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Avalanche Studios Says Wii U Dev Kits Are Collecting Dust


Avalanche Studios, the development team behind the popular Just Cause franchise, has told Norwegian site Press Fire that its Wii U development kits are currently collecting dust. Christofer Sundberg, Founder of Avalanche Studios, says that the developer has no plans to develop for the Wii U, due to the small install base. Sundberg also went on to say that Nintendo is incredibly hard to contact, which makes their job a lot harder. Doesn’t sound as though we will be seeing the next Just Cause game on Wii U.

110 thoughts on “Avalanche Studios Says Wii U Dev Kits Are Collecting Dust”

    1. he’s “genious” nothing more better to get a bigger instal base thatn…..don’t even give single fuck about the system…”oh forget that crap, let’s wait to other make the work to get more instal base”

      this “development team” is a joke….

    2. No kidding.. If the dev kit is collecting dust. Then make something with it.

      I hope this isn’t one of the free dev kits Nintendo gave out as a goodwill gesture….. But devs shouldn’t be trolling platforms like this. Its in really poor, poor taste… Epic did it, EA did it, DICE just did it… seriously, grow the F up.

  1. Its OK, the last game was good, but the Map was too damn BIG, and the vehicles are too slow.

    The game gets old fast.

      1. It would’ve been great if it was better populated, but 70% of the game was mountains and water, I was literally holding the accelerate button for 5 minutes trying to fly from one base to another on a chopper.

        The game is fun, but the traveling becomes a chore and ruins the experience.

  2. So, who cares, where getting pc ports and a ton of indie games and as a bonus first part andif that not enought we will be getting gta5 watch dogs ac4 kh3 dues ex revolution and a ton more by the end of the year Wii u will be unstoppablei

    1. I don’t mean to kill your buzz or anything because I’d love to see it on there too, but GTA 5 hasn’t been confirmed for Wii U.

      1. gta 5 is ‘t on oc either… in fact the elak suggests it’ll be on every consoles disc drive like a whore on 5 penises a day

    1. Are you talking about how the install base won’t grow if no one makes games for it? Tell me, exactly when has it been the third party developers jobs to try and make a system a success? They don’t care if the system flops and dies, and it’d be a huge risk to pull resources from one part of the project to another, much more riskier one.

      1. Seeing as Nintendo is the only real video game developer of the big 3 that actually makes their own games, I would say that 3rd party has ALWAYS been the reason for sony and microsofts success. So your logic (if thats what you call it) has a big hole in it.

    1. This are the same guys that said the ps4 is going to be more powerfull than pc’s for years.

      1. they really said that? O_o

        either they’ve just been paid for saying that or they’re complete idiots

  3. “Nintendo is incredibly hard to contact”

    >several developers have said that Nintendo is very easy to work with

    I have a feeling someone’s not even trying.

    1. Quite. And exactly why have they tried to contact Nintendo if they haven’t even touched their dev kit yet and have “no plans to develop games for Wii U? Something very fishy about this.

    2. Bit of a difference here, they said it’s hard to get in contact with them, not they are hard to work with. But that said, with all the effort they have to put into the Wii U to get them on track with sales and 1st party software as well as keeping the 3ds running and the work that they are doing with other indie devs, I’m not surprised they are hard to get in contact with.

      1. Still doesn’t make sense. If indie developers have been able to get into contact with Nintendo and work with them on past and upcoming releases, what would be the reasoning for Avalanche having “trouble”? (And currently being the /only/ developer to say they’re having trouble contacting Nintendo, as far as I’ve read.)

        Honestly, if Avalanche has “no plans” to develop for Wii U, I hardly think they’re really going out of their way to try in the first place.

        1. In the few seems that have pased a lot of new wiiu developers have been born and say that is easy to work whit so where do this guys come from i have no idea.

    3. 5.00 Sony is paying developers to skip to skip Wii u, if I am all I can say is, Ubisoft is the smarter one rite now they no the Wii u will succeed and since there just rolling out every single game they will have a large install base, tho I can’t say the same thing about fucken Mr oh wah you won’t use our origins engine, where gonna have a tantrum and make more crappy star wars and sports, titles on some pc wannabes, when it look like Wii u is geting more than the fusion and ps4 will ever have, I hope they end like thq, tho thq didn’t deserve to go

  4. They’ll change their attitudes in about a year or so.. That “install base” excuse won’t work anymore.

  5. Of course the install base is small. It hasn’t been out very long. What is the matter with developers these days? Have they forgotten that consoles don’t instantly sell in the tens of millions? Are they under the impression that PS4 and Durango are going to have large install bases in their first few months? I despair sometimes, I really do.

    1. It won’t especially if the price is too damn high. If people complain about the Wii U costing high the ps4/”durango” will be even more.

    2. I’m gonna laugh when PS4 and Xbox 720 don’t do as well as all these people think they will do. PS3 didn’t do so well nor did 360 at first. it takes time to build an install base. Developers are gonna be sorry when things don’t turn out how they are foolishly expecting. They have been in business long enough they should now how it works by now. Expecting instant install bases in the millions is ridiculous. The fact that sony and microsoft are probably releasing at the same time this year instead of a year apart also means direct competition from Day 1 so sales will be DIVIDED between both systems. There is no reason to get both Day 1. However I could see more of a reason for having a Wii U and one of those 2 systems which are pretty much the same thing. Well that is an assumption since they haven’t revealed the 720 yet but I’m pretty sure it will just be a graphic capable machine with a better kinekt (yay) and not much different from PS4. So anyone thinking BOTH systems are gonna sell like crazy from Day 1 onward are wishfully thinking.

    3. Have you seen the sales expectations for many of the games that have come out recently, such as Resident Evil 6?

      Publishers/developers really do seem to live on another planet…

  6. I’m glad he’s honest. They won’t make it because they think that it won’t sell. It’s kinda lame though that they HAVE dev kits and won’t make Wii U games….

    1. It would make sense for them to start of small, create some new IP, see how it goes and build from there. Instead they are blaming the small install base instead of admitting the true issue; that they do not have confidence in their own ability to create a successful new IP on a new console. It is times like this that I really admire all of the independent developers who are currently flocking to Wii U.

      1. Who said they even wanted to make a new IP? Considering the success of Just Cause 2, I’d assume they want to make a Just Cause 3.

    2. He isnt honest, they are working on a ps4 game with cero installed base. I still think people have launch adnesia.

  7. Why does every developer just contradict each other?
    You have some that are like “oh WiiU sucks, difficult to work with, blah blah blah” then others than say “its a grest system, nintendo give us alot of support”.

    Probably a combination of a lack of experience, will, knowledge, and imagination.
    Like it takes any of those to make Just Cause, its just a a bunch of enviromental things that all blow up thrown into a pointlessly huge map, with some vechiles and guns.

      1. Because they ARE babies and not professionals. I’m getting so tired of all of them. Nintendo is the only one I really respect. There are others I like but I’m iffy about. Nintendo definitely isn’t perfect but they definitely seem to me like the ones who TRULY care about making video games and having fun, and not just making things look nice.

    1. Also, if you have a WiiU dev kit, why aren’t you using it? You’re clearly not even trying to make a game for the system so why even have one?

      1. Developers are like babies, ok so Wii u is brocolli at the moment a lot babies don’t like brocolli because they’ve never tried it out, but once they do the love it and can’t get enough, rite now fusion and ps4 are being declared as chocolate cake all the babies wanna slice but when they bite in it will be fill with raisin making the cake torrid and and all the babies flock to brocoli

  8. There things I don’t get, first of all why do they have a wii u dev kit if they are not willing to make games for it? If it was free Nintendo made a huge mistake on letting them have one. Second Nintendo is hard on contact is BS because I heard from many developers that its easy to do so. And lastly WHO THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS!?!??!?!

    1. But look at what they’d think from each previous generation, compared to the other consoles, the Wii was less powerful, and the target market for Just Cause (teenagers and young adults) didn’t fit well on the Wii (Whose largest user demographics were young children, their parents, and the elderly)

  9. Yet the PS4 and next Xbox that currently has no base, they are developing for. I’m always impressed by the intelligence of these developers… NOT! Giving support helps the base grow! Plus, he says Nintendo is hard to contact. This certainly contradict other developers who has said Nintendo has been very easy to with and get their questions answered. I’ll take what he says with a grain of salt.

  10. I think it’s sad how this news site did twist the news around. Reading it’s source which was in norwegian the devs said they think it’s sad they can’t bring the game to the wiiu as it’s not their call.

    “Jeg syns det er en kul plattform, men akkurat nå er det ikke bare opp til oss. Vi ønsker jo å slippe et spill så bredt som mulig.

    – Handler det om at det er for få Wii U-eiere?

    – Ja, det gjør faktisk det, sier Sundberg til PressFire”

    here they clearly say they find the WiiU a cool console and they do wish they could release it to as many consoles as possible. But the low install base is an issue.

    Obviously a strong language barrier who ever translated this news to English -.-

    1. Yeah i guess that make sense, i have faith that the Wii U will have healthy numbers when the 1st party titles release and the 3rd party titles im waiting for.

    2. I agree. This is what I got from the translation.

      “I think it’s a cool platform, but right now it’s not only up to us. We want to release a game as wide as possible.

      -It’s about the fact that there are too few Wii U-owners?

      -Yes, it actually makes it, “said Sundberg to PressFire”

  11. The studio that’s making the upcoming Shadows of the Eternal for Wii U just said that they are in CONSTANT contact with Nintendo. Avalanche Studios, try a different lie!

  12. If indie developers and publishers are contacting Nintendo fine then i don’t see how they can’t, they might have a god reason why but still it is just strange to hear that. It doesn’t really matter to me much since i never played the Just cause series but to people who do then i can see how people can get upset.

  13. Just cause 2 is my favorite game, if this game came to wii u i would buy it day one even if it was just another £50 port.

  14. If does aholes got that devkit for free, they better return it, so Nintendo can give it to a real dev’s.

    1. Avalanche are a real dev; they’re just saying that it’s only coming to Wii U if Square Enix want it on Wii U.

  15. Nintendo is hard to contact for people like us in terms of high-ranking officials, but if they sent you a dev kit I’m pretty sure that means they want you to make a game on their systems and it shouldn’t be that difficult to contact unless you are just being negligent. Seriously….

    Just another studio that wants to use the Nintendo bash-a-thon bandwagon to get noticed.

    1. Bullshit, Nintendo’s PR are good at any level, from customer service to game development and business investing.

      1. I assume you meant ‘aren’t’ but that is your opinion. I haven’t had anymore trouble with Nintendo customer service than I have any other company. As least their CS reps speak fluent English.

  16. Is this their first time developing for a new console? Are they idiots? Of course the install base is small it’s a NEW console and the only way for the console’s install base to grow is to make GAMES for it, not ignore it. Fucking idiots.

    1. They’re just waiting for Nintendo to push it up with their first parties and then cash in, just like they did with DS, Wii and 3DS.
      Meh, another company that will not see a dime from me.

  17. Nintendo Commander

    This is what my troops and I have to deal with every time considering the Avalanche Gerilla Soldiers have their base in my region…

    As if it wasn’t hard enough dealing with the DICE legion…

    I need more support!

  18. *Brushes off all the dust* “Oh wait… its just the Next Xbox Dev Kit… the Wii U one is over there beside the PS4 Dev Kit”

  19. What a load of garbage.

    The ‘install base’ of Wii U is not big enough? Then how come they’re developing for the PS4 and Next Xbox? IMO, the fact of the matter is that Avalanche are just like the majority of western developers – they are obsessed over power, to the point of it being a detriment to themselves and the industry.

    Developers didn’t learn a thing from the last generation, did they? They abandoned the ‘weak’ Wii in favour of the ‘superior’ PS3 and Xbox 360, and look where that got them; insane developmental costs, diminishing returns, and foreclosures as far as the eye can see. How stupid can they be?

    1. It’s official, the industry is full of retarded fanboys.
      Seriously, someone needs to show these people how business are supposed to be done, like for example, not laughing at a console for hours, even if you find it laughable, because that is gonna sever one huge market away from you.

  20. It’s devs like these that are causing issues for the gaming industry. Makes me wonder what is going to happen when the next MS and Sony consoles don’t end up flying off the shelves because people have just purchased the last MS and Sony console because they finally got down to a reasonable price range. Are Avalanche just gonna pack it in and call it quits? It’s a damn good thing Nintendo makes their own games because if lots of third party develpers have this outlook then it could very well be slim pickings for games for the next couple years.
    Although honestly, I thought Just Cause kinda blew (only played the first one on PC). The gameplay mechanics seemed very out dated to me and it was very cliche.

  21. That excuse for a canvass is getting real old. If Devs did there JOB then that’s what increases the fanbase. I never cared for Just Cause so kindly GTFO.

  22. So, the only company that is actually providing ground for new and Indie developers is hard to contact?

  23. Ummm, it is there fault it is collecting dust! The install base first of all isn ‘t even that small and secondly grows bigger when, oh, I don’t know! Developers like Avalanch Studios make friggen games lol! What a douche! 💋

  24. And the install base will just keep getting smaller (if that makes sense) with companies not making games. The more companies that refuse to make Wii U games, the less likely the console will pick up in sales. Although I’m sure Nintendo’s first party titles will generate impressive sales once they’re released.

    1. After E3 the Wii U’s sales will pick up tremendously. It is basically what everyone is waiting for. Super Smash, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Bayonetta, etc. 💋

  25. DarklordNintendoFan

    They won’t develop for the Wii U because of the small install base? lol, that’s funny, because I could have SWORN that in order to get an install base to begin with, games need to be made for the system. So… uh… yeah… get off of your lazy asses, Avalanche, and start making a game or two for the Wii U so that the install base can grow. Geeze… these idiotic development teams are so fucking counterproductive.

  26. By the time they finish whatever they’re doing the Wii U will have somewhere from a good to awesome install base. It’s a Nintendo console. Get real.

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  28. What game did they make? Oh… that game I see in the Walmart bargain bin. Yeah…
    I won’t be holding my breath for their newest game on any platform!

  29. You know, the industry doesnt work in a vacuum. Thats one of the reasons the wiiu isnt selling and why so many dont want to make games for it: nintendo spent most of last gen treating a large portion of their customer base and almost all third party devs like crap and everybody’s pretty much moved on now.

    Nintendo saying theyre all about the core gamers now, doesnt change the fact that for years they couldnt have cared less about what anyone but soccer moms wanted. We wouldnt have even got the rainfall games had there not been petitions and outcry for crying out loud and that was WHILE reggie was promising that they, moving forward, would be more core focused.

    The only reason nintendos started picking up the phone for small indie devs is because next to no one else wants that much to do with them, sadly. And it’s their own fault. You guys can pretend this kind of stuff doesnt bother you, but it bothers me that, for the forseeable future, i’ll be lucky to get one or two quality nintendo games for my wiiu a year and next to nothing from third parties in between.

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