchises from the Big N – such as the ‘Wii’ series (Sports, Party, Music, Fit, etc), Steel Diver, Pull/Fallblox, Dillion’s Rolling Western and Harmoknight.

              Never mind the fact that these same people are constantly demanding new F-Zero and Starfox games…

              1. Out of that list only Dillion’s Rolling Western and Harmoknight (to a lesser degree) stood out…mostly DRW which would be great as a full, Wii U and future console title. Dillion could go in other directions…including making it to the big kid’s table in Smash Bros.

  7. Wonfenstein seems cool, I wish Wii U get it. Not all FPS are generic and boring as cod, you know it’s just being overly used this generation. I don’t have any problem on playing violent games, I actualy like it when it’s well done.

        1. I think FallOut 4 is coming this year or next. We also need a Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2 Episode 3.

  8. How do you get that it’s going to be generic and boring from a CGI, no gameplay trailer? Warren, pull that idea maker you call a head out of your ass. When gameplay leaks wherein it may or may not be generic crap, then you can trash it.

  9. Im 50/50 whit what he said is bad that we almost only gets fps but we can force developers to stop making them by insulting them. If they release a product you dont like dont buy it end of story. Sellers decide what they want to sell us and then we decide if we need/ want what they sell.

    1. “we almost only gets fps”

      Wrong. There is a great variety of games from different genres being released.

      What you should have said is: “We are getting a lot of FPS games, more than we need.”.

    2. It’s funny that we’re discussing original anything from Disney and EA when the works of both companies are built off of taking other peoples ideas and rehashing them as their own.

    3. We do not “almost only get fps games” we get a ton of genres, but FPS does have a lot of titles thi gen because of its popularity. Only a few though, deserve rewards for quality. Most are just made by wannabe devs.

  10. Did the world really need 3 mickey games that weren’t play tested and just shipped to market? No. *slaps Warren* YOU NO SPEAK. SIT IN YOUR CORNER, BITCH TITS.

  11. Say what you will about Epic Mickey, but it was rather fresh–Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two notwithstanding. While there were generic things about it, the atmosphere, paint/thinner mechanic and its concept as a whole were pretty creative. Too bad they couldn’t quite nail the gameplay aspect.

  12. What a big fat hipcritical baby. Epic Mickey Power of Illusion was a sequel to Castle of Illusion. The new Wolfenstein is doing the exact same thing Spector did a year ago.

    1. You completely missed the point there
      He’s not complaining about revivals of older titles, he’s talking about the fact that theres too many first person shooters.

      1. I read the article. It was about how he hates games with a dark world. Epic Mickey was the same thing. Epic Mickey is practically made of darkness.

  13. This may be the first time I’ve seen the community of My Nintendo News get together and agree with something.
    This is amazing.

  14. Fuck you warren spector, If people want to make the game they want. DEAL WITH IT! Don’t go crying to the world about how YOU don’t want to play it. I’m fucking sick of people like you who oppoe peoples ideas and dreams. Who gives a fuck if its similar to other fps games, you haven’t played it, it isn’t even out yet!!! As long as its fun I don’t care what the game is like. So shut the fuck up, sit down, and play something else. Sorry, but I’m in a bad mood right now lol and I end up here to read this whiney ass’s little story, hoping for some pleasant nintendo news, but instead I read someone’s dumb comment about not wanting to play the game, and it hsnt even come out yet!!!

    1. guillermoleylamphar

      The problem here is that they are not only doing another shooter (original or not) is that they are also bringing an old game back to life. Let the old games where they are. Bringing them back is killing risk of new IPs, jesus christ! I can’t stand reboots at all on any media.

      Do you realize that you are watching games as a form of only entertainment wich I don’t think Spector does? Neither do I, honestly. Games are more. If you as a game developer can only do reboots or shooters you might be a suceful developer but aren’t doing the industry a favor at all, you are a developer who sits in his comfort area doing what you do best instead of taking risks and pushing the medium forward to its limits. Most of the shooters out there right now just make more difficult videogame to be recognized as a form of art, wich I want. The storytelling is also bad as hell on most of them, including LOTS of cinematics in a stupid, super simple story, dude, I want games to be told by interaction not by a bunch of preproccesed images, you are a game developer not a fuckin film director.

      1. guillermoleylamphar

        BTw, read the entire interview, is muc more interesting that this flameable post: “Part of my frustration here is – well, lack of sleep leading to crankiness! But part of it is frustration not so much with Wolfenstein but what it represents to me. Like it it not, if you’re playing console games – core games – you’re probably playing a Shooter, a Shooter-like Action-RPG or a sports game. That’s about all publishers offer us, now more than ever,” he wrote. “When I see people getting all excited about Another Shooter, I fear for our future. A lot of comic book publishers probably said, ‘They like that – give ’em more,’ and a lot of readers probably said, ‘Thank you very much.’ And now comics are as marginalized as they ever were (except as inspiration for crappy movies). That’s the sense in which we don’t need ‘another Shooter’ or a reboot of Wolfenstein – the publishers aren’t offering us much else and normal humans aren’t yet impacted by the more creatively diverse indie scene.”

    2. I’m tired of people like you who think you have the right to praise a game but not say anything negative. Free world hypocritical asshole.

      1. I didn’t Praise the game, I said its not even outyet, so he doesn’t deserve to judge it. Haven’t even played the first, I just hate when people shoot down what other people want by saying its not needed, if there is a chance for more good games, let them be made. Honestly you people are insane. Games are for FUN!!!!!!! It isn’t politics.

  15. Well he is entitled to his opinion. As for him complaining that people don’t realize how hard people worked on the Epic Mickey games, Mr. Specter I thoroughly enjoyed both games and bought both brand new when they launched.

  16. He sounds like a man that never played the 2008 game. You know, the one that had a variety of guns (that you had access to at all time!) that either made nazis explode, turn into skeletons, dust, or just vanish. Not to mention it tried having a hub-based level structure instead of linear corridors, and actually had secret areas.

    Wolfenstein is many things, but it was never generic

  17. I liked the last Wolfenstein on Xbox. I want another, maybe not set in the sixties. But then again I am sick of the whole Germans are evil Nazi’s stereotype.

    1. he did make them look evil and seem like the ultimate bad race. how the hell did he even run germany!! he also took guns away!! so germans who were against nazi couldnt do anything about it. this should be a lesson to retards who want to take guns away from there citizens. why am i stating this because then we wouldnt have self protection from the bad people that still will use them and know that nobody has them from law. lecture, lecture screaming at you and making you pissed off!!

  18. Nintendo Commander

    I agree with you completely Warren…

    However, originality does not equal a good game always…

    Though there are too many similar FPS games out there, what I don’t like is how they promote these game far more than others…

    And americans should be the lawt ones to play these games considering they are easily corrupted and are extremely boring to play with…

    Of all servers I play on, only american ones threaten to ban me just because they treat these games like war simulators and they get butthurt that I can own them all with a knife only…

  19. WOW did he really say that? Did he really and I quote say “You’re welcome to write off my opinions but I have a right to express complaints about people recycling work as old as I am.” … When the man just released TWO DISNEY GAMES? Disney games which have been done and over done for …how long ? Since probably before he was even touching a computer keyboard? Wow …that’s really ballsy of him… but whatever… Last I looked Wolfenstein had 3 games come out with that title.. Disney Mickey has well over 12 to my count..but.. I am sure I am missing some..

    1. They are not Disney Games, are licensed brilliantly produced, developed and concieved games. Spector has the right to say whatever the fuck he wants becasue he has proven over and over again that he is one of the best mainstream developers out there, specially if he is completely, absolutely right. I’m also tired of the concept behind Gears of War, COD’s, Battlefields, Crisis, etc… The abstract of those games is almost brainless, specially the 2 first ones.

    2. The characters used in the game dont mean it’s unoriginal? You’re an idiot
      That would be like saying “super mario 64? oh its got mario in it, must be exactly the same as the 2d mario games, not very original”

      1. short of it being 3d it wasn’t very original.. You still collected coins, still jumped on your enemies, and still had to get peach from Bowser.. short of its Design are you say Mario 64 was Original?

  20. On one side i completely agree.
    But on the other, as long as Wolfenstien is treated in the same respect as Doom, Duke Nukem, and Blood Dragon, i’ll totally buy.
    The probably with FPS games is they are all the same, but their also all as uncreative as each other.
    Wolfenstien has the ability to have crazy weapons, and enemies, and interesting level designs.

  21. This from the guy who pretty much made a gritty reboot of Mickey Mouse.
    Although, yes, no one needs another same looking FPS, and those that want another same looking FPS don’t want Wolfenstein, but Call of Duty… aaand now I made myself sad…

  22. Poor Warren Spectre. If only Epic Mickey 2 was a success. He would probably be working on the 3rd installment right about now :,( 💋

  23. And who the hell does he think he is? I don’t think the founder of a dead studio has any room to talk about what fans want. I know I myself love Wolfenstein 3D and felt the reboot had some potential for greatness (considering there really isn’t another FPS with a story like the series.) I’m sure Mr. Spectre isn’t considering how hard the new Wolfenstein team will work to make this game original and great.

  24. I personally liked the Epic Mickey games, thought they were great for the grand kids, While they may have had problems it was a great change from all the FPS games that I feel are way too many. I know developers etc need to make a living, I just want more variety that all FPS games. Nintendo titles help, just wish there were more games of that quality and type.

  25. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Who the hell cares what this douch has to say? I for one, as much as I like platformers would rather play Wolfenstein than friggin Mickey lmao.

  26. What kind of stick does this asshole have up his…uhm himself?
    I mean seriously, the new CoD was announced recently and he went after Wolfenstein. He’s got shooter envy.

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