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Harvest Moon 3DS Rated For European Release


It appears as though life simulation title Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is finally coming to Europe. North American Nintendo 3DS gamers have had the game since October last year, so it has certainly been a long time coming. The news broke when it was revealed that the game had been rated by Germany’s USK ratings board. Harvest Moon 3DS won’t be published by Rising Star Games this time around, instead it will be published by Zen United in European territories.

28 thoughts on “Harvest Moon 3DS Rated For European Release”

    1. ME TOOOOOO *highfive* i hope rune factory 4 will release to the eu too xD BUT HELL YEAH imma gonne buy haarvest moon a new beginning! :D

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                    1. Haha, not even seeing anything. ‘Cause I got flash block installed. I’ve had fun playing with you honey, now go fuck yourself. Ciao~

  1. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, quite a while ago I emailed these guys that Marvelous AQL Europe confirmed that they are finalising plans to bring A New Beginning to Europe and asked them to post that on their news site the quench the European Harvest Moon fans thirst of this title. But they never did post it. Still, glad to hear this! Can’t wait! So stoked!

  2. Yaaayy finally :D Today is my birthday and to hear this exciting news exactly today, is the best present i could get:D

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