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Nintendo’s Pre-E3 2013 Event Will Focus On Wii U Games


Although Nintendo will not be hosting a major press conference at this year’s E3, the company will still be at the expo. Before E3 2013’s show floor opens, on the morning of June 11th, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and The Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto will speak at a Wii U Software Showcase. If you remember correctly, at E3 2012, Nintendo held a software showcase that focused solely on Nintendo 3DS games.

“This year, Nintendo is taking a different approach to E3. We’re giving you the chance to get closer to the games through a unique hands-on experience at our booth before the show opens.”


75 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Pre-E3 2013 Event Will Focus On Wii U Games”

        1. it could be worse. We could not get the game at all not even origins. Sometimes is better to great full of what you get.

  1. Finally, giving the Wii U some major love here. Only thing that will make it better is if demos of the games shown will be available on the eShop.

      1. I know, it’s a pipe dream (no pun intended). Any chance you guys are posting a stream link of the event on here?

    1. Yea Nintendo is going to put those hater jurnalist on there place. If jurnalist are going to talk crap at least they should play it first.

    1. Dont know maybe because he created the game? He can even be called sir miyamoto by the title give by the king of spain.

  2. So they will just do what they did with the Wii U release/price announcement back in 2012 where they just invited the media and let them play with it.
    How is this not better than when they used the long conferences to talk statistics/corporate talk/useles facts like all game companies do ? :D

    For once at least one of them is just going talk about the games and show them off :D

      1. Agreed. They were the ones that forced Nintendo to beef-up the spec of Wii U dev kits in the first place so whatever they have to show is gonna LOOK amazing.

          1. I don’t ‘know’ that, nor does anyone else around here ‘know’ anything on the matter. It is a 2-year old rumor dude. Hardly worth discussing at this point.

  3. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Ijust hope what they show will quell the WIIU hate and power debate. Haters will hate thats a given, but the power has to be shown or else devz will kepp steering clear from it.

  4. YES! so hyped for this!! I mean, the games teased by january’s Nintendo Direct is far better than last E3 already, just give us a few surprises (RETRO and Miyamoto’s game) and I’ll be more than happy!!!

  5. While keeping my expectations low, here are my top 5 things I would love to see during either Nintendo Direct or Come Play With Us event–

    1. A new Zelda Wii U title
    2. A new Wii U game and graphics engine from Retro Studios
    3. Bayonetta 2
    4. Wii Fit U
    5. Third Party and Indie games

    1. If Retro does make an engine I think it should be called Prime Engine. It just sounds so cool and fits perfectly.

    1. There might be a direct about the 3DS (mostly talking about Dream Team, LttP 2, X and Y, etc.). Right now the Wii U needs to be in the main platform for Nintendo during E3.

      1. Yeah, the 3DS can coast along for quite a while with all it’s support. Let the 3rd parties have a chance as well.

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  6. Nice, the Wii U really does need a lot of new games still.

    I wonder though, are they going to show some 3DS titles?

  7. Realistic predictions?

    Wii U Software Showcase (come play with us, June 11th)

    Retro Studios’ Metroid Prime 4 trailer
    Batman Arkham Origins exclusive content
    the Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker remake demo
    Info on the new Wii U Zelda
    Yarn Yoshi official name and trailer
    Pikmin 3 trailer
    Mario Kart Wii U trailer
    Smash Bros 4 trailer featuring newcomers
    Xenoblade II official name and story trailer
    Bayonetta 2 trailer
    the Wonderful 101 trailer
    3D Mario trailer

  8. Good. I said in an earlier post they had no business talking about the 3DS at all at E3 and this pretty much confirms it.

    1. It’s called Wii U software showcase, also in directs they don’t talk about that stuff, it’s always game after game after game. no biased media, no sales statistics

  9. My hopes for their directs!
    1. Mario Kart U
    2. New 3D Mario
    3. Smash Bros teaser
    4. Retros project (Star fox or metroid PLEASE)
    5. Zelda WW HD trailer/release date
    6. HOPEFULLY Zelda U teaser
    7. 3RD party games, please.
    8. Some new IP
    9. Yarn yoshi stuff

  10. so will this be streamed? they cant afford to have nothing in store and good releases through out the rest of the year and also not rushing them out of desperation making the good titles suck. that would be the end for me but hopefully they have been making these titles longer and taking there time.

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  14. Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.
    Please show a new Zelda game.

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